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  1. ds797

    Vendee Globe 2020 - Virtual Race

    I've been playing this and it doesn't seem to have accounted for the reduced distance sailed by going south! I mean the lines of longitude are not compressed the further south you go. Anyone found this too?
  2. Thanks!! I did look before asking, but couldn't find it! Thank you
  3. As per the title: Anyone know where to find Vendee Globe start coverage online (and free) and in English? I think the App and Website are likely to be commentary in French, which is fair enough as its in France, but I would love to find a stream with English commentary! Thanks
  4. That could well be it!!! The hull I saw I'm pretty sure was a write-off - massive hole in the side!
  5. I seem to remember about 1993/4 ish there was a large Beneteau hull in Hamble Yacht Services yard at Port Hamble. It had a huge gaping hole in it and no keel or rig. I think the hull was upside down. I think the boat was called "Spirit of the North", or "Star of the North". I think it was a Beneteau First 45f5 or 53f5. The Port Hamble office said that a guy bought it, sailed it to Cherbourg for the first time and wrecked it on the breakwater. The insurers then retrieved the hull. This could be a made up story as I'm not sure the insurers would ship the wreckage back from France? Does anyone know what happened? Just idle curiosity during lockdown/WorkFromHome period! Cheers!
  6. ds797

    My sons $1 dollar boat gets a re-fit.

    I'm sure it was covered earlier in the thread, but what type of boat is NAMO? Thanks!
  7. Constantc, that is perfect!! Thank you so much!
  8. If anyone has a copy of the J/35c brochure, please could you send me (or post here) a copy of the velocity predictions from in it? I think it was set out as a table (not a polar diagram). Thank you very much!!
  9. I think that was it! Thank you
  10. There was a topic here about 2-3 months ago about improving upwind speed.... I have searched and searched and cant find it! Can anyone help?? I don't remember all that much about it but someone had posted a great list of things to do, one of which was clean and fair the bottom. Thanks!!!
  11. ds797

    Yachting World Back Issue

    I MAY have a copy, I'd say about 30% chance I have as I started collecting about 92 and have only some of 92-93. I'm away with work until Tuesday night but I'll try to look then, have added it to my to-do list!
  12. ds797

    Show your boat not sailing

    Lovely!!!! What type/design?
  13. ds797

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    Article in Saturday Telegraph (1 June 2019) with My Song looking rather more floaty and shiny than before!
  14. ds797

    Laser 28 owners?

    Anyone know approximately how many Laser 28s were built worldwide? Cheers