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  1. Faark - put a deposit on this last week and survey arranged for next. Will obviously have a very close look - so the heads up will be helpful. This happened back in 2007, and the boat has done a lot of miles since. I've sailed on it a number of times and apart from being a bit tired and lacking in the sail department there is no evidence of that prang. Might be a factor at the top end of the OD fleet, but for the sailing we plan on doing down here in Tas there is going to have to be something major to knock it back..
  2. Did my first Hobart on Balandra in '85 - nice old school. She is still in Tasmania and has been undergoing a major restoration for a few years now. Not sure when she will hit the water again.
  3. J/35 Ball Compass?

    Could always try this option if everything electrical goes to crap....
  4. Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    She later became Thumbs Up in Launceston and came to Melbourne renamed Turbo. Turbo then became Turbulence and recently moved to Qld so she is still going strong. She has done a 2 handed Melb - Osaka race along the way. Dunno about that - Thumbs Up was named that from new and there was an Adams one tonner called Newcastle Flyer going around at the same time. I sailed on Thumbs back in the day. Story was the the owner wanted to build a Farr one tonner, but Farr wouldn't let the design be done as a western red cedar cold molded job. Adams/Radford reckoned they could design a 1 tonner that would be just as fast and rate well (owners previous boat was an Adams). History shows it was a pig. Quality of build was excellent (buit by Ian Milner in Launceston), owner was great and really threw a heap of money on gear/sails and new rudder (carbon shaft in '86) and constant re-trims etc, but it just didn't go. He gave up sailing after selling the boat disillusioned with the whole thing which was a sad loss as there was talk of another build.
  5. 1984 Farr 33

    This link might give you a bit of background on the boat if no else chimes in. http://www.farrdesign.com/145.htm
  6. anemometer and wind angle

    No experience with this brand, but the vane/anemometer look awfully like my Davis Vantage Pro equipment I have at home. http://shop.davisnet.com.au/davis-weather-stations/replacement-parts-davis-weather-stations-australia.html/6410-anemometer-for-vantage-pro2-and-vantage-pro.html
  7. Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

    Only part of the story here - wait to you see the Petuna proposal a bit further north in the bay- smack bang on the transit from the Raoul to the Pot and massive... Huon Aquaculture are also planning an expansion on the east Bruny shore as well. The farms have well and truly fucked the Channel, now they want to do the same in Storm bay + what they have planned at Oakhampton Bay near Triabunna. I think people are saying enough is enough.. They are also doing some testing (data collection - water temps/quality etc) out off Blackman Bay I believe. Maybe this is the answer? http://gcaptain.com/worlds-biggest-salmon-producer-wants-to-farm-fish-inside-a-cargo-ship/ BTW - said Commodore no longer with Muirs, has a role with Tasports now.
  8. Memosail watch

    Had a couple as a teen in the late 70's - took months to save up the $300 or so from after school work to buy. Lost one overboard and god knows where the other one ended up.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/70s-Memosail-10-Minutes-17-Jewels-Yachting-Chronograph-with-Valjoux-Cal-7737-/300851730664?hash=item460c2918e8:m:mgKnTvLyRR9oQl5GVSOv1kg
  9. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Did SB's on the Sunday - we were in a different part of the river and there was a bit on (35-37 according to the Pro).. Lots more than where the small boats were... One thing about the kids is that their parents would be pushing them to get out and the kids don't know any better haha.. Maria should be fun tonight off Tasman - god knows why I'm going. Much more comfortable watching it on the tracker at home!
  10. Hobart Scene

    PM me - may have a lead for you...
  11. Hobart Scene

    Thanks Pirate, but It Happens got in first with his PM.... Must say I feel sort of honoured in some sick sort of way to have a post considered worthy of Do Rags attention. That oxygen thief and his worthless posts are usually good for a laugh, so thanks for sharing the joy! Time to go sailing.. Cheers
  12. Hobart Scene

    Yeah I know - buy an add... I have installed a couple of nice size 1/4 berths on the old tub and now have two surplus alloy pipe cots to give away if any one is interested - they will eventually end up being cut up or thrown on the tip if no one wants them.. No storage and the wife says they gotta go... PM me if interested.
  13. Hobart Scene

    If it is dark metallic gray, it could be "It Happens" that has showed up back in Tas after a few years on the big island. Used to belong to Stephen Boyes... Payne 38 with wings chopped off...
  14. Hobart Scene

    Hey Sparky Spied your boat on the market - what's the go??
  15. Hobart Scene

    Real good timing with the Pipeopener this weekend when a significant number of potential buyers are away - sorry to see them close. Not meaning to kick the boot in when Eddie's down (we had our differences in the end but by and large he was very good to us) but it's ironic that even the liquidator can't take a trick with that business. It will be interesting see what this building will be used for after the auction:- junior sailing clubhouse? Scout Group? Sailmaker? Yeah - I would like to move our offices down there & get out of Sullivans Cove with all the parking soon to get the chop, but our lease does not expire until 2011 and maybe not enough room... Could make for some swanky offices for architects, graphic designers etc in a great location.