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  1. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Sure is fun to see all the beautiful gear and get insights on the gang. I've been enjoying days out while my daughter is at debate tournaments in parts of So Cal that are just far enough away from home to make it a "I'll handle this one, dear" day trip. The cheap and light Dean 3/4 acoustic comes along for some urban bike touring. This here's a cover, under cover of Burbank Blvd in the lovely Sepulveda flood basin, a few weeks back.
  2. John Perry Barlow ...... DTS

    I thought it was 'cause we done shared all of mine' (which changes the meaning a bit) But I also thought 'life in the fast lane' was 'bats in the belfry' at the tender age of 8 or whenever that song came out...
  3. Impossible. Jack reacher’s mom was an intrepid teenage resistance operative.
  4. Trump to be Compared with Stalin

    Good explain on the lada thing. So does this mean you’re now dry as well?
  5. System of a Down , oblivion album. Stumbled onto them 20 years ago, just jumping back in. Original, loud, smart, heavy. They sound like they enjoy singing and playing. When I saw them the guitarist had a korg multi effect duct taped to the front of his guitar. And had it working killerly Related: there’s a producer named Sylvia massy who was big in that era and since. If you are into studio stuff including experimental techniques, check her out.
  6. Shithole Countries

    I found it interesting that the LA Times used 'shithole' in its headline, without wiping the 'i' with an assterisk. Wonder if radio will employ the usual 'used colorful language' or similar. Is a shithole the source or the repository?
  7. I have done some crazy stuff... but

    Just a screenshot, I guess they were doing 130 with a helicopter spotting them. Edit to add it’s not particularly newsy news 2016
  8. R2AK 2018

  9. LONQR

    NQR but still styling at the Anacortes ferry lot circa a couple years ago.
  10. Fuck that. I'd rather watch the gorilla channel.
  11. Craigslist Finds

    This scow I mentioned before has been re-listed with more pics. It's from Wiscahnson. https://ventura.craigslist.org/boa/d/melges-20/6447015013.html
  12. parts dept anarchy

    Push button start. But I’m assuming they just got the price for they key and figured out another way to get the car home. At least the newer ones are waterproof. Just learned that the Whirlpool way.
  13. More like classic Stephen Miller or some other staffhole.
  14. Pictures of Home

    This is from a week ago at the top of Hayvenhurst, dirt Mulholland, Los Angeles. There's a Nike missile site that's been converted to a park. This is looking west, past the vampires walking on Ventura Boulevard, at the Fillmore leftovers of the Thomas fire, about 40 miles away.
  15. LONQR

    Just wanted to take a stand on the Fiat hardtop debate. The Corolla is, of course, not quite right.