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  1. H3LlIoN

    Newport Bermuda Race 2018

    That's not actually the case. Direct from the NOR, "4.2 To apply for an invitation, submit an Application for Entry (“AFE”) and a $50 nonrefundable fee on the SailGate entry system by April 1, 2018. If the Captain and Navigator did not complete the 2014, or enter the 2016, Newport Bermuda Race in their respective capacities, the application must include an Offshore Experience Form detailing the Captain’s, Navigator’s and Watch Captains’ recent offshore sailing experience. The Technical Committee may also require additional information if the boat has not previously been rated in her current configuration under the rating rule applicable to the division for which she applied. 4.3 The OA may extend invitations to those that apply, provided: (1) the Qualifications Committee approves the Captain’s and Navigator’s offshore experience; and (2) the Technical Committee approves the boat’s eligibility for at least one of the race’s divisions, which are described as follows:"
  2. H3LlIoN

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    Of course! I've raced on Cat's Paw and they are a ton of fun.
  3. H3LlIoN

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    Fearless, hull 10, was purchased by her current owner in 1999. She is still called Fearless and was last racing out of Maine. She is currently laid up as her owner has gone cruising.
  4. H3LlIoN

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    Also, thank you guys for the responses!
  5. H3LlIoN

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    So Creole Cookin' actually became Bad Penny. She is now Last Red Cent, and the same gentleman owns both her and Five Speed. Both are in Maine.
  6. H3LlIoN

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    Boondoggle/Per de Mer are the same hull. Fast Lane went to Ohio as Sea Turtle. She sold recently and is in Bristol as Luna Sea. The one in Texas was Tiburon/Cotton Picker/Peregrine. Thank you guys for chiming in, it is greatly appreciated.
  7. H3LlIoN

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    So that would be ex. Starstruck, hull 4? Thank you for the info. Five Speed is still Five Speed, and sailing out of Portland Maine. Mouse is hull #2, and is currently sailing as Big Blue out of Telemar Bay Marina, Fl. Bad Penny is now known as as Last Red Cent, and is also out of Portland. Fast Lane pictured above is now sailing as Luna Sea and sailing out of Bristol, RI.
  8. H3LlIoN

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    I can't edit the first post, but previous names as follows: #4 Originally Starstruck, then Masthead Madness, then last known as Starstruck again. #8 Originally Zulu Warrior, then Panache, then last known as Zulu Warrior. Sail number possibly 40692 #9 Originally Meatloaf, then Spanish Fly. May currently be known as Seeya #11 Originally Per de Mer, last known as Boondoggle #12 Originally Peregrine, last known as Tiburon. Ex. Cotton Picker #13 Unknown origin. Last known as Addiction. Ex. Crab Apple, Ex. Turbo Dog. Sail Number 73367 (or 73376)
  9. H3LlIoN

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    7 is indeed ex. Ligero. Currently Drekker, ex Bang?!?, ex Coyote Ugly.
  10. H3LlIoN

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    Hulls 1,5,6 and 10 are in Maine under one family. Hull 7 is also in Maine, and is a friend of said family. Of those, 1 and 5 are racing. 6 is in refit and 7/10 are laid up.
  11. H3LlIoN

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    11 by Lindenberg when they were still in business. A 12th by Lightwave after Lindenberg ceased operations. The 13th is rumored and I don't know who built it.
  12. Hello all, As a bit of a personal interest/research project, I am trying to track the lindenberg L28's. Wondering if anybody can help fill in the blanks. I'm still missing: #4 Last known as Starstruck and owned by Steve Schultz of Kissimmee, FL circa '05. #8 Last known as Zulu Warrior and owned by Jeff & Kristen Mason of Bath, ME circa '05 #9 Last known as Meatloaf, last known Julian Guildersleeve, Antigua circa '04 #11 Last known as Boondoggle, last known Gerry DeRay, Ft. Walton, FL circa '02 #12 Last known as Tiberon, Art Perez, Miami, FL circa '02 #13 Last known as Addiction, Mark Cloutier, Bermuda circa '03 I have possitive ID's and locations for the rest. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, - h3
  13. H3LlIoN

    Restoration Ron Holland IOR racer Flirt of Paget (2)

    That's really awesome, she's gorgeous. I actually just went to look at one of Holland's Shamrocks, the one that belonged to Stuart Woods and ran in the '76 OSTAR, but it was beyond my means to restore her properly, so I had to pass. Good luck with the restoration.
  14. Off to FAA Rigger's School for two weeks...