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  1. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Thanks for that. I started reading his main book at the urging of a friend but decided the author seemed like a bit of an ass. Which is not in itself a reason to stop reading something...
  2. LONQR

    That takes guts.
  3. WINDS of FIRE ..... Again ;-(

    Sure thing. Most west coast readers here have probably stopped in Ventura at some point and seen this landmark. It's one of the more striking pictures I've seen.
  4. WINDS of FIRE ..... Again ;-(

    Ventura is being heavily hit. Good luck nacra and others. Room here in Camarillo for people and pets in the unlikely event you are evacuated and reading this. 310 383 349one
  5. Look, I don't like the Brown train to nowhere or plenty of other wasteful stupid shit. But... Woody, do you think that your salary and pension were paid for by the pocket change of undocumented nannies on their way to Balboa Park? No, that was about a third of the costs covered, the rest from you know... taxes? And I don't really see how a Trump tax and business mindset would ever lead to the one like described here..." and in California keep in mind what ever you don't use accrues." Oh, I know, because businesses would be motivated to compete for the best talent....yeah. And yes I suck daily at the public tit.
  6. Happey Thacksgiving!

    Funny, that's what my daughter said when I suggested she get her room cleaned up for company.
  7. Happey Thacksgiving!

    Hosting mom and an old college friend of mine. Grateful greetings from the happy kids of the southern 'Nard: (I'm having fun with this ASB shit. After a mere 20 years, teaching is easy enough to where I can ramp up the extra stuff)
  8. Brain Buckets for Sunday Drivers

    Live Free or and Die !
  9. SoCal Race M&A

    That's pretty awesome and I'm in for the Dana Point sprint. Thanks for all the work this must have taken.
  10. Voltage regulator blues

    Other kinds of dealers, easy peasy.
  11. Grumpy old man Pet Peeve #69

    People need to slow the fuck down in parking lots. Unrelated: Whatever beauty school dropout came up with the idea of using coconut oil for anything other than saltwater sex jelly needs to drive my daughter to school and do her laundry because the smell is developing into a severe irritation. Fuck you very much, Trader Joe's and youtube.
  12. Chuck Mosley

    Looks like he had a sense of humor. 2009 solo album : Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food
  13. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Okay I promise I'll back the fuck off after this but yeah. The San Fernando Valley is ringed by old Nike missile sites. One such site has amazing views, 360. Rode up dirt mulholland with guitar, saw two other guys at the site, also with guitars-- this is mildly far from anything-- and Sure, let's jam for a few. Nice hangout, grins and goodbyes. Turns out one dude was the original bass singer for Pentatonix and is famous enough in his own right that my 13 year old was like, What!!
  14. Best Rock Song Intros

    Semi charmed life no rain sober Interstate love song because rock ended in the 90s, people, not the 70s!