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  1. Owen

    Mountain bike anarchy...

    Thanks! contraption= Cane Creek Thudbuster. smoothes the ride a bit, I like it. Not pretty though!
  2. Owen

    Mountain bike anarchy...

    Can't help with the OP cause I'm a Surly luddite. One year in, two wheelsets, man I love this bike. And BMiller's, that's purty!
  3. Owen

    What happened to all the dump trucks?

    As an aside, Is it nationwide or just so cal that concrete cutting companies keep all their trucks in full pimp condition?
  4. Owen

    Finish leaders you'd like to shag

    Finish proverb-- Aatelles ei mää aika hukkaa. (Heinjoki) (KRA) You won't waste time by thinking.
  5. Yup. Way better exercise, more practical multipurpose, and still some of the same zen. Finally started wearing a helmet for its sun visor and so the neighbor kid wouldn't have a bad influence, now feel naked without it. Light and Motion lights in several places on the (Surly with Jones bar) bike and defensive riding have kept me safe so far, plus half my riding is off-road. L and M are designed and assembled in Santa Cruz, so they're kinda sail-ey...
  6. Owen

    Show Us Your Workshop

    I apologize in advance, but... What makes you say that, Mike?
  7. Owen

    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    I've joined The Robot Uprising... my favorite local band lost their guitarist and found me and my blonde SG. Music continues to make this life even better. Sometimes though it's just another fucked up day!
  8. Owen

    rant: driving fuckery

    My favorite takeaway from one of these threads was along the lines of "my turn signal is not a suggestion, it's a statement of what's about to happen" but of course Hatin' , I believe, said it better. I like fucking with tailgaters on my morning commute, but generally have accepted that the stress involved with confrontation is not worth it.
  9. Owen

    now who was surpised..

    I wish they had manned it with the fucker who came This Close to getting my mom to fork over three hundred dollars in gift cards last week..
  10. Owen

    Easy Rider DTS

    Baaack to the dad stuff-- during college I watched easy rider (early 90s) and mentioned to my dad, "Yeah, pretty sad about what happens at the end, right?" and his reaction was basically, seemed like a fine ending to him. It was one of few such strong opinions he verbalized; our Valley-Victorian upbringing was generally far more modulated. (his own death from cancer was almost 10 years ago...)
  11. Owen

    US is no longer a reliable ally

    best James at 15 flashback I've had in ages. muchas thank yous
  12. Owen


  13. That thing is Broken Bad
  14. Owen

    Mikewof triggers!

    Just on a hunch. I mean, they're no Samurai but HEMMINGS CLASSIC CAR From derisive hoots to award-winning technology: How Ferguson and Roy Lunn developed the Eagle for AMC . https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2019/05/19/from-derisive-hoots-to-award-winning-technology-how-ferguson-and-roy-lunn-developed-the-eagle-for-amc/?fbclid=IwAR1wDkn_bxeSW8e911XImi6JCflDs9Tz3ah-WAj_81Re9blTdk6BKxVyCi0