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  1. huey 2

    Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race

    highlights of the race
  2. huey 2

    Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race

    When Sharp Racing was 200 miles out August 21 2018&utm_content=Enews August 21 2018+CID_81c406baf996834a210cabbc470de6ed&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=Read more
  3. huey 2

    Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race

    Thats a shame for Corum ..I hadnt realised it was that long back they hit the shark .......Not long to go for Sharp Racing and Consice . being followed up by Pata Negra . ..whose had a good run..not bad, as has all the designer bits So positioned in the Top 3, the Class40 CORUM hit a shark, breaking a rudder shortly before the arrival to the Shetland Islands. This break, associated with difficult weather conditions, forced Nicolas Troussel and his crew to abandon. They are heading to France.
  4. huey 2

    Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland race

    This year . Trigger doing well . But Trousell [Mach 40.3] and Sharp Racing having a solid workout and the older Colombre crew doing well.....!!
  5. huey 2

    Drheam Cup

    Wow a big battle between the Gals in the 60s..... but a full scale operation for all the 40s ...fantastics to see replayed again and never get used to the Channel when your not sailing there full time........Great stuff ..Im still mesmerized knocks, lifts and current , then add a dose of shipping and a slow wind drift at times......with a slow mo drag race to the end... What a field of competitors and tactics... didnt look to much at the other classes , but all round a lot to see . ... better than 3d chess
  6. .
  7. huey 2

    New imoca boats

    for Armel Tripon
  8. huey 2

    New imoca boats

    Manuard 60
  9. huey 2

    Class 40

  10. huey 2

    Class 40

  11. huey 2

    Class 40

    very tight finish
  12. huey 2

    New imoca boats
  13. huey 2

    New imoca boats