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  1. Isn't she a beauty?
  2. You know thats just about the first time ive heard anyone let alone a guy with a personal investment in time and from what i gather a significant monetry one say that there are a l;ot of sailors out there who put offshore yacht racing aside exactly for the reasons my father did, man management for a full crew, mortgage, and a few kids at private schools aside, who still want to have fun, arent yet too old, know enough to know they need a simple boat to keep ongoing running costs from going off the chart, and since they worked their arses of most likely to may the forementioned mortagage, and bougfht up a family, may be sitting on realestate that asset wise allows them to finally indulge, what comes to mind in Oz is they are asset wealthy, and may be downsizing a now typically mill plus home, congrats mate.....wish you all the best. Thinking back, my father bought his first racing yacht in 20 years, and in the marina the guy next door, a both similar boats, joked together in clear excitment on introducing themselves that they had each just written their last ever school fee cheque! Love to see someone build real boats for real bopat owners rather than isolating them, to the point where id bet many dont want in on a class or scene thats a cock size comparison in terms of dollar spend, sure this lot can often afford that but having done plenty of 80 hour weeks etc to buy said home, maybe an investment unit or 2 and kidsw cocsts find it excorbitant anda waste....not to mention the wank factor. Thanks AS, we're just having a bit of fun here and hope we can get a few exec's, who spend a lot of their time surfing the sailing websites, back out on the water again. We're working on getting one of ours in your part of the work in around a years time. In the meantime keep an eye on of FB page.
  3. I'm glad you're enjoying your boat so much. 23 on board??? That sounds more like human trafficking than sailing. Can I assume it was all legit?
  4. Latest pics from the yard. The corecell foam is being vacuumed in place, differing densities and thicknesses, with the thickest and highest density up in the bow where the highest slamming loads occur. You'll notice gaps in the foam on the sides where the composite chain plates will be laminated in. The deck plug is almost ready for the mould to be taken off it, just a bit more fairing and sanding to go. The coachroof overhang and cockpit sides will be a separate mould. It's plug is being made on the deck plug to make sure everything is fair and matches.
  5. Well done Shaggy on your plan D, these wide boats certainly make life interesting. We have about 5 cm play to get ours out between the building columns and will still have to remove a roller door and some structure. I see your appendages were painted grey, that was just asking for trouble, I hope you'll put that to rights
  6. Cheers SB, I'll have a look at the PC, the Panasonics are a bit too pricey around here. Sounds like you should up your security a bit, judging by the last post. On the engine front it looks like it's 2 - 0 to Lombardini on our build Lombardini Pros: Light weight Cheap Electronic stop Economical Reliable Cons: NVH is bad due to alloy head, not as smooth as a Yanmar or Volvo Corrosion Parts hard to find Some quality is a bit ordinary such as motor mounts Thanks for the comments Muppet. I agree with the cons, we'll have to deal with them, but for now the weight advantage is the over-riding factor.
  7. With the hull mould finished the real boat building has started, the first layers of the outer skin have gone on and are under vacuum
  8. Thanks Samc, I'll look at the Getac The early Class 40's had nav stations on the centre line, but the more recent ones don't and rather have a screen mounted in each quarter berth. The only flat surface in the boat is the top of the engine cover that is in the centre of the cabin. Thiis can double as a work surface.
  9. Cheers SB, I'll have a look at the PC, the Panasonics are a bit too pricey around here. Sounds like you should up your security a bit, judging by the last post. On the engine front it looks like it's 2 - 0 to Lombardini on our build
  10. An update on progress of our Cape 40 5G build. The deck plug is coming on nicely, there's good curvature on the foredeck for improved hull stiffness and a deep cockpit aft for crew protection and easy access to the cabin.
  11. Hi SB What computer are you using on board? Which engine did you go for? We're deciding between the Lombardini (low mass) and Yanmar reliable with spares, but an extra 10kgs
  12. Thanks GC, I'll check it out. Lamination of the hull starts next week and the deck plug is coming along nicely. New pics in the next day or two
  13. Cheers, Chucky, this project feels more like play, than work. Thanks for the suggestions, although these boats are pretty stripped out, so anything that makes life easier, but weighs a few ounces, is chucked out. Boat 1 will be B&G 5000, the jury is still out on boat 2
  15. Thanks for the comments, they are much appreciated. There is a significant weight advantage to the Lombardini (123.8 kg / 272 lbs including gearbox) vs Yanmar ( 137kg / 301 lbs), but there is little point if you can't get support and spares. It looks like we'll offer Lombardini in Europe where there is support and Yanmar in the US. The Volvo is heavier than both of them. My next question is about computers. There is no chart table with the navigation done using a wireless keyboard and a screen fixed in each quarter berth. I have heard mention of Panasonic Toughbooks as well as solid state Brix computers. What is a reliable, low mass solution? We have a skipper that is fanatical about saving weight and is trimming everywhere, so this is turning out to be a huge issue with noticeable performance gains. I expect he'll be cutting the handle off his toothbrush soon! Here is a pic of our rig layout, step by step this baby is taking shape. OCD 181 Rig P1.pdf