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  1. DFG

    best pic of the year?

    Trying to finish a WNR before the storm on the Miles RIver.
  2. DFG

    Winter battery storage.

    I typically just put the trickle chargers on and leave them for the winter. No?
  3. DFG


    The floors are veneered. They have the original finish, or what's left of it, still on.
  4. DFG


    Anyone have experience using Citristrip on their floorboards? Is this a better/easier option than using a heat gun to get the old varnish off?
  5. DFG

    NASS Race to Oxford MD 9/7/19

    Agree with your comments on the Race Committee, but I take issue with your comment about the cruising class. The starting line was extremely long and with all the boats milling around the start line, it was hard to even find the RC boat at times, let alone read the flags.
  6. DFG

    46th Annual SMCM Governor's Cup

    I've done 11 Gov Cups, and enjoy the challenge of a 68 mile night race. As someone who has no desire to do ocean racing, this is as good as it gets for me and most of my crew. The RC has done some good things over the years - split starts in the afternoon so everyone presumably arrives at a reasonable hour and having starts from other locations than Annapolis. However, I don't understand their unwillingness to shorten the race in the St. Mary's River. I get it that it can be a challenge and it has always been done that way, but as multiple people have said, this is supposed to be fun, and it is no fun to race all night and then take hours to schlepp from the St. Mary's light to the finish, particularly when they know the entire evening is a slow slog down the Bay. Another option is to allow for 2 courses, much like the Solomons Island Race did for years, and the Boomerang does now. There could be the traditional long course and a shorter course, perhaps ending somewhere along the Potomac,or start the race at Thomas Point or some other point south of Annapolis Mark X. Considering changes like this might increase participation. Also, it doesn't help when you run out of Rum at 4:00 in the afternoon. In terms of keeping boats in St. Mary's after the race, I don't know what you can do about that. People have schedules and some just prefer to get home Sunday morning rather than motor back north for 12+ hours in the August heat. We have done both, and the night return works better for us assuming the weather is cooperative.
  7. DFG

    Bottom Work

    I've had my C&C for 14 years. Have used Pettit Vivid for 11 of those years and 3 years ago changed to Black Widow. My diver tells me there are numerous half-dollar sized paint chips on the bottom, although the bottom looked great when launched in April. Every year I have had it burnished and new paint added. I'm thinking that perhaps there is paint build up and I need to bite the bullet and have everything taken off and start over. Does this sound right, and who in the Annapolis area is best at this work, while also being cost effective?
  8. DFG


    I just spent an hour trying to get all the old pink stuff out of the water tanks for the coming season. An old salt in the adjacent slip says they never use the pink stuff, rather they buy the cheapest vodka they can find and use it for winterizing the fresh water tanks. Does this work?
  9. DFG

    Water Tank Question

    I have a 38' racer/cruiser. We race mostly in light winds on the Chesapeake, but for some of the distance races, the winds change substantially during the race. My fuel tank is on the starboard side of the boat, and my main water tank is opposite it on the port side. I have another water tank in the bow, which I keep empty. My question is the fuel tank is typically 1/2 to full since I need to travel to and from the long distance races and there is not always an opportunity to refuel before the trip home. What level should be in the main water tank? Mostly full to balance with the fuel tank, or as close to empty as possible to reduce weight?
  10. DFG

    Nice Problem to Have

    I have had a good, steady crew for local beer can racing for the past couple of years. This year, two of my good friends and former crew (before we moved) have relocated into town. They would also like to crew in the local races. These two guys raced with me for over 10 years at my former location and have done a few races where I now live. How do I get them on the boat without being disloyal and pissing off the guys that have crewed the last couple of years? Rotate crew? Lottery? Ideas?
  11. DFG

    DQOTD - cockpit speakers

    Don't buy Sony speakers. The membrane inside of mine disintegrated in 3 years. No help from the manufacturer after complaining to them.
  12. DFG

    What To Do With This Cabin Sole

    What do you recommend for the undersides of the floor to protect from dampness from the bilge? I have the boards home and have been cleaning and polishing them. I am having mixed results as some areas of darkness are not coming out, even after using a teak cleaner and now a mixture of warm water, bleach, dish detergent and TSP. Will polish with Boma when done. However, still much better than when I started.
  13. DFG


    Have used the Awlwash and Awlcare for the past 13 years on the hull. The black hull looks as good as new. I use the wash twice a year, before launching and at the end of the season, and the Awlcare in the Spring. Highly recommend both.
  14. DFG


    Thanks Moonduster. Appreciate everyone's comments. Its been an education.
  15. DFG


    Guys, Just want some recommendations on the batteries I should get. This is getting way to technical. What works at a reasonable price (under $200)? Not looking for 10-20 year life spans. I'd be happy with 5 years. KISS.