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  1. But really AC34 will happen in SF Bay by hook or by crook (look it up). Get over it naysayers!
  2. Yep! I see them just south of Alameda.
  3. The HiDive huh? Stopped by there with the Bro during my whirlwind tour in fall '10. Pretty intimate spot. RC and OR both posted it to their Facebook pages yesterday. RC to arrive around 7:30pm. Other team members around 8:30pm. Should be a good time. Tshirts for the 1st 50.
  4. Death by pitchpole! LOL
  5. Anyone going to the Oracle Racing party this Tuesday at the HiDive in SF? Doors open at 7pm. Be the first to ask RC for a ride on the AC45 at the event and you'll get to over the next few week's training sessions. I'd love to go but my wife will kill me (no joke, she's Sicilian)
  6. Don't know if this has been mentioned before- USA 17 visible on Pier 80 from Google maps satellite picts.
  7. In this morning's SF Examiner, there's an article on how the ACOC owes the city $12mil. The ACOC has commitents for the amount but not cash on hand. The city could technically terminate the AC agreement, but this is highly unlikely. What is likely is that the city will leverage this in future negotiations.
  8. Yes! Lets get this big top built! The show must go on!
  9. Big thanks to the guys on the ground in SF giving us the play by play tonight. Been glued to my phone refreshing for updates here and on FB since I left the stream at the office!
  10. Dixie, SF? I thought everyone was in Valencia. I'll be stoked if the black beauts are out on the Bay this week. My new day gig is on the 25th floor of Mission @ Beale with a view towards the south east. Looking forward to seeing the 72 launch in July.
  11. Anyone notice that the recent MOD70 video shows the Ocean World Tour in 2013-2014 having a stop-over at what looks like SF? Very different rendering than the earlier published map showing a stop-over near SD. I bet they're banking on the Pier27/29 project completion as well as riding in on the buzz from the AC and AC72s.
  12. They did! S.F. planners OK impact report on America's Cup Read more: http://www.sfgate.co...L#ixzz1gfivjGi1