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  1. Spin Echo

    New mast for 105

    Thank you guys for the info. Glad to hear the replacement Sparcraft mast is good. Bought the 105 specifically for OD, so no carbon for this boat. Wet spreaders, in your experience the broken masts you saw, did they break forward or aft?
  2. Spin Echo

    New mast for 105

    Got a new to me 105 in beautiful condition, superexcited, only to have my mast destroyed in transport. Boat in Northeast USA. Need new mast. Looking for feedback on the new Sparcraft mast vs a used Hall mast. I know Sparcraft is a bit stiffer and slightly heavier, but would love to hear from actual owners. Thanks!
  3. Spin Echo

    J 121

  4. Spin Echo

    J 121

    Yup, also 125 built in carbon would be a few hundred grand more. Tough sell in a tough market. How many production (non-custom) builders of sailboats are left in US? Even Sabre is building motorboats now.
  5. Spin Echo

    Surveyor in Chicago

    Need a surveyor in Chicago that knows J boats well. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. Spin Echo

    Forward hatch hinged fore or aft?

  7. Unfortunately, the only way to save money is to do it yourself. I was looking at a 30 footer at a great price in Texas and after getting 10-12K transport estimates to the Northeast, gave up on the idea.
  8. Spin Echo

    J 121

    I agree with you 100%. Horses for courses. Handicap rules suck. Across oceans shorthanded and cruising, Pogo no question. Racing in any handicap system, i'll have to pick the 121.
  9. Spin Echo

    J 121

    Its a really tough choice. If for cruising, then Pogo has so much more boat to offer without a doubt, but if racing, its so beamy with so much wetted surface and a punishing rating. Just last weekend it came in about 1 hr before a well-sailed Hanse 375 after 190 nm. Phrf 6 vs. 114. Im sure 121 would have kicked ass.
  10. Spin Echo

    J 121

    Yes, but there has not been any news on it lately. Isn't the launch of hull no 1 was projected for this August? Im really looking forward to see it already.
  11. Spin Echo

    J/100 tuning #'s

    Whats the rating on the 100 with the 150 Genoa?
  12. Spin Echo

    Serpentine belt kit for 4JH3E

    Finally got around doing the install. Here is the Balmar AT-165 on my 4JH3E. Here is the dilemma im having: Mainsail recommends a 2/0 wire fused at 200 run straight to house batt positive. Another super knowledgeable engineer friend of mine who used to own marine electrical business saying just do a short run unfused to the battery switch that connects to the house positive. Another engineer friend of mine says keep using the sterling isolator and run a smaller wire unfused to the isolator so both starting and house get charged. Please advice. Thank you.
  13. Spin Echo

    J/105 Jib Sheets

    Thx for the info.
  14. Spin Echo

    J/105 Jib Sheets

    Speaking of jib trim, are inhaulers allowed in the class?
  15. Spin Echo

    Duh question, moisture meters

    Make a contingent offer if you like the boat. Buy a moisture meter, they are super easy to use. Read up online how to use it. Do it yourself. If all is good, then proceed to a professional surveyor. If wet deck, run, unless its a steal.