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  1. Owen

    and soon california is to be fucked...

    Gee Snaggs, were you on the planning committee for Zyzzyx and Yreka as well?
  2. Owen

    Researching move to Oregon

    The coastal towns are beautiful but also small and isolated and to me anyway have the potential for bleakness and depression. This is after living near the south coast and spending 5 years traveling through it and the rogue valley for Navy reserve stuff while living in Eureka/Arcata, which are basically south south Oregon including the dichotomy of red/blue. p.s. thanks for the map above, it will be handy when traveling through this summer and listening to my wife say, "We should move here!" every twenty-three miles . Not that politics are that important but the mood and tone of an area are certainly relevant. Coos Bay has some university presence and big bodies of water. Buy some plane tickets and come camp with us at Beverly Beach in two weeks, then poke around for a week or two and you'll have a bit of a handle on things. OVB: hey, we're camping at Fern Ridge July 16-19, on our way south from BC. I'll message you. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the Catalina 22 fixed keel with red canvas, it belongs to a gal named Mary and her friend Nick is one of my oldest buddies. They just launched a few weeks ago.
  3. Owen

    Protection or pressure - kid decisions

    Oh yeah, they're really big on hugging. Re the OP, yes I think a quick email with the teacher would help the decision to push or not, and the caliber of students in honors or advanced is really a plus, if only because the regular classes will always have the handful of complete ass-hats that won't be found in advanced. As to pressure in general; we've been lucky in that the girls somehow got their mom's work habits and my superior intellect, so schoolwork hasn't been a problem. Never pushed sports beyond a brief soccer experiment with the younger one, who is promoting from 8th grade today and despite having a room that looks like it was hit by a sharknado has killer grades and is very happy. This week.
  4. Owen

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    Checking in from the Fresno-adjacent... saw this at the harbor last week.
  5. Owen

    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    I got one of those for my crazy old white guy bike rig. Here it is in the wilds of Interstate 5 with Griffith Park in the back. The thumbnail/opener is my dad, we were returning home from Chautauqua (learned to sail there). That's Toledo; I was 16 and took the Greyhound home to L.A.... edit to add, that's my longest three-chorder and you can get an idea of the amp sound without...experiencing the whole glorious saga. I'd get that.
  6. Owen


  7. Owen

    SUV anarchy

    I was going to defend the VW possibilities but fuck 'em. The current gen (bloated to 2 inches shy of the touareg) tiguan is only available with 2.0 turbo; a recent look at some comparison chart showed that VW was pretty decent for dependability but Audi --- pretty much all turbos --- was down the list about five places. As usual VW doesn't give the buying public enough credit, but that could be because the buying public has proved stupid....The 2.5 engine, no turbo, found in sedans and golfs is basically bulletproof but doesn't have a "T" on the badge. Regarding visibility, hopefully the pinched ass end trend is moving on, witness the new xc90 that looks great and has big old windows on the back side. So much so that it looks like my second gen touareg . VW and Tregs can't be all bad, even some guy up in the PNW who built an amazing 60 foot daysailer has one that he's mentioned in passing. diesel. Ok so I'm stalky, but they're cars, and dammit this is 'murica and it's our birthright to be a little particular about them. When mine threw a timing chain last spring we thought we would be practical. Looked at Pilots, Highlanders, a Volvo... then bought a 2014 Touareg. And a few months later bought back my 07 cause the shop that rebuilt it gave me first dibs (I'd surrendered it to them after engine removal and replacement estimate that came down a few grand when all was done). Re: the OP, I'd go Ford Escape. Perry seems to like his Crosstrek. Cars--- the useful indulgence we get to enjoy every day.
  8. Owen

    Weber Spirit E-210 grill, yea or nah?

    Just added this Basecamp single burner to the mix as a way to get wok or cast iron pan to a proper heat without smoking up the house. The one cheapo stainless grill I've owned had a side burner that was pretty useless, this thing is perfect . https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DQ43CM0 .
  9. Never take a bandana on a boat. Right?
  10. Owen

    Radio Free Europe

    Malarkey person, You're weird, but this song is great and I appreciate your unprompted reflection thereuponit.
  11. Owen

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Support your local theater's EMT . https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2018/may/18/stage-accident-leaves-hedwig-star-18-stitches-perf/ Meatwad, yes, that is a surprisingly fun and uplifting movie, ain't it!
  12. Owen

    Wasting Away Again In Taco Bell Cantinaville

    Fuck the what? Those are mostly genuine sentences, I guess. What are your thoughts on cougars and Harleys? Maybe that will fill in the blanks...
  13. Owen

    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Good times moving forward at the my open mic scene. It's held at a bowling alley in the pizza/bar area. The "Nardcore" bowling league has happened to be on the same night since we've been at it. Oxnard was a solid contributor to early eighties fast punk. One of the dudes in charge, who was/is the leader of localish legends Ill Repute, messaged me and asked if the host and I would play/host their end of season party with it set up so they can jump in on songs. I'm pretty happy with that level of approval. Music has made me most of the friendships I have since my wife and I moved here 16 years ago. Bought an amp yesterday, it was either that or learn to use pedals because my ass gets monotonous fast (in case you hadn't noticed). Five minute uneducated purchase of Boss Katana 50 and it's pretty damn good apparently! Used it last night, now I need to learn it.
  14. Owen


  15. Owen

    Gibson files for bankruptcy

    Well when I was done shooing all the kids off my lawn yesterday, I looked up and there was a kid trying out for the talent show playing Blackbird, on the classroom nylon string, and singing it real fine. I swear there's hope!