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  1. sarah0809


    let me know if you have any news if roman hagara and hans peter steinacher join artemis! i think it would be great for the ac to have the two times tornado olympic gold medalist involved! thanks!
  2. sarah0809


    would be cool if artemis racing send two ac45 on the circuit!
  3. sarah0809


    haha there are plenty of images from them from san diego on the net in austria. i guess it has nothing to do with that but i found it when i searched for ac images of them
  4. sarah0809


    online i found a picture from steinacher with russell coutts from san diego?
  5. sarah0809


    the left guy (cayard) was there for sure. i saw them with the austrian sailors. if it was hutchinson or not - i cant say 100 percent.
  6. sarah0809


    i follow the extreme 40 from time to time and know sailors from the german team (not in the series anymore). they were always suprised about the austrians and the red bull team. they said that they sail with less budget compared to the top teams but are the only team which was able to win against them. would be intresting to see how they act in a top team. anarchist, thanks for your post and the information about the ac45 boat!
  7. sarah0809


    oh! just searched for the name hutchinson. maybe he was the other guy. maybe. in other forums they say that artemis ordered a second ac45?
  8. sarah0809


    and i do not know who the second guy with artemis jacket was
  9. sarah0809


    hello from germany! i visited the famous hangar-7 airplane museum in salzburg (austria) this week. a cool place. but i saw something intresting out of the sailing world as well. two guys with Artemis Racing Jackets and two guys with red bull baseball caps had a meeting in the cafeshop of the red bull airplane museum. after some investigation i found out it was Artemis Racing CEO Paul Cayard with the austrian multihull double olympic champions roman hagara and hans peter steinacher. the austrians run an extreme 40 team in the extreme 40 world series. artemis was one of their competitors in 2011....intresting....does anyone know if they are sailing for artemis now?