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  1. And here it is in action: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3bsrxs_jour6-macif-f-gabart-p-bidegorry-transat-jacques-vabre-2015_sport
  2. First video IMHO showing their shiny new foil in action! Note at 0:22 how they are routing a sheet or the traveller inside the cabin, probably to dump it in case of big gusts / squalls. The current MOD70 emergency mechanism seems more sophistcated. There is a recent video with Paul Larson explaning the mechanism on the MOD70 Concise10. What else to prevent a capsize do they might have installed on the new Macif?
  3. First video IMHO showing their shiny new foil in action!
  4. This is unreal. The last post from on board clearly belongs to the "famous last words" category - thankfully just for the boat, Alex and Guillermo are safe and sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9LvVKuWpb4
  5. The multis. For me the main reason to visit le havre. I just can't get enough of them. Le Havre was the first opportunity to see the new Macif and "Sodebo ultime" boats. Also, I had never seen PdB and Actual (the former sodebo) before. Though Macif and Sodebo are quite similar in size, the latter looks bigger and solid (in contrast to it's modern successor. Somehow you get used to these giant boats, especially if you have ever seen the largest of them all (now spindrift 2). Compared to SP2,which is somewhat out-of-this-world, they all look neat and tiny. Otherwise it is the same old vs new (foil, or nor foil) battle like in the IMOCA class. Here is a close-up of the macif t-rudder and foil. What might be the reason to only build one? Do they really ran out of time, or are they so unsure if the thing is effective, that they want to test ride a single one, kinda like gitana did with their modified MOD70? Isn't it even more dangerous to go without (tendency to pitchpole) ? and here again, in contrast to the conventional curved daggerboard of sodebo: The cocpit of macif looks very futuristic and optimised for short handed usage. I wonder what the height under that roof is and if a tall guy (say > 1.90 m) could stand upright. Given the size of french multihull pros, probably not a part of the design brief ;-) The multi 50 class seemed not very vibrant. No new boats. Only one of them had straight daggerboards, the others none at all. Is there some class rule limiting the development of these boats? Lot's of history and heros (boats and sailors). Kinda OT, but for me the reason to go, not so much the race by itself. - Actual (former Sodebo) and Thomas Coeville: Did two attempts to smash the single handed Jule Verne record ... he wanted it so much. Here is the epic video of his almost capsize. The RdR desaster. If anyone deserves to win this race, then Thomas. - Pascal Bidégorry - Still holds the Transatlantic and 24H Record with BP5, but still has not rounded cape horn while racing. This time he teams up with a winner. Who is going to make it? Macif currently in 1st ....
  6. Nicolas and Ryan from adoptunskipper where the last of the IMOCA fleet to dock out. I'm quite sure Ryan was the only sailor wearing flip flops that morning ;-) Too bad for them to miss the real barefoot sailing conditions ahead of the fleet right now.
  7. More pics from Le Havre (before it's too late). My airbnb host failed to hand write a 64 character long wifi code, and myself failed to notice the free wifi inside the le havre docks mall :-o otherwise I could have posted them in time. Who is this? Okay, okay, way too easy, given the context. But still ...
  8. it is as it is today. This boat has to pull the chestnuts out of the fire for the 2015 IMOCAs. Will they make it, or break it? Quite a burden for Armel and Erwan. One observation from Le Havre - They seemed to be the best prepared and most professional team, almost clinical, cold. Everybody was doing some last minute preps except Team Banque Pop. The boat was well jacketed, waiting for the things to come.
  9. SCNR. let me google that for you. enjoy :-)
  10. Yup, I guess that in this attrition we should talk about the "2015 Imocas" and not the "moustache" boats. I guess this text from the TJV website is the english translation: Jean Pierre Dick, skipper of StMichel-Virbac (IMOCA) "We’re taking a detour on our way to Brazil. There were gale force winds in the night. 30 knots, so quite a lot of wind. We had reduced the sail with three reefs and the small jib, the G3. I went out and checked the structure of the mast in the night. Everything was fine, but then I noticed some structural elements were beginning to break. We took the decision to put the brakes on. We’ll be putting into Madeira. To avoid damaging the boat, the sail is being used as a counterweight. We’re feeling really down. It had to happen to us. Clearly there is a structural problem with the boat (we can see that by looking at the other competitors). We don’t really know what to do. We’re in talks with the designers. The hull has been weakened with all the impact, so there is definitely a problem. You can push the boat, you fly, but on the other hand, there is the harsh reality, when we see competitors retiring. We can see there is a potential problem. I’m telling you I’ve got my foot on the brake. We’re going to try to understand what’s happened, carry out repairs and set off again. It’s really spoilt the enjoyment, but we’re used to taking this sort of thing.”
  11. Back to the race... These two are doing particularly well given a decent boat. Initiatives-Coeur is currently in fifth position, some 180 nm DTL. I really like the two, especially since Sam's video blog from her first Vendee and of course the VOR. Remember Tanguy's legendary "Smoke On The Water"performance :-) Good to the them competitive. From what I saw in Le Havre Initiatives-Coeur was by far the sponsor with the most activation - red team jackets everywhere between the watching crowds.
  12. more details + scary pics: http://www.jpdick.com/fr/actualites/escale-technique-dans-l-archipel-de-madere.html
  13. Seeing your pictures I tried to remember how it has been at the 2012 Stopover and browsed my foto library. I cannot remember one of the big multis to showcase their superior speed or posing around the race course, flying the main hull as reported here in the forums. They were out on the water, but simply cruising with reduced sail and contributed to the very special atmosphere of the race day / leg start. Groupama 3 had any right to cruise along the race course cheering their mates on the VO70 - The pic shows them using the open space between the shore and the smaller spectator boats / race controll boats. The other pic shows trimaran Sodebo amongst the other spectator boats - motoring or anchored - to watch the in-port race start. IIRC BP V (know SP 2) has been following the leg start, but they avoided the in-shore race course / and pre start area all together. SP2 should have not entered the pre start / race course area in the first place.
  14. From a pure sailing fan/enthusiast point of view the Lorient Stopover is IMHO the most compelling event location possible here in Europe. Three years ago I have been there and the place just rocked. It took me 24 hours of driving from western Germany. Back then, it was the nearest Stopover for me, this time around Scheveningen/The Hague is just four hours away. If I had the time to go right now, I would favour Lorient again. In 2012, I was thrilled by BPV's successful Jules Verne Trophy attempt. Have you ever seen a racing trimaran in the scale of a BP V or Groupama 3? Just plain Wahnsinn! The Vendee 2012/2013 was just around the corner and lot's of the latest IMOCA designs lined up next to the VOR fleet. Not to mention the historic Pen Duick yachts, modified Orma 60, Multi50 trimarans, Class 40, Mini650's. By chance I saw one boat of the MOD70 fleet, Veolia, over in Port Louis. And yes, compared to the MOD70, the Volvo fleet looked lame;-) I guess it is not different this time around. I would love to see the Groupama AC45, the latest IMOCA's on foils or even the first of the new Ultime class (Macif ?) of giant maxi trimarans... And yes, the VO65 too;-) In 2012 the VOR was relatively unknown to the french public. I picked up a student hitchhiker from before Paris all the way to Brittany. I was invited to his parents home for lunch. Of course they where curious where I was going to. They had never heard of the the volvo ocean race before, but of course they did knew the vendee globe and all the other famous french offshore events. Probably this time around the VOR is far better known, not least because of Franck Cammas victory in 2012. I envy all of you currently there. Enjoy and have fun!