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  1. Severn Sailing rescue

    RRS 4 doesn't prohibit the RC or the organizers from using their judgement... and I'm pretty sure the USCG doesn't give a damn what RRS 4 says it's in the long term interest of all sailors to avoid incidents like this, as it makes us look incompetent. all i am saying is the organizers should look at the incident and see if they can do anything better the next time they have a forecast like the one they had. RRS 4 is just one part of a larger universe of rules and practices surrounding sailboat races. Race committees cannot ignore safety. For example, following a number of high profile yacht racing disasters such as Fastnet, S2H, etc., race committees for ocean races now recognize that they have a responsibility to ensure that participants have a minimum level of experience and training commensurate with the demands likely to be found on the course. For the N2B race, each boat has to have at least 2 sailors trained in first aid and a certain percentage of sailors who have attended Safety at Sea programs, as well as experienced skippers and watch captains. Given that the Laser is an entry level boat that may be sailed by less-experienced skippers, the R/C has a heightened duty to make sure that competitors can handle the conditions, especially, as here, where the conditions are unforgiving.
  2. Severn Sailing rescue

    Sorry, but if we need to rely on the Coast Guard, Annapolis Fire and Police Department, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Anne Arundel County Police, and Maryland State Police to rescue our sailors, then the club's safety committee needs to meet to do some serious investigating into our safety protocols. For the record, the water temperature nearby at Thomas Point was 41 degrees.
  3. Sailing memorabilia - what do you have?

    Except for a lot of old t-shirts going back to the 1980's . . . mostly I have great stories that get better every year! You kids have no idea how crazy racing use to be.
  4. Newport-Bermuda Wx- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly...

    We were in Class 6 (J-120's) as well and stayed just west of the rhumb line, with most of the boats much further west. Our max TWS was around 35 knots, I think exiting the main axis of the GS. At one point we were close reaching with two reefs in the main and the #3 up. The GS was rough with very steep confused 10-15' seas, but manageable. We didn't try to set a chute however because the wind and sea state didn't offer much room for error. We had some heated discussions before voting to start the race but bail if it got too rough. The more experienced hands voted to bail and the the younger ones, to their credit, voted to race. That said, starting a race into a dicey forecast and getting to Bermuda makes you more lucky than prudent.
  5. Now this: human arm found in sailing waters! http://www.livesaildie.com/human-arm-found-in-olympic-sailing-waters/
  6. Kiteboarders v ISAF

    Has anyone asked Sailing World magazine how they feel about World Sailing adopting such a simlar name?
  7. Renting a sailboat for a couple of hours in San Diego

    Check out some of the AC boats. It's a bit canned, but good if you only have a few hours. See http://sailusa11.com/.
  8. This is ISAF's statement on the environment posted on their website: ISAF AND THE ENVIRONMENT Sailing is dependent on the environment and by following a few simple rules of conduct when sailing we can ensure our sport has no negative impact on the environment.Through the very environment in which we practise our sport, sailors are already very environmentally aware and ISAF's has the following objectives to respect and safeguard our environment: Develop and implement an environmental programme for the sport and events Increase and develop awareness of environmental issues amongst all sailing stakeholders Support the development of Olympic Games and ISAF event venues that are sustainable for the environment, economy and community Position sailing as environmentally aware Does anyone serously think ISAF is leading the way on demanding a cleaner sailing environment in Rio? What a missed opportunity for real leadership!
  9. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    And Goodbye Girl on the other side of Fame, another Serendipity 43.
  10. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    With apologies to Larry for the qualitiy of these pictures, here are two pictures from the Truman Annex after the 1981 (or '82?) Ft Lauderdale to Key West Race. Rafted up are Seier, Marionette, Fame, and two others, and in the other picture, Infinity among others.
  11. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    It now seems to me that the ILCA and ISAF have thrown BK under the bus in the hope that it will ensure an uninterrupted supply of boats in areas served by LPE. That's a pretty shabby way to treat the creator of our boat, especially since other Laser builders are still paying the royalty. Instead of trying to cut BK out of the equation, it would have been just as easy for the ILCA to amend the class rules to require royalty payments to BK for a boat to be considered legal. Also, as long as LPE (or whatever shell company holds it) owns the US trademark in the US, no one but LPE is going to be able to make Laser brand sailboats in the US. Period. The ILCA really needs to be the one to own ALL of the Laser trademarks, otherwise this will happen again somewhere else. The licensing structure is totally backward here.
  12. What's on your mind?