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  1. Found that email from Charly: Hello,Yes, the mast is higher about 1meter and lighter with the backstays, you can have a spinnaker of almost 200m² instead of the 142m² of the Pogo12.50In attachment you can see a rigging and pictures of 2 Pogo12.50 racing versionI'm looking forward to hearing from you.best regards -- Charly Fernbach
  2. Jinja
  3. Hi JL, We did look into mast reinforcement, but on mine it was a flat no. even with runners it's not designed for rmastheads. Regards the pole, I thought of that at the build, it was a toss up, and I wrongly elected not to bother. A pole would have been interesting, when cruising in heavy airs once we'd just goosewinged the headsail and she flew. Unsure if ZSpars would let me just mount one post build, I'd need to check. Dragon, that's a first for me, didn't know of any with mastheads. I'll have to find out what they did differently! The pogo in question must be Jinja, former J122 owner. Here is a picture of his masthead during the ARC IMG_3628.PNG Yes, its Jinja, they have the taller racing mast with runners. Charly from Structures told me about it when i was inquiring about the 12.50.
  4. That boat has an optional, taller, class 40 racing mast with runners.
  5. mostly venting... spending 6 months waiting for spring and then... You dont have complete tears. You can easily do it after the season over and do the rehab over the winter. The time issue only arises with complete tears, bc muscles atrophy and repair cannot be done, but with partial, you have time.
  6. Get an MRI to see if its complete tears. Partial tears just PT, complete tears need repair. If the torn tendons are not attached to the bone within a few months or so, the muscles start to atrophy and then the repair might not be possible.
  7. Boat bought for export from EU is not subject to VAT. Boat for import in US, is subject to state laws, hence register in DE or RI, no tax. I do not know what federal import taxes there may be. Your idea is great. Dont forget that the electrical systems are different. Also, title search is very difficult here in US, and i dont know how that would be in EU, unless there is a clear chain of ownership with federal documentation, and/or clear proof of loan payoffs.
  8. I would go for the Pogo 36, roomy as a 40 fter, fast, unsinkable, swing keel, but if is too spartan for the Mrs down below, then maybe a shoal draft Bene First 44.7 will do. You can get one for like 160K and have a ton of money left for upgrades. It has a solid glass hull, so the core issues are non-existent.
  9. A bit disappointing, for a short hander more form stability would be nice. Disp is pretty amazing though, thats pretty much the disp of an all carbon Andrews 39. 3K heavier than a J125. Hmmmm And pretty much the same weight as an Aerodyne 38.. I'm not hyper impressed. J125 is not a fair comparison. Its completely stripped out and much lower freeboard and zero amenities. Aerodyne, is fair, still impressive with 2 ft longer.
  10. A bit disappointing, for a short hander more form stability would be nice. Disp is pretty amazing though, thats pretty much the disp of an all carbon Andrews 39.
  11. Coming along....
  12. I have lazy jacks retractable to the mast while racing. Its a four legged system and i attached them to the bottom of the boom, so no need for cut outs in the main cover. The stackpack is great for cruising, but if you race, you want to clearly see the foot of the main. Also, its too damn ugly.
  13. The 500 nm between them includes a giant light wind patch... It's likely the 500 nm will expand to 800 nm or more by the time Heerema crosses the equator. He's been sailing much better since escaping the southern ocean, but the only realistic way for him to move up in the standings is if someone else breaks down. Also, I think Attanasio and Costa are racing each other fairly hard (not just cruising home), and they may both be pushing to try to catch Wilson, so they're likely to both be difficult to catch up to. +1Yes, Romain with the oldest boat in the race and half a rudder missing is much more likely to catch Rich than to be caught by Peter Heerema. Most essential part in solo sailing, after a mast and a keel, is perhaps steering automatic sailing.Pieter Heerema has a daily struggle with that since he went past New Zealand. It is exceptional he's still in the race. "Never give up" and "no way back" are his motto's. Many would wish they had Pieter Heerema's dollars which are the biggest dollar per race mile per effective race hour out there in this race...then again good on him for going around. Maybe he will hopefully sponser a young turk for the next one. Yup, totally agree. Its a total joke having a new foiler and coming in next to last, but if i was a rich old fart with that much money to spare, i would do exactly that too. Hey, he gets the bragging rights of having to circumnavigated single handed in the Vendee. Very few people ever get to do that.
  14. Penetrating oil and/or torch should loosen the turnbuckle. If not, then cut it off with a dremel carefully so not to damage studs, which can be recovered with a thread cutting tool. Examine closely all rigging, hopefully with a professional. If you can tune the rig and the rigging is not too stretched out, you may have have some life in it. 10 year recommendation is kind of loose and depends on how heavily used your boat is and if you are planning serious passages. Of course its better to replace it, but if you are not planning offshore passages, you might be ok for a few years. Dont sail until you sort it out and have a tuned rig, you already took your chances for 2 years and you are lucky you did not lose the rig.
  15. Any of the NOAA chart viewers, like Polar Navy, should work.