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  1. Well good luck with that. Knowing the difference in course lengths between div 1 and div 2 and if Monday, Tuesday and Thursday's forecasts hold true, I'm prepared to wager now this will be another "big boat" regatta. OMR was never designed for single fleets of widely varying performance and capability in different wind and wave conditions. It's not that smart and was never designed to be. Howl me down if you want but if you doubt what I'm saying read up on the Texel history. On the other hand and if the conditions are light, it will be a great shame if many div 2 boats score DNF on the longer courses. Ok it wasn't light and it wasn't a "big boat" regatta. Starting div1 & 2 together and sailing the same course worked out really well. When i get time i will work out the combined results for each race but race 6 shows for sure that the latest revision of OMR is working really well for the Wangi 2016 fleet. Race 6 OMR combined: 1 Wilparina III 2 S'Knot 3 Trinity 4 Triple A 5 Airplay 6 Fifty Fifty 7 Bare Essentials 8 Foxy 9 Tiger 10 SPC4 11 desert first 12 Mad Hatter 13 Jaguar Please check Golgfinger. Without having the benefit of combined Div 1 and Div 2 results for the series, the facts are this for anyone who wants to do the sums. On average over 6 races the Div 1 boats sailed the course about 20% faster than the Div 2 boats. Hardly surprising. So if OMR is reflecting reality, for "mixed" fleets sailing the same courses, I would expect roughly the same differences in OMRs. However, even though the Div 1 boats were typically 20% faster, on average, for this regatta, their OMR ratings were only about 13% higher. Sure, sure, averages are averages and while it is true that a few Div 2 boats sailed extremely well to their rating and were deservedly the podium finishers in Div2, the reality is that the majority of the Div 2 boats could not match it with Div 1 boats either on rating or speed. Most races were sailed in breezes around or above 20 knots. Race 6 started very light and shifty and is not probably a great guide Foxy got away (he is a local) Trinty lead Sknot around first mark Bare did not pass us until halfway up the second leg some 15 mins in (I did mention this to Tim) Your dreaming, if you bent over I would of stuck my proda up your ass at the first mark...
  2. We have been waiting for you, If we didn't have to go back and pick up a crew member who fell off it would of been 5 minutes in the first. Looking foarward for the games to begin Thursday. See ya on the water.
  3. Yeah bit sad. Div 2 has all the action There was a bit of action on Bare Essentials today. They're div 1.
  4. Nah I would love to see him on a Yvonne!! That would be something....
  5. no! Which marina is everyone booking into for Airlie?
  6. Word on the street is the only nutts we'll be eating are our own!! (according to PB) Reckon he'll be eating a lot of BARE shit that week.......
  7. Bare Essentials will be at ABRW..
  8. Sorry Peter, Div 1 is OMR without crew weight of 0.9 and above. Boom without crew is 0.908, actually for Geelong the cutoff was lowered to allow Airplay to race with Div 1. You will have to add a fair bit more weight to keep out of div 1 if that's what you want. 900 kg without crew will do the trick. Perhaps a big anchor and chain? Boat weights have always varied and it is up to the owner to optimise and make the boat comfortable to suit their local conditions and style of sailing. Unfortunately there have also been some weights that cannot be right due to load cells needing calibrating one year, and in another I can remember a big cat swinging in a 25 knot south-easter with the crane operator yellng numbers from a single cell, so those numbers were doubtful. Again in the absence of a functional national authority, MYCQ as the administrator of OMR is addressing this issue as we type. Div 1/2 separations in the absence of a functional national authority have been determined by the organising clubs at each event, and I am not aware of any club up in sensible-land putting little boats in div 1, that would be just silly. For all our big events, the F22, F24, F25, F27, F28, F9 (Quickskips/Emarineworld), Sprint, Dash, F32 (Trinket) and even F33 (Pocahontas) have sensibly been put into Div 2. My recollection is that borderline case like Pocahontas was put in Div 1 for the lightwind nationals at Hervey Bay and it was tough for them in the back of that fleet. At Airlie nats they got into Div 2 and won the nats, but did not necessarily get line honours. Consensus was that they belonged in Div 2. The only little boat that I can remember getting into Div 1 up here was Moving Finger/Dux Nutts, and that was sensible also. Peter agree
  9. Looks like you have a oversize tall mast, you need to be re-measured!!!
  10. yep, exciting wasn't it.
  11. expensive lesson if you try motoring around in a F32SRC folded I've heard Peter, was that Airlie beach last year? regards Tony Considine Twas a genuine question to Tim, I am interested in if and how he got that folding mechanism to work on the water. Gordon said it could not be done. I don't know what the F32 had to do with me Tony, never even stepped on one and no idea what they are like when folded. I don't think it was Airlie but Townsville near where the big ferries rip in. Peter Always open Bare on the trailer and never folded Skips up in the water while motoring, always at the dock. And Shaun, YES I do remember your motoring folding episode. Do you remember what I said to you after that? Now personally, I'm sick of this Farrier Vrs Grainger shit, I love them both. Love Skippys and love Bare Essentials. Lets sail!!
  12. Hey Pete, Bare is just as easy to fold as our F9RX. No problem with either, love them both...ps Bare has race cushions now as well.
  13. Yep they're right, foils are a waste of time, as I stated before. The boat is definitely faster and better balanced when the main hull is in the water.
  14. Well at least you're happy with something...
  15. They certainly look nice...