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  1. SJ24 electronics/instruments recommendations

    If your VHF has a remote mic option, it's pretty handy when you are singlehanding to have it in the cockpit.
  2. Seascape 18 outboard

    Also consider the Suzuki 2.5, I have one, good little engine.
  3. Could it potentially work? Sure, it's paint, it will do what paint does. Briefly. Cheap-out if you want to have a pretty horrific job getting it off and doing it again properly next year. Here's an idea, why not buy a bunch of vinyl self-adhesive bathroom tiles and cover it all in that, you could shingle the top of the cabin while you're at it.
  4. Winter gloves for the single hander

    Hander rather than handed
  5. Winter gloves for the single hander

    I sail year-round in the PNW and it can sometimes get a bit chilly, with wonderful combinations of freezing temperatures and driving rain. I've struggled to find a glove that offers the warmth and waterproofing needed, but still gives me enough dexterity to handle lines and do all the other fun stuff single-handing requires. It looks like the Gill neoprene winter gloves come well reviewed in general for what I am looking for, but I noticed Mustang (who normally make gear well suited to this part of the world) have some long-finger gloves, EP3250 glove. Anyone got any actual experience of the Mustang gloves, or can offer any other suggestions? I'd also considered sniper-style mittens where the mitten bit folds back but they seem to be pretty hard to find in a waterproof format.
  6. Also, if you have a secondary fuel filter, fill it up before you start using the lever on the uplift pump, your fingers will thank you. I usually crack the injector pipe where it meets the injector and crank it for a few seconds until the air is out, I've tried using the high pressure pump to just blow the air into the cylinder but not always with great success.
  7. caption contest

    70s boat,70s bush
  8. 8 Bells for George Cuthbertson

    RIP George, I'll raise a toast to you next time I take my classic 27 out (1974).
  9. My old Honda 7.5 sat on the back of my boat for a few years in Sidney with no ill effects, but then I guess those winters didn't get as cold as the last one. If I still had an outboard I'd at least throw a cover on it. I don't bother winterising my current inboard, sail year round and it's rwc.
  10. Henderson SR27 Hull #7

    Went to have a look, the keel top looks a bit dicey, clicky, anyone with experience of these boats (or similar) have any thoughts on that?
  11. Henderson SR27 Hull #7

    Thinking about acquiring the above boat for some local PHRF racing. Anyone have any background info on this particular one? I think it was called Ghost Rider at one point when it was in the Okanagon, seen an old blogspot site from 2009/2010 but nothing since. Known to be soaked core, keel problems etc - any information is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  12. not fine

    I think Pete Goss would qualify.
  13. My new Far East 23 R

    One races out of Victoria, rates 111. They don't seem to have quite figured out how to sail it to that yet though.
  14. Swiftsure

    Not got a ride this year, and looking at the forecast, I am fine with that.
  15. Ipad-body-mount?

    Which colour do they prefer?