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  1. What happened to the Rimas thread ? and what happened to Rimas ?
  2. 6924

    Perks of Being a Harbor 20 Owner

    Scooter - let the GF driver, you mix the cocktails, and she'll be ever so happy later on that evening . Belive You Me that the secret of the Harbor 20.
  3. The Ships were enroute to Europe and now have been anchored in Mexico and Jamiaca for 4 days now. What would cause this ?
  4. Need SA expertise here - Tesla's get shipped from Richmond on RoRo ships in a typical pattern. Last saturday 2 of the 3 ships enroute made unexpected habors (one to Mexico and one to Jamaica ) The 3rd is contiinuing onto China. https://twitter.com/TESLAcharts/status/1191722600092835848 Any ideas why RoRo ships would do this ?
  5. 6924

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    The only question that needs answering - Does this help attract people to sailing ?
  6. 6924

    Stanford sailing coach gets probation

    MikeR80, As anyone who is a Alum of a elite can tell you - the absolutely most tiresome people are fellow alums who 20 years later haven't really accomplished all that much. These types are the ones who are obessed with their college's prestige.
  7. 6924

    Stanford sailing coach gets probation

    LOL - little asian girl from poor immigrant familz scored above the 99,5% percentile on SATs and SAT IIs
  8. 6924

    Stanford sailing coach gets probation

    1) I am thinking of the little Chinese girl from my son's Manhattan HS. My kids HS typically sends 30-40% of the class to elite schools. She had a dozen APs, all 5s; Captain of a regional winning sports team, plus the usual overachieving national style science awards, lives in outer Queens. Parents run a bodega, barely speak English. She didn't get into any elite school. Her only choice was SUNY Binghampton ( similar level to say CalState Fullerton or Chino) Her well earned place was taken (stolen?) from her by some child of corrupt parents. This scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. Its ramifications will spread slowly. When people believe the system is corrupt and unfair, then we got real problems. 2) Also, note all of us with degrees from elite institutions and coming from prosperous families will be forever suspect that we didn't earn our place.
  9. 6924

    Stanford sailing coach gets probation

    Its unclear if he is getting 5 years probation tacked onto the punishment. If he is getting 5 years probation, he will never be free. He'll be trapped in this system 4vr. There is virtually no way to go 5 years without getting dragged in on some pretext. The system loves repeat customers, they are the most profitable.
  10. The Texas reef escape remains bewildering. Even more so is Our Hero's track of the prior 2 days. He threaded the needle in a most incredible way. Check his track approaching the last ping. I believe he had some navigation help via radio or ?
  11. Somebody, must disagree with your assessment of Our Hero; I bought him a cheap lunch in SF back in 2013 (or maybe it was 2014), my impression was he was batshit crazy like a stereotypic homeless person. Very weak grasp on basic reality. He gave me the America-has-been-berry-berry-good-to-me -land-of-the-free narrative, but it appeared to me that Our Hero was just parroting talking points that he thought would score him some donations. This was back when Our Hero was planning to round Cape Horn and plant a huge US flag on South Georgia Island. And of course he tried to get me to take him on a shopping trip to the nearby West. He did extoll on his sailing ability. He went on how safe he sailed, waking up every 15 minutes each night and poking his head out of the cabin to check for passing ships (he mimed this with bug-out eyes). His English was 'just off the boat' entertaining but near fluent. His Japanese was laughable. Unlikely he really did ever work as a professional translator. His Russian was rusty, but seemed native. He is ethnically baltic (Lett or Lith I can't recall), he and his family were sent to some Eastern Hell Hole during the war by Uncle Joe likely because they were sympathetic to the Master Race. My conclusion was he was a crazy homeless guy who had stumbled upon a unique grift
  12. 6924

    WD Schock out of business?

    That white SUV pulling the trailer is the same SUV photographed in the WD Schock article I linked. In the article the white SUV is pulling a Harbor 20 maybe yacht basin is affiliated company ?
  13. 6924

    WD Schock out of business?

  14. 6924

    WD Schock out of business?

    They seem to have moved back to Santa Ana about a zear ago. http://web-extract.constantcontact.com/v1/social_annotation?permalink_uri=2LrWaft&image_url=https%3A%2F%2Fmlsvc01-prod.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fba3c440c001%2F520a01b8-83bd-49dd-8a7c-1bd0e9b988f4.jpg%3Fver%3D1531814058000