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  1. Um... exhume me?
  2. What was that you were saying about your last Corvette?
  3. I'll own that and be stuck with this: Godspeed on your progress, either auto or stick.
  4. ah , sorry, I feel like a dick. I won't bring it up again.
  5. Unless I'm mistaken, that's about the only motor vehicle the OP should be eligible to operate... sorry AB, and I'm no saint, but didn't you just get out of the can for multiple DUI's?? I mean I guess you could drive the elephant in the room....
  6. The boat and surroundings are beautiful. Not sure if it was this thread but I was glad to see that Boomer is in the mix and whatever issues real, imagined, or misunderstood were worked out (gathered that politics were involved). I take this 'indivisible' shit seriously, and while friends may have different views...well, as I told my wife, you gotta look past that shit or we wouldn't have any friends at all. But the boat is the thing, and my favorite parts of the build have been the woodworking shots, the brushed stainless hardware, and the sea chest.
  7. Balkans aftermath cleanup with good actors and clever story elements. One bloated body up...eventuallly.
  8. I think importing from France might be prohibitive. Weird kid, I'll keep for now.
  9. That first song was beautiful, thanks. I've been trying to listen to more new old music. This one comes to mind basically every few days in one context or another. Hooray for melodic punk rock...
  10. Thanks bistros for your info about Newfoundland. We extended our layover in St. John's from three hours to three days and while I realize that was just a glimpse, it was an amazing visit.
  11. You've had some weird weather the past two weeks in So Cal. Enjoying the thread, thanks.
  12. So THAT's why they call it Mavericks...
  13. Or making little rocks out of big ones? bienvenido borracho! hope you are well.
  14. I picked up the two boats pictured for 550, with brand new sails and a pretty cool trailer. That's my friend Jay who took ownership this morning and will be keeping the boats at Trinity Lake in far Norcal. For all you Eurekans, that's Jay of "Humboats", a longtime Arcata/Eureka character who is technically a paraplegic following a motorcycle wreck, but who didn't quite see that designation as fittiing with his approach to life.
  15. Did a nasty weather double header yesterday with American psycho and "Gringo". The latter is pretty damn interesting as it tells the macafee story up to the point where he was the second in line for the libertarian party last year. He will always be first in line for psycho asshole, and the guy he had murdered was a sailor it looks like. Takeaways include don't poison your psycho neighbor's dogs, and the fact that you will never look at a hammock in quite the same way again. Also interesting is that most belizeans from hit man to hot dog vendor speak pretty good English , making the primary sources that much more compelling. Three tasers and a nail gun up.