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    I part own and race the National Sonata "Figaro" primarily on the rivers Blackwater and Crouch on the east cost of England
  1. StevenRolland


    I have a feeling there are a few of these, but... Bloke walked up to a brothel door and knockes. A voice from inside calls: "What do you want?" Rather miffed by this question the man replies "I want to be f***ed!" "It'll cost ya fifty quid, slide it under the door" says the voice The man complys with the request and waits for the door to open. Three minutes later the man growes impatient and knocks again. The same voice answers "What do you want?" Rather angry the guy replies, "I want to be f***ed!!" "What, again?!" says the voice.
  2. StevenRolland


    This one really is shit: Two ants running across a soap box "Why are we running so fast?" Asks the first "Can't you read" says the second, "It says: 'Tear along the dotted line'"
  3. StevenRolland


    A blond driving down a road in her VW Beetle when the engine cuts out. She coasts to a hault, gets out and lifts the bonnet, immediatly seeing the problem. Just then a second woman pulls up also in a beetle and asks what the problem is. The first blond replies "The car wont go, my engine must have fallen out" "It's alright." says the second lady, "I've got a spare in the boot."
  4. StevenRolland


    Oh dear. We've resorted to blond jokes. Oh well, hear goes: What do you call four blonds sitting on a bench? A Wind Tunnel What do you call a blond with dyed brown hair? Artifical Intelligence How do blond turn on the lights in the morning? Open the car door.
  5. StevenRolland


    A fish swims into a wall........Damn