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  1. 12foot skiffs Interdominiom NZ 2016

    Rule is boat has a max beam of 1.8 meters so as long as the wings do not extent that it is fine both C tech and Freankenskiff are like this and also nice action too
  2. DC Designs

    That works, its what I used to do with stitch and glue ply 12s in the 70s. I dropped the idea from the moths to save weight. I did not do it with Hollow Log as I had skinned the inside with carbon first and thought that would do the job. It was strong enough but the BHs showed on the outside after a while. Of the 9 cherubs i Built and The first 12 Tejin Sailcloth which had ply topsides we never encountered this problem although we were using 4.5mm plywood (although it was sold as 4mm) but I have seen s/tape boats with hardspots (mainly early Tornados) when i spoke to the LKate Chris Tims of Adhesive Technologies here in NZ about it he said that it was from forcing the bulkhead in rather than just putting it in loose and coving it in place with a bit of glue .Is this also your opionion Phil
  3. DC Designs

    So Phill what would have happened if you put a 40mm wide doubler under the bulkhead with a 10mm bevell on each side to diminish the hard spot under the Bulkhead?