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  1. d'ranger

    anyone know of any peterson 34's floating around?

    Big D races on Galveston Bay.
  2. d'ranger

    classic movies

    There are only a few movies I liked enough to buy on DVD - Lawrence being one, Monthy Python Holy Grail Special Edition which includes lots of extras such as Subtitles in English Spanish and French, Subtitles for People who don't like the film taken from Shakespears Henry IV Part I and a few gems like this
  3. d'ranger

    Couple New Large Fires in Cali

    Hoping the missing count is just that, people displaced and just not accounted for. Just redirecting the thread to the tragedy unfolding.
  4. just for fun, we get this started with a snippet out of context tweet and then immediately go into the trenches with the usual arguments. Nuclear dogballs
  5. d'ranger

    Need a new vehicle

    My buds that have F150s with eco boost are all very happy, lots of miles and one is on his 2nd. No idea about the Explorer, and FWIW in my limited experience the Expeditions have always been less reliable than the F150s. go figure. Check it on the carcomplaints.com site, it's my go to as I only buy used (SHMBO takes care of the new market). I was always leery of turbo since it's latin for it costs a grand more but they seem to be much better. I have a compact rental with 46k miles on it and it's awesome. Thinking of making an offer when it gets turned in.
  6. d'ranger

    College Football 2018

    This should be renamed the Floriduh and some other SEC east teams thread. Pardon the interruption but: In other news, Houston beat Tulane last night, the entire D front are injured and by the end was manned by 3rd stringers. Help Wanted signs were posted. Ed Oliver again didn't play (ranked as top NFL pick) and he blew up when the coach pulled his jacket off. UH lost the previous 2 games as without him teams were setting rushing records as the D was that soft inside. Then just before the half, D'Eriq King the QB goes down with a knee injury. shit. Has been setting records all season. Time to play a different Tune (Clayton) a freshman QB who came in and threw a long TD. He took a big hit in the 2nd half and the coach can be seen saying damn, we don't have another QB, he finished the game. Happy ending but still a lot of drama for the rest of the season. UH is bowl eligible and still in the ACC championship hunt but a lot of really big questions ahead, including if they can win out and be healthy in time to play UCF. Now back to the previously scheduled who is the greatest team ever featuring the Nutty Neighbor and some other guys.
  7. d'ranger

    Climate chicken Littles go from Alarm Bells to opps in 60 sec

    I have Cultivated a lot of knowledge and experience as regarding Cults. Brainwashing 101, Lock Her Up at Rallies is a perfect example. Hillary is guilty, no idea of what, just that she is. It's faith based.
  8. d'ranger

    Climate chicken Littles go from Alarm Bells to opps in 60 sec

    When someone belongs to a cult it becomes easier to join other cults. LDS? Not the worst cult but it is, so then we go to the Trump Cult, the Climate Change Denier Cult, the Democrats are bad cult, the Ridgeline is the best truck cult, the F35 is the worlds greatest airplane cult. The toy cannon cult and so on. all cults share the same criteria - dismiss anything that doesn't support it as false. Everyone not in the cult is the enemy. as Eva Dent.
  9. d'ranger

    Trump is losing it

    Geez, The RW nutter clowns are just Chatty Cathys - pulls the string and spits out the recorded talking points. Now as to the topic? Trump loved doing all those rallies with the adoring crowds, now he has to actually try to work and the seeds of discord and chaos he has sown are coming up big time. He ain't a happy camper and for the umpteenth time - It's not going to end well.
  10. d'ranger

    classic movies

    The wiki write up on Curtiz is an excellent read - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Curtiz I just reread it, the man was a perfectionist and a workaholic, wasn't well liked but very respected Was doing 6 films a year and still 2/year in the 50s. Directed 64 in Europe before coming to the US. Had an eye for talent as well. Once spent a week in jail to get a film done right. Born in poverty in Hungary a true bootstrap story.
  11. d'ranger

    classic movies

    The wiki article on the director is an excellent read. Son of a Jewish carpenter no, not that one. You can get to it by clicking on GMD's link and then on the director I knew zip about him, weird since he did a lot of films.
  12. d'ranger

    Need a new vehicle

    Yep, my '02 F150 4wd is now retired and went to live on a farm, 275k miles. Check out http://carcomplaints.com when looking at used vehicles, for instance '02 was the best year for the F150 and that one has proved to be true. Last couple of been the 4 door, sacrifice bed length but back seat big and comfy or inside storage. Downside? like all trucks low to mid teens mpg. Couple of buds who have eco boost avg over 20.
  13. d'ranger

    Need a new vehicle

    Big F150 fan, on my 4th, put big miles (200k+) on all with minimum issues. If getting something newer would go for the eco boost if it's a daily driver. Family and friends have Pilots with zero complaints. Personally it's a no go on the Ridgeline, because um, the Malarkian factor. I thought a Subaru was required when moving to Northern New Mexico or Colorado, no idea about your area. I realize this is like MS software support, a lot of information that has limited applicability and zero help. Will be interested in what you decide on and why.
  14. d'ranger

    Woodward gets it

    oh shit. Trump doesn't lie. That is sadly hysterically delusional. Trump is the world record liar. There really isn't a 2nd place. But don't let me slow you down boy, go on and tell us how Trump is honest and Obama lied.
  15. d'ranger

    Woodward gets it

    Malarkey doesn't get it. But then nothing there has changed.