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  1. a fitting end to our hero living under a bridge in vietnam; no papers; begging for rice money
  2. like a fine novel of the old school we end with the beginning
  3. 6924

    Sailing World mag

    I spent a few days sailing with Dave on a 3 man boat; he is exactly what the sailing community needs; decent, clever, and socially well spoken. He’d do well to job into a different ( growing ) industry. He is sure to be successful and make beaucoup dollars if he changes industry ( and scooter that article was a childish move, try and have some dignity once in a while )
  4. All Hail the mighty Cockroach of the Seas We mere Mariner’s stand in awe and wonder for the Cockroach has surpassed all our expectations
  5. He passed out at 31 Flavours last night
  6. Judges ? Methinks the contest had a second life.
  7. Judges, We did have some predictions which placed Rimas outlandishly far from Fiji ? You going to rule on those ?
  8. 6924

    US Watercraft goes to Auction!

    molds have a net negative value.
  9. quality always find each other
  10. 8 weeks now He‘s dead Jim
  11. 6924


    Sheriffs certainly have no sense of irony asking for volunteers ?
  12. 6924


    Great video - fairly certain the swimming at the end takes place in a Hot Springs between Mono & Bishop. Wonder how they got everyone into bathing suits ? I was there a handful of times in the early 70s and no one ever wore bathing suits. Godspeed next 48 hours Godspeed