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  1. This is going to be epic people! We're now up to 67 entries. The signup link above is broken btw...
  2. Now up to 17 on the line! This is a must-do event; beautiful scenery, fun conditions, and even better hosts...can't wait!
  3. Great week down in Miami! Just crossed the mason-Dixon line headed back to Boston... the fleet was super deep! Tyler Moore's boat was the top American finisher in 2nd...
  4. Getting excited for this event..looks like we're going to have 30ish boats on the line..perfect!
  5. This is crazy... #39 is the 39th entry in just 4 days, I think this is quicker than this years NA's in Larchmont... Who knew, I thought we'd only have like 25ish for this... Epic regatta in the making!
  6. This may have been the best Viper regatta ever! 53 boats, great conditions, amazingly tight racing, and even better comraderie.. Pics from the class forums: https://www.flickr.com/photos/96738300@N03/sets/72157659953125915 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8tycolpgy9n713f/AAB30ZToCHjkty0XMAQQbgAga?oref=e&n=132140013 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8lfubncrgiofgp5/AAC4IKM0lOBZJYVlX8BYPkxaa?dl=0
  7. This is absolutely do-able on the Viper, as one of our owners up in Marblehead has a trapeze setup for singlehanding. Can't speak much to the PHRFability of a trapeze Viper, but from what I hear, it is a fun time!
  8. It'll be cool seeing Vipers and VX's on the same course. For a fleeting moment last weekend we were overlapped on a downwind in Newport, it was fun!
  9. Ah that would explain things. Although, the VX mast is probably a bit lighter, so you might be able to get it vertical in the same manner and then shotgun it up and over the foredeck into the slot.
  10. I routinely step the mast on my Viper by myself by simply laying it down in the cockpit (lengthwise) and then walking it to vertical, pivoting the base on the foredeck overhang (I put a pfd underneath to protect the mast & deck). Once vertical I shift it into the mast step and then secure the mast vertical with the 'mast puller' line. At this point, with everything in the partners I walk around the boat and attach all the stays. It should be possible to do the same in the VX right? I've done this in decent breeze as well, just make sure you're head to wind. This may be tougher to do if you are under 5'10" though--as height helps with leverage..
  11. Heck--Viper heaven this weekend..30+ boats at two locations this week, HPDO and NA's...
  12. ridethewinds, I definitely wouldn't call the VXOne a 'disruptive' technology by any stretch. It's clearly an 'evolutionary' development.
  13. True, its just always a shame to see manufacturing and jobs leave the US. Yea--although a bright spot in that regard might be the Viper. The shop in Peabody, MA has been busy for the last year making them.