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  1. I've never fully understood the copyright argument. My understanding of copyright is that you own exclusive rights to the expression of the idea but not the underlying idea itself. ie an author of a communist manifesto will own the copyright to his words about communism but not the idea of communism itself. If this is the correct understanding, isn't isaf really just in the business of selling rule books as the copyright holder? if the club or association using the rrs doesn't actually republish them in anyway but uses them to run assailing race is it really a breach of copyright? Happy to be corrected on any of these ideas though by someone who knows more on this.
  2. bit of an issue to sort in the yard as well
  3. So one of the other classic Australian ocean races has opened entries to multihulls ( pittwater to coffs) and then all the multi owners who may be able to compete bitch and moan about the safety standards and how hard and expensive it all is and want the established standards changed.
  4. the best sorted one i know of is rolls ross' boat. he has an electric keel lifting winch. downwind in light air get the bum out of the water. downwind in heavy just put it where it feels right. they plane pretty happily but tight reaching in heavy air is hard work.
  5. 49er rig folded in the bay to bay - not sure of the reason but i can guess.
  6. sweden i believe or maybe denmark
  7. does that mean you don't know yet?? :-)
  8. I may have missed something from earlier in the thread but if everyone finishes where they are at 1200hrs how can the event be handicapped fairly if the boats don't sail the same course?
  9. it would be hard from a legal perspective to charge a backpacker to come on as race crew without the boats being in survey. perhaps a charter company might like to participate and perhaps commercial entries might pay a bigger entry or pay a percentage of takings or whatever.
  10. I would agree with GS. the purpose of the one lapper was to enable people who couldnt participate in the full event be able to race and feel like part of the bigger race and its higher ideals (raising money for a good cause). If as GS suggests it is a renaming or changing of an existing event then I would suggest that you encourage them to similarly make it a charity benefit event while keeping the HCW one lapper a part of the HCW 24hr regatta. however just my 2 cents.