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  1. Anemone Tickler

    Transpac 2019

    I would like to crew for someone to check this item off my bucket list. I am 36, a lifelong sailor, and am in great shape. Started sailing in Optimist at age 4 and have never stopped. Over 20,000 offshore miles on both crewed and single-handed boats. In addition, I am a physician and can serve as a boat's medic. Please contact me at PS Yes I also posted on the Transpac website classified section.
  2. Anemone Tickler

    New imoca boats

    Maybe the humming noise will attract some whales to escort the Dalhi boats around the world.
  3. Screaming downwind in big waves. I have little experience with the boat but I am scared of the mast falling forward when crashing into the back of a wave. What mods have you done? I'm still brainstorming on lee cloth layout for stacking down bellow.

  4. I will be doing the 2014 singlehanded transpacific with the boat as well as a lot of local distance races on the gulf coast. I also added a VHF at the masthead and a raymarne wind sensor for the autopilot. Moved all the rope clutches back so i can use them from the cockpit. Added two self tailing winches where I can easily trim sheets while driving. Added two running backs that I'll hook up when

  5. Around the bow sprit track. The line then leads back as a mirror image to the tack line on the port side. So, I have the same amount of purchase but it is all at the deck instead of split up between up the mast and at the mast base. Saves weight with no wire running 3/4 of the way down the mast. I wanted to do this because I think hanks are really the way to go for short handed offshore sailing

  6. Attached where the drum use to be. So forestay tensioner purchase is low to the deck. The first hank on the jib is 36 inches up from the tack so there is plenty of room for the triple block to go up and down as the wind strength changes. The line exits the well just as the tack line does. I used the same double harken thru hull block. A 40mm harken ESP block to deflect the line

  7. The two-to-one at the mast head has turned into the forestay attachment and the jib halyard. That way I replaced the wire running down the mast with a rope halyard. Much lighter. The tensioner is now at deck level. I have a triple 57mm block attached to the bottom of the forestay and a double with bechet

  8. intresting that you've taken out the roller furling and gone to hanks.are you still using the in mast (rig) tensioner and what or how are u doing to hoist the sail.I'm intrested in what how and why your doing this as i sail hull#4