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  1. marisca

    Brexit, WTF

    I always reckoned May was playing the Brexiteers from the start with the aim of staying in the EU. Think about it .... she appoints Boris as Foreign Secretary to make him look an even bigger idiot than before, appoints the lazy work-shy Davis as Brexit secretary, when he throws his teddy out the pram she appoints Raab C. Brexit (the colonials may not get that reference) to replace him, back stabber Gove is sidelined in the Min of Ag & Fish and she then proceeds to screw up any chance of a deal by continually kicking the insoluble can of the Irish border down the road until it has finally scuppered the whole deal. Finally she orchestrates a vote of no-confidence so that she can't be challenged for another 12 months during which the whole mess can be scrapped, probably by another plebiscite.
  2. marisca

    Brexit, WTF

    Nope, tends to be sympathy and wonder at the Brexit stupidity.
  3. marisca

    opti's (sic) rule

    The comments from an Opti parent on the front page fill me with horror. An arms race in hulls, rigs and sails on a pram dinghy sailed by 10 year olds? Aren't we trying to produce good sailors rather than over-entitled rich brats? How about turning up at an event with a boat, pooling the entries and being allocated a hull and mast by lot for each race, but getting to use your own sail? No arms race, no buying results, just results by ability.