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  1. Cameras. Alex
  2. Multis
  3. Starts Oct 23
  4. Five day street brawl..........that is a great way to descibe the race
  5. huey 2

    Sun Fast 3300
  6. huey 2

    Sun Fast 3300

    RORC IRC Two-Handed Autumn Series - Gentoo wins Race 2 by Louay Habib 28 Sep 09:12 BST26-27 September 2020 James Harayda & Dee Caffari racing Sun Fast 3300 Gentoo © Rick Tomlinson Tweet James Harayda & Dee Caffari, racing Sun Fast 3300 Gentoo, have won the second race of the RORC IRC Two-Handed Autumn Series. Gentoo took line honours in the 128nm race as well as the win on IRC corrected time. Richard Palmer's JPK 10.10 Jangada, raced by Jeremy Waitt and Shirley Robertson, was second, less than five minutes ahead of Sun Fast 3200 Cora, raced by Tim Goodhew & Kelvin Matthews. The overnight race was held in blustery conditions with about 25 knots from the north to north west. The RORC Race Committee set a course taking in all points of sail and requiring strategic decisions, especially with regards to tidal current and also for wind shadow on the southside of the Isle of Wight. Undoubtedly the best start was made by Nicola Simper's S&S 34 Blueberry, starting the race at full pace at the Squadron Line. The RORC fleet headed as far west as East Shambles buoy with Outer Nab 2 forming the most easterly point of the course. After a night of hard racing south of the island, the fleet hankered down for a beat back into the Eastern Solent to finish in the early hours of the morning. James Harayda is just 22-year-old and racing Gentoo with Dee Caffari who has sailed around the world six times. Dee is the first woman to have sailed single-handed and non-stop around the world in both directions. Harayda & Caffari have their sights set on representing Great Britain in the Two Person Offshore Keelboat Event for the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. "You forget who you're sailing with very quickly, Dee doesn't come with an ego despite having achieved such amazing things," commented James Harayda. "It's a really nice dynamic on board, Dee brings a huge amount of experience that I haven't had, I think our skills complement each other quite nicely." The Royal Ocean Racing Club's Two-Handed Autumn Series comes to a conclusion with the last race scheduled to start on Saturday 10th October. Jangada leads the series, followed by Daniel Jones' Sun Fast 3300 Wild Pilgrim. Rob Craigie & Deb Fish's Sun Fast 3600 Bellino is third
  9. Im loving this from the Seahorse article; Over the last 20 years average speeds around the world have increased by around 30 per cent, with top speeds increasing by around 50 per cent, while structures have become lighter. And as the push for performance continues, the current crop is capable of performing a balancing act like no other, challenging the laws of physics and defying conventional thinking of what it is like to sail a racing boat.
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    Defi Azimut 2020

    wow,.....that turned into a lottery.... but still great to see who is in the battle interesting group of sailors they are... three gals in the top again
  11. huey 2

    Solo night watch
  12. huey 2

    Solo night watch

    had a version of one of these that could travel between boats ....easy and quick setup...has saved the night many a time. , even during a short ten minute slumber shit can happen , and it did....
  13. huey 2

    Solitaire du Figaro 2020

    a little late but interesting