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  1. Napa Fire

    Gotcha. Thanks for sharing and I hope things don't get too much worse up there.
  2. Napa Fire

    Guess I was thinking more of the relatively flat, straddling-a-four lane-highway scenario. Versus Oakland Hills, Laguna Canyons, Scripps ranch rolling eucalyptus hills... That's all.
  3. Napa Fire

    This is the first fire I've ever noticed to devastate a basically suburban neighborhood. When we get ours, my wife is usually concerned for my moms house and I explain knowingly, naw, it's in the middle of the valley far from brush interface. Now I just see a shitload of big mature trees that would serve just fine to take out the entire SFV. Damn.
  4. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    My buddy's playing my fancy new Squier jaguar bass and I've got my maple (epi) SG that's harder to come across than one might imagine. vice grip harmony in effect
  5. How's that impeachment going, turd-burglars?

    Laces surrendered at booking along with the belt. It's all coming back to me now.
  6. LONQR

    Yeah I actually tried to 'hide ' that. It was not quite right.
  7. LONQR

  8. Milo And Richard Spencer Just Having Fun

    Goys Just Gotta Love Trump
  9. Remember...the Answer is........

    Ah Bartleby! Ah humanity! JFC you know how hard it is to find someone who knows that reference?!
  10. Remember...the Answer is........

    Yes, dear.
  11. My newest project

    You guys are amazing with the calculators and I'm forever grateful for all the shit you've engineered. This was about the apex of my calculating... But I can rhyme words pretty good and have a decent rapport with middle schoolers, so there's that. Boat looks amazing, way more sleek and narrow streamlined than I would have imagined.
  12. books what to read

    Newest Michael Connelly "the late show" introduces a new hero of the female persuasion. Good Los Angeles crime fun reading. For more literature-y stuff and excellent PNW/ Columbia river nature, spirit, and modern injun intrigue, the three main books by Craig Lesley are phenomenal. And I never use that word. If a person has ever driven through the Gorge and looked northward wondering.... these books answer a lot of questions. River song , winter kill , (connected) , and the sky fisherman , standalone.
  13. Craigslist Finds

    Here's the upshot on that Sunfish/Minfish combo. Happily relocated to Trinity Lake, California.
  14. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Cool stuff Steam, Valis, et al. Here's a recent open mic I stumbled into in Moorpark, CA, at a pizza joint opened a few years back by some displaced New Yorkers including a guy from The Cars... It's fun. Gotta work on my wardrobe if I'm gonna keep this up.
  15. Aaron Hernandez DTS

    Um... exhume me?