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  1. Fastrak

    Sun Fast 3300

    003 or may be 004
  2. Fastrak

    Sun Fast 3300

  3. Fastrak

    Sun Fast 3300

    I can assure you plenty of healthy discussions behind the scenes, but everything is now just about set. Sure, there are compromises to make the series production at a price/performance point that is acceptable and viable, and there will be possibilities for owners with deeper pockets to invest in marginal gains. We have made our choices for the new Fastrak. We are being loaned a boat in advance to verify those choices and the polars. Exciting times! The passion the collaborative design team have put into the project has been insightful. "Dog" .. I doubt it ... this will be a "technical" boat to sail with those who master it gaining big rewards.
  4. Fastrak

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    I had a boat like that once, only it was a Sun Fast 3600 pictured here in 2016
  5. Fastrak

    Sun Fast 3300

    I do mainly Offshore and solo or double-handed. But for this coming Summer we are considering a crewed Fastnet campaign and the Double-Handed IRC Nationals. In 2020 there is the Transquadra - on my bucket shop list.
  6. Fastrak

    Sun Fast 3300

    The hull shape is designed to promote earlier surfing/planing compared to the 3200, with less wetted surface area and more sail area. With the mast and keep positioned further aft, the jib and spinnaker can be bigger. The twin tillers on the 3200 worked well, except that they were targets for the mainsheet to wrap around!! This won't be the case on the 3300.The design has a downwind bias, good for the Transquadra, but maintains the high stability for upwind work. The hull inflexions are there for hydrodynamic reasons, not as IRC rule cheats. Give Verdier a clean sheet of paper and he always draws fast boats (Comanche, Hugo Boss etc), Andrieu's challenge has been to keep the boat IRC friendly without losing the Verdier sparkle. I'll let you know in June when I get my 3300.
  7. Fastrak

    what is it? JEANNEAU SUN FAST 3300
  8. Fastrak

    Jeanneau Sunfast 3600

    OK so we are going back a year but I have only just come across this Sun Fast 3600 thread. Here is Fastrak's story of last years AZAB (Azores and Back Race) which I did solo...
  9. Fastrak

    Whatever happened to the Classe 950?

    Lifting keel!! That's novel. I really do believe this Class deserves a future and fills a growing niche. Maybe the time is better now for us to grow the interest out there. Hope to see your boat on the water sometime when they have built it.
  10. Fastrak

    Whatever happened to the Classe 950?

    I know this post died out some time back but you may be interested to know we have some Class 950's being built in the UK to a Simon Rogers design. The project has literally just started and 3 boats are on order at the moment. Here's the URL for the Facebook page: