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    You need to win in order to celebrate with a bottle of rum,that you are not going to do against multi million dollar canting keeled carbon boats sailed by pro sailors.The last gang were the boys from Trinidad in a Kerr called Dingo who won class in Antigua maybe 2yrs ago,they tossed in the towel.The only regatta left of those mentioned is Antigua which was consider'd a competitive event but low on the fun list.Every regatta in the southern islands is now dead caput finito with the exception of Grenada which has a low turnout.I live here and have raced them all won plenty and drank a barrel of rum.
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    Yup that in itself has killed racing in the islands.You need to show up with a 3 million lump of carbon and a pro crew or forget it.Gone are the glory days of Antigua Tobago PSV witsun week St Vincent of the 70-80,big fleets "nuff nuff" fun and rum
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    Powerplay have Argo by the balls now 10miles to go.Is this the old blue Consise?
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    Why is Powerplay giving Argo time,thought they were level.That battle almost looks fake knowing the record is out the window from the gun,3 days of match racing.
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    No Rorc Caribbean 600 thread..?

    These multihull guys out front have been banging on each other for three days,it's almost to a point where they look like they might be putting on a show knowing the record is out of reach from the start.
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    No Rorc Caribbean 600 thread..?

    What is the deal with Powerplay handing time to the other Mod 70's,thought Argos and her were level and the Italians paying for the foils.
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    what is it?

    I see no access to a head down below,when you've had enough to drink you just flip your dick and piss off the side.
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    Caribbean 600 2019

    Who was Argo in her previous life? Consise,if so it's not the first flip for that boat.
  9. The Tug

    Caribbean 600 2019

    TOP CLASS!!!!
  10. How much more boring can it get to watch?
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    Caribbean 600

    I live in the islands and don't think many posters git a grip on what the conditions are really like around here in 25+k,the sea state can be bad ass and blast puffs in the lee can be severe even in the not so mountainous islands.I come so close to flippin my 50' spronk racing in Carriacou and that island is by no means high more like hill.
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    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    WO looking for an excuse to retire,therefore no penalty.Fuck em.