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  1. Virtual Clipper Race

    Congratulations YourMom and Stufishing. Hmm. sailed a bit too far, but happy with the average speed. Nice short leg. will the rest of them be about the same? Thanks Briartrtpd for the updates.
  2. Virtual Clipper Race

    Briarrtpd, could you please put me on the list? Thanks.
  3. what is it?

  4. Shorthanded Sport Boat

    I am 50+ and find the VX very stable and forgiving.
  5. Shorthanded Sport Boat

    VX One is exactly what you are after. Not quite 20' long but pretty damn close. Designed this century with ease of use and comfort a big factor, 2 up at about 170kg all the way up to 250kg (or more) crew weight. Huge cockpit with nothing coming down from the boom to allow full clearance in tacks and gybes from stern to mast. Furling and self tacking jib, single line spinnaker sets and drops, Draft 4'3" and the price of second hand boats in the US is within your budget.
  6. What's happened to the VX One ?

    In Australia we are starting to think a bit more than that, we must get a bit more wind. My target now is about 220-230kg, I used to sail @ 190kg but would get chewed up over 15 knots by the heavier crews and while light winds seem to avoid us, never got the advantage in the light stuff.
  7. What's happened to the VX One ?

    It is an 8mm for the main bolts, 6mm for the keel cap plate. Nearly everything is metric. Mick
  8. What's happened to the VX One ?

    Only just saw this video That's a nice but of sailing, boat looks good. Pity we didn't get to see how he got the kite up and down in a crowded Sydney Harbour
  9. What's happened to the VX One ?

    The VX One kites that I have owned have all had their attachment points only on one side. Setting up on port was the only option so far.
  10. What's happened to the VX One ?

    If you set the spinnaker up on the starboard side the retrieval line will be on the inside of the bottom of the spinnaker and that will let the spinnaker drag in the water on takedowns, increasing the chances of prawning the kite. To alleviate this you would have to get a second loop for the retrieval line on the other side of the spinnaker. Mick