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  1. Unfortunately there are no polars for the boat.However on the Fastnet the other week we had a top speed of 22.7 kts in about 25kts of breeze( 1 reef in the main A2, at about 120TWA). Averaged about 17kts for the 170 miles back from the rock to the scillies,it was pretty full on. Oh,and its a palace and really only needs 4 people to sail it effectively offshore.
  2. proa sailor, Thought you might like a picture instead of a rendering for the Dazcat 1495.
  3. I dont think the motivation for the rig was to get free area on the rating.It was simply that we had access to a mold of those dimensions,and Biffa has never been that keen on rotating rigs ever since we put one on Paradox. As hard as we tried we could never get any hard and fast proof that that it was actually faster than when left in the centred position.Any one who says they see an instant 30% speed jump is dellusional.That said I personally still think they are faster and would love a rotator on my boat.
  4. Rasputin, your correct that the fwd leading lowers help maintain the prebend,which is the key to keeping it up.The mast is definitely not meant to rotate,although it looks like it should.Studies were done and indicated that it was only a couple of percent less efficient than a rotator.However this was not meant to be THE most efficient racing rig ever.It is however aestetically super clean and seriously reduces the amount of possible failure point due to the lack of rigging. It's not slow though and it recently won the UK MOCRA nationals on its first attempt.
  5. Speng, The basic problem with trying to make any bridgedeck catamaran under about 38' is that there is a major compromise to be had between the coachroof height and the bridgedeck height.Push the bridgedeck down to lower the coach roof you get wave slap....push the coachroof up to get clearance and it gets ugly. The only real answer is to have dwarf owners and then you can have it all in a 33' boat.
  6. Speng, the 1495' Hissy Fit' has a mocra rating of 1.265 and the 1195 'Suenos' rates 1.141 This makes the 1495 about 6 minutes an hr quicker.The reality of these ratings haven't been real world tested very much yet(its still early in the season) But in the Triangle race last month 'Hissy Fit' battered Suenos quite happily on Handicap. The boat is very much a cruiser/racer,with a full interior, 8 berths,fridge,cooker,TV etc. Its an evolution of the highly successful 1150 Drama Queen which won the mocra nationals a couple of times.Its a beautifully smooth and easy boat to sail shorthanded and just gobbles up the miles.
  7. Couple of pictures of the interior.
  8. Thunder Muffin...The ball park price for the 1495 is about £600K but that really does depend on the options you want.
  9. We normally do racking tests before we launch a boat.This involves jacking the bow of one hull up and measuring when the bow of the other hull lifts.On the last 55 footer we built the second hull lifted off it's chocks 25mm after the first.This confirms that the platforms are pretty stiff. As the last comments state most of our boats are raced pretty hard in events such as the two handed round Britain and Ireland race and the Fastnet and we have a pretty good record.1st place in the last 3 RBI's and first place under 50' in the last 3 Fasnet races.
  10. 'Hissy Fit' will indeed be going round the rock later this year, we might not keep up with the MOD's but will be doing it in more comfort. She's doing the Wolf Rock race next weekend, MOCRA National Championships,and a cross channel race to Treburden. We're half through the build of a sister ship and should get some local racing against that in the autumn.Happy days!!
  11. The company's called Smart Rigging from Holland http://www.smartrigging.com
  12. I don't think we need to worry about the skipper. I sleep easy at night when I know he's driving.
  13. Think it looks something like this!!! She is going for her first proper race tomorrow and its looking pretty breezy but hopefully they will keep it up side up. I response to bush sailor: The boat was going to have rod rigging for a time because of cost and windage issues.Then a much cheaper source of aramid rigging became available and it was decided to go down that road again .Also the aramid option looks much more 2015 than rod. One of the other beauties of this type of rig is that it really does eliminate lots of potential failure points.On a mast with swagged wire terminals and discontinuous diamonds there are literally a dozen places it can fail.On this setup there are very few.
  14. The rig is a spreaderless carbon non-rotating set up .Slightly unusual for a multihull in that the caps are pre loaded to 3.75 tons.Then the forward lowers loaded to induce prebend.This then prevents the mast from inverting at its maximum condition without the need for spreaders and diamonds.The mast is very simple and low windage .It was built by Multimarine composites who also built the boat.It was Infused in a female mould and weighed a mere 209kgs before paint.
  15. They are North 3DI. We had Dick Parker from the loft out with us today and the they are properly lush.