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  1. d'ranger

    House immigration bill. Thoughts?

    And you know this how? I know people who live and work here and pay taxes in the hope of becoming citizens. They get zip in the meantime.
  2. d'ranger

    House immigration bill. Thoughts?

    $25 billion for the wall? How many synonyms for stupid are there? However many it's not enough.
  3. d'ranger

    Trump is a Monster of Hitlerian Proportions

    A good con man always knows his audience. Trump is a very good con.
  4. My ignorance? Uh, you responded to Trump lying by doing the whataboutism. It's isn't ignorance, it's deflection. Not even a very good one either. Benghazi!
  5. No, you don't know how that works. And find your dictionary and look up "objective".
  6. When you can't defend the Liar in Chief (LIC) you deflect. It never ends.
  7. d'ranger

    Shithole cities.

    And I am saying you must need something to make you feel better about being a Republican, since you have facts (sort of) without any data. Or so it seems.
  8. d'ranger

    Shithole cities.

    So you are just talking out your ass then - Houston, Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Nashville, Boston, NYC, Tucson, Denver, San Jose - all shitholes. So if you aren't saying Rs govern better you must be saying Ds are worse than Rs. right? Without anything to back it up. Meanwhile, Fresno Ca has one of the highest crime rates in the US and gasp a R mayor. I could go on but it's kind of difficult to discuss a topic with someone who only has talking points.
  9. d'ranger

    Trump to DOD - Build Space Force, 6th War Branch

    Trump reading funny papers. That's briefing. FIFY
  10. d'ranger

    Shithole cities.

    Still waiting for the explanation of how Republicans govern cities better. chinabald - you're up.
  11. d'ranger

    Fake NEWS #1 - It was 17 Intel agencies not four? Right?

    It's another Manic Malarkey Monday......
  12. d'ranger

    Shithole cities.

    Care to educate the class as to what Republicans do to make cities better? And Democrats make them worse? You may have to consider factors of cities aging, white flight, decline of middle class jobs, aging infrastructure and continued income inequality. Thanks in advance. edit: this topic was discussed here some time ago.
  13. d'ranger

    Shithole cities.

    Republicans are good, Democrats are bad. That simpleton shit just never gets old. as eva dent
  14. d'ranger

    Sailing Politics

    What I do know is you aren't the first guy to get burned in a business deal, many of us have, me several times (am slow learner) but you aren't helping yourself but grinding away at it. The anger doesn't hurt Scot but it does hurt you.
  15. d'ranger

    Trump got rolled