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  1. Are these guys fast enough to check the time elapsedhttps://www.bateaux.com/article/26306/futur-bateaux-a-moteur-passera-t-foils-c-pari-de-seair
  2. Cheers for the Updates Boo Boo .....and best wishes and fair winds for for your travels ......
  3. Mister Lucky finishes Iain Jun 23, 2017 0 Mark Hipgrave in Mister Lucky arrived at 1:30am local time to a warm welcome from family and friends. He finishes third in the Gipsy Moth class and third overall in the OSTAR. Mark lost his instruments from what he assumes was a network failure but says he had little other damage.
  4. Two in Ostar Two more worthy transatlantic winners arrived Monday. Iain Jun 20, 2017 0 Two boats were greeted by thick mist at the Castle Hill finish line, a marked contrast to the sunshine that greeted line honours winner Andrea Mura. The first to finish was Rote 66, the Class 40 sailed by Uwe Röttgering and Asia Pajkowska, winning line honours in the TWOSTAR. Uwe and Asia recorded an elapsed time of 20d 22h 43m, faster than each of the three OSTARs that they have between them. They said their good time was achieved because they managed to skirt the worst of the low pressure system experienced by the rest of the fleet, but there was more experience and expertise to it. The second arrival was Conor Fogerty in his SunFast 3600 Bam. Conor finished with an elapsed time of 21d 02h 45m and a corrected (handicap) time of 21d 21h 30m which ensures that he wins the corrected time prize for the Gipsy Moth class of the OSTAR fleet. That Bam remained in close touch with Rote 66 during the race won much praise for Conor’s seamanship, particularly from Uwe and Asia! The remaining four boats are making steady progress with Mark Hipgrave in Mister Lucky leading Adélie Parat and Mederic Thiout in Midnight Summer Dream, and the two Jester class boats Olbia (Christian Chalandre) and Solent 1 (Neil Payter). The next boat due to arrive in Newport is expected on Saturday 24 June. Retirees Keith Walton (Harmonii) and David Southwood (Summerbird) have reached Horta in the Azores and Peter Crowther in Suomi Kudu is now in Falmouth. All the competitors that retired have now made port. The line honours reception hosted by the Newport Yacht Club takes place on Wednesday 21st June, where the winners will receive trophies. The OSTAR winner will receive the BOC Silver Plate which will be used as a perpetual trophy for future OSTARs.
  5. Boo Boo ...did you sell only just saw this in the 3200 forum..sorry if already sold .....but good to show what you have done and upgraded 3600 in NZ is for Sale. Fully sorted with a serious North Sails racing and cruising sail inventory. 2 forestays, one rod for hanked racing jibs and one complete harken furler for cruising. 2 3Di mains, Code zero, 3 asymmetricalshort + symmetric, staysail longer 1.6m prod. Full B&G instruments including autopilot. Heaps of upgrades. All safety gear for cat 2 offshore. It's pretty cocked. Just did the 1200mm Round North Island 2 handed race and won by 4 hrs on corrected time. Price NZ $290k or near offer. Can take 15% (tax) off that if selling overseas. I'm buying a cruising boat in Europe and taking the family sailing for a few years.
  6. T4 canoe cove side.pdf T4 canoe cove bow.pdf
  7. OSTAR SKIPPER BOAT Class H/cap Line Posn Elapsed Time Corrected Time Class Posn . Andrea Mura Italian VENTO di SARDEGNA Open 50 mono GM 1.411 1 17d 04h 06m 24d 05h 28m 2 Conor Fogerty Irish BAM Sun Fast 3600 mono GM 1.037 2 21d 02h 45m 21d 21h 30m 1 . Mark Hipgrave Australian MISTER LUCKY Sun Fast 3600 mono GM 1.036 racing Christian Chalandre French OLBIA SS34 mono J 0.896 racing Neil Payter British SOLENT I Yamaha 33 mono J 0.904 racing
  8. Damm......Another always felt a lot for this boat and its builder ......a real shame Day 13 ClaireA Jun 11, 2017 0 Italian Ostar skipper Michele Zambelli on yacht Illumia triggered his EPIRB at 0400UHT after encountering keel problems. Immediate action was taken by Halifax CG which resulted in him being picked up by a Canadian Air Force helicopter, Rescue 911, at 1000UHT. Just six hours after the rescue was initiated. The skipper incurred no injuries and is now in St John’s. The remaining nine boats in the fleet are all safe and well, continuing their passage to Newport. The Atlantic swell in the area has moderated to 5 metres. The first boat is expected in Newport on the 14th June. Vento Di Sardegna is skippered by Italian Andrea Mura who won the last Ostar in 2013.
  9. https://classe950italia.wordpress.com/page/2/
  10. Colin there is a couple being built or designed in the southern hemisphere.... and a couple more local designers with study plans out at the moment... There is one design with a elaborate but operable keel design ; Fixed for Classe 950 races and a Canting keel for more races Freds design is close to fitting out...so gets some idea of what others are doing .. better than hovering around the edge speak with those designing and building them
  11. there is a new group up and running with the classe management passing over to regates@classe950.com the italian navy is now actively putting training into the ranks using the Classe 950 as the flavour boat , with various other team prepping for the new Maderia Race as well as other races in the Med
  12. sounded pretty wild there for a bit...there was a comment of not letting the sails flog pretty hard when the boat is being thrown around that much........
  13. Well the Little 950 is mixing it with the two 3600s and the older OC class 40 , the 50 took of like the scalded cat... but a couple of lows lining up