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  1. huey 2

    NZ Shorthanded Series

    yates cup. not shorthanded but some of the boats
  2. huey 2

    Older fast Aus multies

    There was an American couple have lunch on the headland testing a new video camera years ago when Larry Bardseley and family in their home built chine yacht returning from the north pacific came in to Coffs and were filmed by the couple......some of the best footage of a succesfull surf ...the second wave looked bad but again the boat survived....... when the family docked , the couple presented the video. ......and this was used to show TAFE Boatbuilding the conditions boats the would build go through.
  3. huey 2

    Drheam cup 2020 start July 19
  4. huey 2

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Im more interested by the closing speed when approaching others in the small medium then large tris....
  5. huey 2

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    closing speed....impressive
  6. huey 2

    UN 30 Project

    A little disorganization goes a long way toward fun sailing. ..........I love your description of mixing Life and Sailing.... love the blog and some great photos.... good luck and best wishes with a fine corona project .
  8. That is seriously on the move......bloody motoring
  9. huey 2

    Miller 29

    Joe lived pretty frugally but also shared with community...but certainly an ugly and fatal encounter with some in the community
  11. Here is the Tracker video Trimaran Venom (R42 Grainger) had an amazing run in the 2020 Adelaide to Port Lincoln Race after establishing a lead of about about 20 nautical miles over the top monohulls including Naval Group (70'6" Reichel Pugh), Chinese Whisper (Judel Vrolijk 62), Ichi Ban (Botin 52) and Secret Mens Business (TP52). The tracking images are from the YB Yacht Tracker. Venom was denied the Race Record when the rudder stock snapped 30n.m. from the finish line. Venom's performance was all the more impressive given that she wasn't carrying a large screecher or gennaker in the reaching and downwind conditions.
  12. huey 2

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    The Big Birds are coming out