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  1. Now, About Cambridge Analytica....

    I considered ditching Fake Book, rarely post anything anyway but some scattered friends post things to allow me to keep up and I would really miss the Bob Perry Fan club page, really nice folks who post about their boats and Bob shares freely with his body of work.
  2. Texas serial bomber

    We are sailor laureates as we have aweigh with words.
  3. What is your utopia.

    Death to the morons who think they own the left lane. Serious beatings to those who think they should drive abreast of all the other vehicles. For background in less than an hour I passed the same car 5 times after finally getting by as they drove well under the limit, next up they are on my ass going at least 15 over, then rinse and repeat. They weren't the only ones either. I propose an amendment that requires anyone going out in public be able to recognize there are other people in the environment and have a basic understanding of every actions impacts. If failing a certified social guide would be required. Being on your front porch yelling "get off my lawn" would still be encouraged.
  4. Texas serial bomber

    : "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Pointless to have the clueless read this however, at the time this was adopted there was no provision for a standing army and the militias were state, not federal. Nutters somehow think they need arsenals to protect them from the US government. Vietnam? uh, that was the North against the South with much of the south joining them backed by China and Russia. Masturbate on dudes.
  5. Texas serial bomber

    angry white guy = PA buzzkill. zzzzzzzzzz
  6. aka setting it up aka lobbing the big fat one over the plate. wfd
  7. And your party had led the fight to cut programs to address that whilst ensuring that drunk drivers can get the keys to the car (that would be an analogy to allowing 18 years old to easily buy weapons only built to kill people in case you can't actually process anything requiring multiple syllables)
  8. Fox News

    Well written but imo he finally removed his blinders because ten years ago it was a shill for the uber righty nutters. Now? Only the Comrade jackovs and fellow nutters will continue to defend the indefensible. Perhaps when he finishes pissing out all the koolaid he drank he will realize that Obama actually tried when every Republican had the one and only goal of bringing him down, including this guy. When you first leave the cult it is hard to process all the bullshit at once.
  9. Wrecked racer spotted adrift. Who can ID this?

    Moby Dick, something else nobody ever wanted to finish.
  10. So Comrade Yakov - question - do you ever tire of sucking Trumps wrinkly old dick?
  11. the jews are at it again. i knew it.

    When it reigns it poors. so much stupid.
  12. National Debt Hits $21 Trillion

    It's easy to be profitable when you don't have to pay rent.
  13. National Debt Hits $21 Trillion

    Glad to hear it - my point is how you view the debt and who is responsible is entirely dependent on your news sources, the reason that large corporations are so adept at cooking the books, er, making the number is there are more games in finance than the Olympics.
  14. 2017/2018 Ski Season

    bummer... oh well the job may not end until after season - it's the if you get off the horse job it doesn't stop and you can't get back on so there are no days off. My ski buddy and daughter are in Utah and is better, got a foot the other day. Hope everyone gets the big April fools dump.
  15. National Debt Hits $21 Trillion

    Well some of that doubling was finding those unpaid bills laying around, and then there is the unpaid interest for all that patriotic borrowing in the Reagan years.... Neither one of us is in finance but one of us has a broader source of information. just sayin' (hope all is well with you, work is 7days/week for me, weird for this time of year)