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  1. For a bit of perspective... I have had 5 major concussions (2 from sailing) and likely countless other small ones from years of contacts sports, skiing, sailing, and life in general. This started early in my life and progressed over time. If I so much as take an elbow to the head now I lose 2 to 3 months of my life recovering in a best case scenario. The worst case scenario would be death. I do not begrudge parents who wish to forestall this potential fate. In general the stigma in sailing around helmets is toxic. I wear one now simply so that I can still enjoy the sport, and I will continue to do so. I mainly race J/70's now, and while it is a relatively safe boat, its just not worth the risk. Even for someone in my situation laughs and ridicule on the course are common. This culture led me to not be wearing a helmet the last time I got hurt and that's a problem. When I was a ski racer in the late 90's and early 2000's we were the only people on the mountain in helmets and most people sneered. 20 years later you would get laughed at for not wearing one. All of the excuses people made for why people shouldn't have them have fallen away as people have simply gotten used to them. The toxic culture is gone and everyone is better off for it. How about we just take a step back and lay off for a bit. People can make their own decisions about what is best for themselves and their children. They don't need or deserve your ridicule.
  2. Just took delivery of USA-293 and will be racing mainly in Baltimore and Annapolis. Trying to scratch up at least a starting point tuning guide. I have been playing in the J/70 fleet these last 4 seasons and I have to say having abundant information out there is very helpful and improves the racing. Has anyone over in Sweden put together anything you are willing to share? How about the Aussies? Thanks in advance! -Jon
  3. I have to say that as an SSA member I cringed a bit at the reference in the post. Not really appropriate while the building is still smoldering... While SSA is in reality the complete and total antithesis of AYC, and while AYC simply isn't for me and I would never join, I think that they both have a place in the sailing world. Moreover, in reality, a number of people are members of both clubs (albeit the wealthier ones)... To correct a prior post there IS actually overlap in the fleets in the two clubs, though it is mainly in the Keelboats (J/70, J/22, etc). Among these classes there is a fair amount of mutual cooperation between the clubs, not animosity. Also as far as WNR is concerned, AYC lets in OD boats from any of the clubs, so I am happy there (J70). It is only PHRF that is restricted. AYC and SSA also cooperate in supporting youth events, team racing and lager regattas like the NOOD. The clubs are different. They serve two completely different purposes and in many ways different sailors, though there is overlap. I would never be a member of AYC, though do I believe the Annapolis sailing world would be better off without AYC.... Simply put, no I do not.
  4. "remember the shoal draft 105's" Ha yes and they were all proven to pretty much be fools and everyone promptly got regular 105's... Very true you aren't going gunk holing with a draft of 6.5, but you aren't doing that either with anything over 4.5. There have been a number of successful OD fleets on the bay that weren't really "bay boats". I WOULD have serious pause though with the no Genoa thing if this boat is forever relegated to the PHRF fleets. It is rather silly, for example, what an Olson-30 with a 155% Genoa will do to a J-105 upwind in anything under 10kts... And we have dying breezes quiet often on the bay. So unless there is OD whats the point of the boat? And on that front I have to go back to the pricing and the fact that people just aren't going to move out of their current boats in numbers to create an OD fleet for a 29ft racer/daysailer with 'some' accommodations at over $160K sail away. If there is OD I am all for this boat, and want one. Without it...
  5. I spoke to Ken Comerford at North Point Yacht Sales about a month ago, he said they sold so many 70s there was no one left to buy the 88. There is one there but it didn't sound like the owner plans to do a whole lot of racing. The j88 is not a Farr 280, but it's a lot of fun to sail and seems solidly built. Not sure if I fully buy the J/70 vs J/88 argument as a reason. They serve two very different purposes. I like the 70 a lot but I do more with my boat than just race (though i mostly race and race often). I could not have the 70 as my only boat. There may be some overlap in potential buyers, but I am not sure if they are really the same group. I could be completely off on that though.
  6. True there are a number of expensive boats out there. Though I guess my point is that if you can't come up with a package for a boat like this that is attractive enough from both the boat and price perspective to get people out of their current boats and create a fleet what is the point of doing the boat at all? Then you just have the J-92s again. I really really like this boat. I guess time will tell if I start seeing them out on the bay in numbers.
  7. Anyone know what hull# they are up to with these at this point? Is there anyone starting to race these in the Annapolis area (I have yet to see any)? In theory I am very very interested in this boat but the price seems very high (sail away in excess of $160K... or more), which may mean no OD racing ever appears. Without the development of a solid OD fleet in the area the price seems even more unrealistic. Does anyone want a $170K 29ft PHRF boat? Seems like they should have targeted a sail away price around $110K tops. That is where I (and probably a number of others) would likely buy one. On paper it ticks almost all of the boxes that I am looking for. The price and as a result the sketchy prospects for a real OD fleet in the area leave me scratching my head...