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  1. stufishing

    Lionheart Lost Cape Brett NZ?

    I find this statement from one of the survivors really says it all for me. "To be living in a country that can throw so much resource without a moment's thought at four people who need them the most ... there must have been no hesitation when they got our mayday and they were so prompt. ''We feel so positive and honoured to live in such a country that cares for people.''
  2. stufishing

    Australian Sailing

    A friend and I were in the dining room upstairs one night at RQ. My friend (a member) and I (a visitor) very strangely somehow got talking in depth to the Commodore and his wife, all of us had a few too many beverages on board. This was all good fun, I think they were somewhat enjoying mingling with members of their tribe. Anyway, another guy turned up who vaguely knew my friend and he was not liked by the commodores wife. So we were asked to leave by the restaurant staff shortly after. Reason given, "the commodores wife doesn't like that bloke and he came to see you."
  3. stufishing

    Australian Sailing

    Lol. Isnt that ^^ the question the thread is ultimately trying to answer!!
  4. stufishing

    What's the worst word you can call someone

    point is?
  5. So today a crewmember on a visiting boat is excluded because he complained the beer at the bar is hot. Tomorrow because a volunteer didn't like the way he pushed in front at the bar. The day after because he lives in Logan and caught the train to the establishment. See where we are heading?
  6. stufishing

    New SWAN 48 and sweet dreams

    Sweeeeeet. sub million euro, I'll take a couple!
  7. stufishing

    Australian Sailing

    So surely if the club decided to exclude someone based on some posts on an internet forum, then that information should form part of the evidence against said person in the hearing to decide whether there is a right to exclude? Or do we actually have a situation where it perfectly acceptable for a club to exclude a competitor from a regatta based on compromising rule because they complained the beer was hot at the briefing?
  8. stufishing

    Australian Sailing

    What Recidivist said Perhaps the "competitor" was actually excluded for complaining about the RQ restaurant on FaceBook or Tripadvisor. @Curious,Why are you so convinced it was for "abusing a volunteer"?
  9. stufishing

    Australian Sailing

    From the notice to competitors. RQ is the OA.
  10. yes, but what did they do to warrant the initial refusal to sail as crew on a boat at the club?
  11. stufishing

    Rules question re multi and mono on start line

    I'm sure that is the case. But just because it is true, doesn't somehow give you rights to barge at the start. One day someone will protest you, or worse, hit you from leeward and you will be in the wrong. As plenty of people have mentioned, you need to come up with a plan to exploit your strengths and starting at the pin is absolutely not one of them.
  12. stufishing

    Livin' the Dream...rudder repairs in exotic locations

    I'm not totally excited by the two oil seals being the only means of prevention of seawater ingress. I hope you find at worst stainless garter springs when you remove them, not mild steel as I reckon you might. Whilst stainless springs are apparently available, good luck finding them. There is a viton lip seal available here in Australia from BSC with integral Oring which replaces the garter spring, maybe try these next, they aren't cheap when compared to a standard oil seal, but as you already know, the price of the seals is insignificant in this project. As FKT mentioned, I would think about repairing/fairing the shaft shaft damage without welding it then fit a speedisleeve. All too easy for someone to heat it too much whilst welding and cause cracking issue down the track, or bend it. Good luck.
  13. stufishing

    Catamaran Capsize Kills 3 off Newcastle

    Yeah. Its a spirited 380. I have worked out the name of the boat too. I wont post it publically yet as too soon.
  14. stufishing

    Catamaran Capsize Kills 3 off Newcastle

    Looks like a spirited 380 to me too, as some have already mentioned. terrible news