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  1. Owen

    Craiglist Car Buying Rant

    Well, sold the popup trailer. Fuck this guy and doublefuck FB marketplace! I'll take a little anonymity next time. Oh fuck next time too. Maybe VWAP was right. (note, I didn't hear from him til late afternoon)
  2. Owen

    Craiglist Car Buying Rant

    Well we didn't buy that one, but, good thing there's time to put another leaf in the table... 2003, 52 k miles, ours now. Pretty much like new inside. Made it from Garden Grove no problem and no funny smells from the engine compartment. Stoked!
  3. Owen

    'Ivanka Vacuuming'

    For Ivanka I think a lasso might be more on the nose
  4. Owen

    WEATHER - WINTER 2019 - Good, Bad, UGLY

    Miller, get on the 5 and turn left at Bakersfield and check out Carrizo plain natl monument and points west if you never have. It’s been a good winter and you’ve got all the right gear to enjoy it. Bienvenidos
  5. Owen

    Craiglist Car Buying Rant

    VWAP's humor is muffled, something about being born with a silver cock that's stuck in his throat.
  6. Owen

    Craiglist Car Buying Rant

    Oh most definitely. Gowesty sells a replacement trans for a mere 5k which I was planning on needing at some point near or far. This brand loyalty thing is getting out of hand.
  7. Owen

    Craiglist Car Buying Rant

    This bitch jerked us around for a week. She accepted our offer, to complete the deal when she found her 'replacement', then kept the ad up (excusable) and told my straw buyer friend she was going to hold on to it and go for 2K more (fuck that, this isn't ebay). Told us, on the other hand, her dad was sick and asking for her and now just wasn't going to work. Ad's still up, she's still crazy, and fuck if I can see a 'flag this post' button on my craigslist screen.
  8. Owen

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Love the boats, batteries, and bikes, Kim. Robin Williams said that riding a bike is the closest man can come to flying. (Maybe he didn't sail...) . This is my road/shopping/and very occasional commuting bike. Going to up the commuting this year. That Breezer above was beautiful! But this crazy old man bike is so comfortable I'll probably not replace it for a while. Love me some Jandd and Light and Motion products.
  9. Owen

    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    Steamer----- Sure! Sugar; Spiders; Hypnotize. Dig the quadrophenia-esque guitar solo if you make it to hypnotize. I happened to see them early on; they're an acquired taste but funny, original, and killer musicians.
  10. Owen

    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    Not to damn with faint praise, but that band is one of the best things to come out of the 90s.
  11. The results of orificial insemination can be unpredictable.
  12. I thought this might be a divorce thread about a remarkable but untenable relationship...
  13. Owen

    Coup ?

    I had just been there and all I saw was some guy in a J28 cap.
  14. Owen

    Coup ?

    A coup would be messy.