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  1. usasail

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Correct Callisto was Invisible Hand Pac52 from Cali
  2. usasail

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Did Natalie J have a breakdown? Go Callisto!
  3. usasail

    BVI News

    Just got back on Monday from a short 5 day charter. If you want to eat dinner make reservations EARLY as there are not as many options as pre-storm Norman: The Bite restaurant, very good, food was solid and totally chill. The old Willy T is beached ashore and rotting away. Snorkeling in the caves were the best on the trip. Lots less fish that 3 years ago, maybe just coincidence. Jost: Our charter company BVI Charters, would not allow the Cat into White Bay, as the channel is not well marked currently. Easy dinghy ride from Great Harbor. Ivan's was open (Small, but total local chill joint). Soggy Dollar is Full Swing, cranking out burgers until 3 and then apps only after that. Beach there is amazing, but there were 2 full cruise ships moored right off the beach. Heavy on the Cruise ship peeps on shore, not my bag. Foxy's was great for late night. DJ was rocking. Anegada: No problem with out charter company going, just had to call them day of to make sure they were OK (Not too rough). Well marked entrance, Cow Wreck beach was great, did a solid lobster dinner at the Lobster Shack. I would recommend 2 days there to just chill. WAY off the grid and almost have the island to yourself. Cooper: Totally functional, great day to spend the day as well. Marina Cay: Didn't stop, but they have meals up in tents, charter company heard good things
  4. usasail


    I was out on the water on our powerboat watching my 10yr in this Green Fleet regatta. I've sailed from jr sailing to college to owning M24's competing in many national and international events. I've seen my share of jack-assery on the water compared to most Opti parents and figure myself a decent judge of WTF moments. We saw Wired, a Farr 395 (Sailing in the cruising fleet, I think his boat outpaces his talent) leading the pack of Beneteau's (Not by much) heading towards the fleet on port. He took a small hitch to starboard about 150 yards out from the course, the other parent sailors and I on the boat were talking great, he's popping around. After about 1 min on starboard he flops back onto port through the center of the Green Fleet course. Now the Green Fleet course is only about 200-250 yards long, not a big one and easily avoidable for the "Rally Distance Race" around the bay they were running. The coach boats that were all on that side of the course tried to make the course known more by being "wide." Wired still comes blazing through and yells directly at one coach, "Get out of our fucking way you are in a powerboat, you have to stay out of our way" and continues to drop F-Bombs around as he sailed on port through the fleet. Another coach boat parent (DIYC Member and sailor who was close to windward) nicely asked him something to the effect of "Where are you going, what are you doing" He grumbled off through the fleet and away on his distance race in a race boat in the cruising fleet. I was very tempted to just run in front of him with my powerboat for awhile gassing him with disturbed water, but the adult in me took back over. He was not in an dangerous situation with the fleet that put any kids in immediate danger. However, Wired could have easily sailing another 150 yards and avoiding the course all together, not taking a deliberate hitch back through the course of 8+ year old Green Fleet kids that are just learning to sail, but apparently it's his America's Cup. He could have not yelled F-Bombs at coaches and around kids (Only I can swear in front of my kids). Wired was DSQ'd for the event for sailing in the cruising division, Karma's a bitch I guess. If I was DIYC I would have a chat with the guy and make him sit out for his next club event and then have him back in the fleet, Apparently the racing fleet. Summary, the dude is either a clueless, classless sailor or just a dick. Maybe a combo of all.
  5. There is (2) in St. Pete, one doesn't sail, but I believe the boat is there.