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  1. d'ranger

    2020 polls & endorsements

    I want Trump to be able to run again so Warren can scalp whateverthefuckthatishewearsonhishead off. Pocahontas Baby!!!!!
  2. d'ranger

    Time to impeach?

    I find it amazing you can actually type and post on the internet. For the umpedumdeeth time, the impeachment is NOT A TRIAL. Have you ever read the Constitution? Turn off the Daily Outrage and join society dude.
  3. d'ranger

    Trivia questions

    1992 H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot. MrLeft8 was almost correct in that all of them had left hands.
  4. d'ranger


    I will say you are the first person on SA who understands the relationship between weather and climate. Linear? That was then, changes are accelerating and anomalies at some point stop being anomalies, the two 1,000 year floods in 2 years here for instance, couple with several similar ones since 2001. Homes that never flooded getting hit 3 times in 3 years. These are events I have personally witnessed blah blah blah I am not random and have better things to do than carry this on, besides in PA it's been done to death and back. Greta needs neither your help nor attention, I doubt becoming a pro sailor is on her agenda - AFAIK it is afflicting the comfortable which she is doing a kick ass job. as Eva Dent.
  5. d'ranger


    Back some years ago when I started posting about anomalies that was the typical response. So after some time passes the occurrences became more frequent. Still hardy har laughs all around so I asked the difference between weather and climate. Not 1 one answer or even a guess. So, it doesn't mean fuck all, it means something even if we don't know why. Climate study is complicated which is why the boo bears have a picnic whenever something is posted. Nothing linear about climate change.
  6. d'ranger

    Trivia questions

    In which US presidential election where all the candidates left handed. And who were they?
  7. d'ranger


    Trump brags about committing an impeachable offense and the base goes, fuck ya, you go get em. Once he is out of office the criminal shit is really going to hit the fan. Then let's see whose heads are exploding.
  8. d'ranger


    Congratulations on your work which shows that the previous high was 2002 and this one is significantly warmer. By a lot. That it's not understood doesn't change the fact that it is. Anomalies - it's the new normal. It's the way science works - observation comes first. As to your last post, join the CO2 is making the planet greener bunch. Anything else Captain Obvious? edit: I think I understand why you guys are so touchy since coal is what keeps the lights on down there and is a major export. so BurnBabyBurn.
  9. d'ranger


    Pussy. Doesn't take much to get your knickers in a bunch.
  10. d'ranger


    Would you put a sock in it? Oh, wait...
  11. Immunity means never having to say your sorry. We see wrong way crashes here regularly, usually at night and driver impaired. Many years ago I was coming home after getting off work at 2am on my bike, middle lane of I45, doing 70 or so topped an overpass and a car going at least that fast passed me on the inside lane going the other way. Thanks to some earlier close calls always had an escape route but sold it not long after anyway.
  12. d'ranger


    If the shubrook fits.........
  13. d'ranger


    Meanwhile https://www.newsweek.com/air-antarctica-hot-suddenly-breaking-records-1464070 Records are being broken, different than the broken records posting here. as Eva Dent
  14. d'ranger

    Jerry Jones DTS

    He has given a whole new meaning to "Jerry's Kids".
  15. Yeah, and she is bringing THE SQUAD!!!!