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  1. Fastrak

    And in the UK we have a healthy rapidly growing Doubles scene but it is almost entirely based on IRC. ORC is all but non-existent in the UK.
  2. Fastrak

    Sun Fast 3300

    As was Leon!
  3. Fastrak

    Corby 29 vs j35

    A well sorted Sun Fast 32 is a bandit under IRC, better than the 32i version which has a tubbier hull, and not bad for your weekend cruising either. I won the Yachting Mionthly Triangle Race and the Hamble Winter Series in one many moons ago, and last year I briefly had one whilst waiting for my new boat to arrive. A lovely Andrieu design that goes up hill very nicely, and is fun to sail. It just so happens I know iof a nice one which is not yet being advertised but will be coming on the market in the UK very shortly.
  4. Fastrak

    j 88 Price negotiable
  5. Fastrak

    Sun Fast 3300

    Reaching. Testing angles and crossovers for the Fractional Zero versus the other sails. The FRO is not a VMG running sail.
  6. Fastrak

    Sun Fast 3300

    Sorry the heading is mis-leading and a typo between different videos. The TWS here was 20-23 knots, not 15 knots.
  7. Fastrak

    Sun Fast 3300

  8. Fastrak

    Sun Fast 3300

    Kincora - The Fastrak Chilli is better than ever!!!!
  9. Fastrak

    Sun Fast 3300

    I can report 5 boats now physically in the UK. 2 commissioned ashore and currently under Lock Down at Hamble Yacht Services, and 3 ashore at Swanwick being commissioned ready for launching when released from Lock Down, and boat number 6 arriving from the factory next week, but commissioning won't start until Lock Down is over. Then there are 4 more incoming before the Autumn but deliveries are now delayed for obvious reasons. Fastrak has been weighed and measured and the 2020 IRC rating is 1.027 with water ballast + carbon rig + Asymmetric set up. The spread of ratings seems to be between 1.025 and 1.035 depending on set up.
  10. Fastrak

    Perfect £150k single/double handed boat

    You won't get a Dehler 30 OD, Sun Fast 3300 or JPK 1030 for £150k by the time they are delivered, equipped (sails, electronics safety gear), commissioned, launched - great boats though they all are, they are too new to be avialable on the used market yet. You will be able to get the following competent and proven used monos with sport performance for the budget - Sun Fast 3200 & 3600, JPK 1010, J105. I don't muh about the Cat market in this area, but there are more racimg opportunities with the monos.
  11. Fastrak

    Sun Fast 3300

    Never too old Vikram. This is my boat and I am 58!!! For my sins I just helped a mate sail his new (to him) A31 from La Trinite to Southampton. Mid-January, upwind the whole 320 miles, and never been so cold!!!. Great boat, I was actually well impressed. Not the same as a 3300, but good all the same.
  12. Fastrak

    Transquardra 2020

    An alternative to the Transquadra is the new Cap Martinque for IRC boats rated from 0.979 to 1.081 to be raced solo or double handed. It has no age restraints, is also an amateur race, and is non-stop from La Trinite to Martinque, leaving Madeira to starboard. Starts in April 2021 and the good ship Fastrak has lodged an entry! I would love to do the Transquadra as well, but timing and logistics don't work for me so well.
  13. Fastrak

    Dehler 30 OD no Backstay

    Come for a spin on Fastrak, those lumps and bumps on the 3300 make her go pretty quick!! She will easily reach past a 3600 or 1080 for a lot less rating!!