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  1. d'ranger

    Presidential Debate #1

    TMI dude. TMI
  2. d'ranger

    Debate Bullshit Bingo

    You win the night for most Hillaryious post.
  3. d'ranger

    Presidential Debate #1

    I have tried to watch and have to walk away after a few minutes, just tried again and it is still the same. Trump has Bloviating, Blustering, Bullying and Bullshitting - all the qualities his supporters admire. We deserve better.
  4. d'ranger

    Presidential Debate #1

    Totally piss pour.
  5. d'ranger

    Mail in ballots, a test case.

    Since voter turnout in the US is from lame to pathetic with a quarter of voters deciding national elections and a small fraction deciding local and state ones it makes one wonder why Republicans continue to make it harder for citizens to vote.
  6. d'ranger

    Tax Poll

    I voted twice. Is that cheating?
  7. d'ranger

    Trump’s Taxes

    Just to refresh this: Trump constantly states he can't release his returns as they are under audit. That is lie # 7,465 which has been repeated constantly and parroted by his cult to whom he is the brilliant businessman and outsider who is reforming DC and draining the swamp. the Liar and the losers who believe him. it never ends.
  8. d'ranger

    NFL 2020

    I sent a memo to the Texans alerting them the season has now started, just in case they weren't sure. Also, not really smart to pay the QB huge bucks if he has to always run for his life. It's those little things.
  9. d'ranger

    College Football 2020

    Check with BG, he can translate for you. Both QBs are good, Florida has the better team. King is the new Russell Wilson and if can stay healthy has a future getting paid (legally) to play football.
  10. d'ranger

    Trump’s Taxes

    We're safe, I live in the Lone Star state - Taxes.
  11. d'ranger

    Your Question For The POTUS Debate

    For Trump: do you feel the job is too taxing for you?
  12. d'ranger

    tRumps boy goes bananas with gun.

    When the ship starts to sink keeping up with the rats will be just like hearding cats. Or so I herd. And it's our fault for bing mean and stuff. I mean googling them. It's late, gotta duck duck go.
  13. d'ranger

    Trump’s Taxes

    Instead of bloviating and blustering, if the NYT's is fake he could just release his taxes. You know, like Nike - just do it.
  14. d'ranger

    College Football 2020

    So the QB at UF is not bad the QB at Miami is badder. Was his backup in HS, I predict will be again for the Heisman. BG nose what eyes talking about. And UH is undefeated for September. Teams might be able to beat the Coogs but not the Covids.
  15. d'ranger

    Trump’s Taxes

    I do need to remember who all my friends are that like Trump because he is a successful businessman. I would be more successful if I didn't pay any income tax, although I am not smart enough to work out how to do that.