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  1. DFG

    Rudder Bearings

    Boat is still in use. The yard last winter said it was something to take care of "soon". Boat steers fine and if they didn't say something, I wouldn't have thought about it. Boat is in central Chesapeake Bay. Boat has wheel steering.
  2. DFG

    Rudder Bearings

    What would be a reasonable charge to replace the rudder bearings in a 38' sailboat? I assume we are looking at a Jefa system.
  3. DFG

    Go or No Go

    Thanks for everyone's comments. Our issues are typically not too much wind, but not enough (under 5 kts.) The thunderstorm issue is also typically one of the issues we see more often. I think Tony has it right. The issue of leaving it to the skippers may work in large fleets, but if you only have 5-6 boats to begin with and 2-3 stay home, what's the point?
  4. DFG

    Go or No Go

    We have a small club on the Chesapeake Bay. We run 4-5 PHRF races in the Spring and Fall. It is a very mixed fleet in terms of boat sizes and ratings. Our problem has been that over the last 2 years, we have cancelled so many races due to the weather - Thunderstorms, no wind, nor'easter etc. that we have had trouble getting in enough races to make a credible series. Since our participation is typically 4-7 boats, if 2-3 skippers elect not to sail, it is hardly worth the effort. Question is are there guidelines that other clubs use to determine when to proceed with the race or not. How far in advance do you decide to go or not go?
  5. DFG

    New Annapolis to Oxford Race 5.12.18

    Did anyone return to the north via Knapps Narrows? Any issues getting through, as the dredging has been completed?
  6. DFG

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Thanks. Does the engine run constantly during the race?
  7. DFG

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    On the video of the race, just after the last turn from Sydney Harbor, both WO and Comanche have water pushing out, what appears to be, their exhaust pipe. What is this?
  8. DFG

    Sail Track

    CCruiser's situation sounds almost identical to mine. Right now, I am planning on staying with the Strong Track. Thanks for all the comments.
  9. DFG

    Sail Track

    Not a daysailer. C&C 115.
  10. DFG

    Sail Track

    I am replacing my Tides Marine Strong Track system on my 38' boat. The part of the track inside the mast has broken away from the external track in spots. Question is whether to replace and stay with Strong Track, or go to the Harken 13 mm AA Slug-Mount CB Track? Any thoughts and pros and cons?
  11. DFG

    Black Widow

    Anyone used Pettit’s Black Widow paint and had it burnished? I sail/race in Chesapeake Bay.
  12. I think the issue is pretty clear, that is if you declare NS before the race, for whatever reason - new crew, challenging conditions etc., you must stick with that decision. To declare NS because you do not think there is a long downwind leg in which to use the spinnaker, and would rather have the ratings adjustment, but when you are racing you find that the wind has shifted and it is to your advantage to use it, just seems like having your cake (NS and ratings increase if you want) and eating it too (nevermind, let's go spin, otherwise we will be crushed even with our NS adjustment). Declaring NS before the race is often just a tactical decision if you believe that the course will not be friendly for spin use. Make your decision and live with it.