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  1. maybe if the crew waffle on ....
  2. Broccoli ??? WTF someone will be defending brussels sprouts next Bring back the Harleys, the ply, the rigging - anything - please
  3. Anything else, even the Harley discussion
  4. Thanks so much Spoffo for all your work. Fantastic coverage, and it was great to have the tread touch reality from time to time.
  5. I don't really know if it is possible to build a boat of this size with a single layer of 3/8th. Well HR has done it! Depends on your definition of a boat. Defiantly floats, probably not capable of propulsion or navigation, may not stay a boat for very long. But is a boat.
  6. For Fucks sake HR, NO ONE HERE WANTS A TRAGEDY. You've had loads offers of sensible advice, for a long time now. Good advice only helps if it is listened to. Good night!!!
  7. Don't; you'll have to match Oracle's AC72 capsize for your 15 minutes of fame.
  8. But I'd be very worried if my 4WD was stuck in a bog and the rescue truck pulled my tow points off.
  9. +1 on trolling. Only thing that will convince me are recent photos of the coast guard's damage and an interior shot with HR and a paper. And if it is HR/Family, they are trolling anyway.
  10. nice set of photos from meuritt. Apart from the jib, which looks like an origami figurehead, it all looks rather tidy. No doubt the brass would have been polished were there any, and the bike looks positively sparkling. Can't fault HRs industry.
  11. Thanks Spoffo, Great update. It always seemed just a matter of time. HR might get out of this mess like he has the others, but the you get the feeling time is running out for the FH.