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  1. stufishing

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    ? More info!
  2. What if it didn't seperate? If plywoodboy has heard a story which backs up a rumour that i have heard, does that make your theory stronger than both?
  3. Who bought the insurance write off for a song?
  4. stufishing

    2019 Inflatable PFD's

    My Spinlock 5d is at least 5 years old has the UML auto fire. It works as expected, and did so in my Survival at Sea course also. Although once it did arm unexpectedly when my sailing bag filled with water and I didn't know. Whilst it isn't supposed to fire unless under pressure, i forgave this false activation!
  5. stufishing

    Going crazy on an Island Packet 35

    By the number of through hull fittings on show, I would say yes!
  6. stufishing

    spinnaker wing on wing

    The sheet is the key point. It is illegal to run the sheet through the outrigger.
  7. Looks like elle mcpherson... Sucks at 3000W Costs 80 grand Better add 2 zeros to cost column
  8. stufishing

    Pittwater to Paradise 2019

    XS moments just sailed past. Winds dropping. Having problems transferring photos from camera to phone to post. And there is no point posting shitty phone pics. Anyone on first 4 boats want a pic, send me a pm. Insomnia may get here before dusk. Looking touch and go. Hats off to all these guys, they must be sick of short tacking up the beach in 5 knots of wind from the north.
  9. stufishing

    Pittwater to Paradise 2019

    Rushhour moving north and close to the beach
  10. stufishing

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Why would you expect to find a race progress report in this thread? Don't you know where the tracker is? Or should I call it AIS, i'm a bit confused like Mark Richards....
  11. stufishing

    VR Sydney to Hobart

    you were going well round tasman magool, sorry about the zero
  12. stufishing

    VR Sydney to Hobart

    Thanks Tunnel Rat
  13. stufishing

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    I reckon Ichi Ban are going to raise the bar for the cup
  14. stufishing

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Richards: "Something Went wrong with our AIS" Everyone else: " get it sorted out for next year" vs Richards: "AIS isn't mandatory" Everyone else: "WTF!"