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  1. I owner Hull #14 for 6 years and did over 4000 miles offshore on her. About half of that was solo. Great boat. Comfortable. Races around the buoys it was always difficult to beat the melges but not impossible. We rated even with them. intermediate distance races around 100 miles or so we were a better all around boat. I would highly recommend the boat. She certainly took care of me.
  2. I want a new vplp designed Imoca 60
  3. Yeah.. unfortunately Armel's DTF also now has a 3 in front of it. Incredible finish. I can imagine Alex talking to Hugo Boss when her steering has a wobble or rattle to it at the higher speeds, telling her to hold together like Han Solo talking to the Millenium Falcum. Best comment in the entire thread
  4. Sucks for Seb but I am really glad he is out. Fuck Rothschild and the Federal Reserve!
  5. What are the 5ish foot long orange cylinders that kind of look like pool noodles I see clipped to the stern lifelines?
  6. I'm rereading A World of My Own for the third time because I'm so freakin excited. Come on November 6th!!!
  7. You're asking for prognosis and not giving anywhere close to the necessary details. Is the fracture extra or intraarticulat? Blah, blah, blah. Sucks to have an injury that you have to deal with for the rest of your life. I wish you the best. Rely on your orthopod not the Internet for prognosis.
  8. Definitely. its shines on the jib and I don't think you can see this little led from very far, at least compared to the supposed distance you can see LeD running lights. I also think running lights offshore aren't that valuable. They mess up your night vision. Easier to just pay attention for big tankers than expect them to see your lights.
  9. I use a headlamp with a red LED. Wrap the headlamp strap around the mast and over the headlamp unit to secure it. Works great. Remove from mast in the morning and recharge it for the next night.
  10. Holy Moly his commentating for the Olympics was horrible. The first few days with no sound with a 10000000x's better. Please fire that guy. I'm guessing 95% of the posters on this board could do better than him.
  11. Oats has a new configuration since the 2015 Hobart?
  12. The A27 comes with cushions. Performance cruiser indeed.
  13. My Antrim 27 is for sale. It's as turn key as possible for an offshore racer. Perfect condition. Boat is in New Orleans.
  14. Did the mast stay upright?
  15. PM me if you want to buy an Antrim 27