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  1. d'ranger

    Impeachment: Why Now?

    The Senate can't do anything until the House sends it over, don't expect that until after Ditchin Mitch is no longer the boss. I predict this playing out over several months which will benefit from the prosecutions from NY State being initiated. From then on the only news will be bad news for you know who.
  2. d'ranger

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    BravoBravo is back. I would say this place has gone to the Dogs but that makes less sense that our Dog.
  3. d'ranger

    Impeachment: Why Now?

    The impeachment is in and the trial is looming - if ever there were an incentive for him to stfu that's it. The Senate is not going to take this up until after the inauguration and because Mitch doesn't control things there will be no "witnesses? we don't need no stinkin witnesses" this time. Expect it to drag out, you know like when Clinton lied about the blowjob. https://www.famous-trials.com/clinton/881-chronology There is no rush, no way the Senate would convict him before the inauguration. Let it play out the way it should with headlines helping distract from the daily disaster of Covid deaths. And fwiw the only thing that will derail the Trump Train is shedding light on exactly who he is and what he has done and how, at some point those supporters will realize that have been screwed and then it gets ugly. The big donors have already bailed so now it's just mopping up the mess time. All of the above are my opinions and do not represent PA, SA, Liberals, Democrats, the Unaposter or any persons living or fictional.
  4. d'ranger

    College Football 2020

    Army 1944 - 1946
  5. d'ranger

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    I really enjoy all those whining and crying about being silenced while whining and crying on FOX, Newsmax and OAN. As to FB I refrain from politics and politely request friends and family do the same and most have obliged. Last Thursday I did tell someone to FUCK OFF and then blocked him. It was refreshing.
  6. d'ranger

    The mutation -- called E484K

    Wear a mask, take the vaccine, repeat as necessary.
  7. If Trump is impeached it will make people upset and angry. So WTF was Wednesday?
  8. I was wondering when Saorsa would stop fucking himself after demanding I prove the intent of the mob. Now he has joined the kumbaya let's all get along and have unity group. Fuck them and fuck their feelings. You don't get to incite and carry out an insurrection and then just ask why can't we all get along.
  9. d'ranger

    Can't Trust Anyone

    Every vehicle I have ever owned as had a speedo read fast and was always told was a liability issue for numbnuts taking a curve too fast etc. Back when everything was mechanical I am pretty sure it affected the odometer as well as everything came off the speedo cable from the transmission. I have owned several trucks where I upped he tire size to the max (for work, not a jerk) and that reversed it and had to alert anyone driving them that speedo was 6% slow. With electronics they should be calibrated separately, partly to prevent rolling back the odometer.
  10. d'ranger

    McConnell favors impeachment

    That Frontline piece is truly a must see for anyone who cares about how power is wielded.
  11. Growing up it was just a known that white people, especially white Americans were superior intellectually, ethically and morally. The last few years and particularly the events of Jan 6 have thoroughly disabused me of that belief. Much of America really is Dumfukistan.
  12. d'ranger

    The Ground is Shifting Rapidly Under Trump's Feet.

    My take? If there are not the votes to convict and remove they will table it until they are. Next week, next month makes no difference to neuter him. The more time, the more evidence comes to light, the charges both civil and criminal start rolling in and the senators will be assessing which way the wind is blowing. The senate refused time to allow witness and testimony and brushed/rushed it out the door. No can do this time. It's not going to end well for Trump, his family and his sycophants. Nor for those who fought to keep him in power.
  13. d'ranger

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    LenP just hit 1k likes for another excellent post.
  14. d'ranger

    Hallmark Cards Wants A Refund

    I sense an opportunity for an entire new line of Hallmark cards in the making.
  15. Just wait until they get started on the Parler stuff. It's going to take some time but luckily there are a number of very patriotic* people willing to assist. * who care about democracy