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  1. VOR 2017-18

    Aksel Magdahl has most certainly/probably been asked to join Akzo on the water (he is part of the shore team), but understandably he sticks to his newly appointed role as being a father. Too bad for the Paintwagon imo, good for him.
  2. Middle Sea race

    The facebook page has a few bits of information every now and then. Most recent a heli video of Rambler in 20+ kts bsp. https://www.facebook.com/RolexMiddleSeaRace/
  3. Helly Hansen buys Musto

    I've had a minor failure of my HPX boots, but besides that they've proven way more durable for me. Been considering getting Zhik next because of all the hype though.
  4. Helly Hansen buys Musto

    Given that most of the HH gear I've owned has delaminated mid season, I don't expect any good coming from this. https://mobile.nytimes.com/reuters/2017/10/19/business/19reuters-musto-m-a-hellyhansen.html
  5. VOR 2017-18

    Thanks for the clarification.
  6. VOR 2017-18

    On a general note, It's probably easy to go overboard on either budget post for safety. F.ex. the ISAF safety course (just examples of course, I do not know how any of the teams organized their training); - Fly in safety expert X from place Y from the other side of the planet to do the theory course. - Contact the SAR in your local country and pay them to show up with a chopper to pull people from the water. - Etc. Then the cost per person could easy come up with more digits... I'd guess the teams have have some leeway on how to organize the standard training.
  7. VOR 2017-18

    Knut Frostad teams (don't ask how I remember, and do correct me if I'm wrong, which is very much likely); - Innovation Kværner in Withbread 97-98 had 4 Norwegians and 17 non-Norwegians (including replacements along the way). Fully sponsored by Norwegian companies. Winston from the previous Withbread was bought as a training platform for over a year, until "Innovation Kværner II" who was built in Mandal (Norway) was launched in the summer of 97. - Djuice in VOR 01-02 had 5 out of 13 Norwegians on the starting line, iirc. Dunno what happened in regards to replacements after that, and if there was any more Norwegians involved racing (but I have a feeling that at least one more Norwegian sailed a later leg). Think this was also fully sponsored by Norwegian companies. So by my account Norway has absolutely had teams, most other teams is multinational anyway.
  8. Irma

    As someone mentioned, some places will be up and running again in no time. What those places and the people who live there will need the most is people coming and spending money. I think it will be fine in regards to us having a good time. The parent company of Sunsail/Moorings (TUI) doesn't really have a history of having their shit together in all their entities when things go awry. Don't know about their boat charter business though, only chartered from them once without hiccups. I'm not at all worried about my deposit. That's what travel insurance is for, they have covered similar things for me before.
  9. Irma

    Have a booking from Tortola as well, for NYE +2 weeks. The charter company vaguely claims that "the boats seems to be OK", and will come back to us after Jose has passed. I suspect the person on the other end wasn't on BVI. However, if true, I suspect it's going to be lonely for us cruising around there with all the damage to the fleets.
  10. GB 60 v 66

    Thanks, interesting input. Not at all familiar with multihulls except for chartering and the Formula 18. Experimenting with a thought of doing a few years sabbatical cruising, but there will eventually come a time where the sabbatical is over and the cost/work and usage perspective becomes quite different. For me 3Di sails seems like a sane choice economically, anyway, given cruising sails is not a option and the want to do a occasional race. In theory less need for replacing the sails over time, just the regular maintenance. So in a way safe package for long distance cruising. Only reason for me not using them on my current (racing) monohulls is that the there's a competing loft locally that beats the local North loft on design and thus performance.
  11. GB 60 v 66

    Since this thread has touched the topic of ownership, what does it cost to keep these boats in the seemingly top condition they are in? Like 10% yearly of the price of a new build or something, and would that budget include the full time crew?
  12. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    Another one that is rounding the rock now is the HH66 R-Six. Currently #2 in multihull/MOCRA. Will be interesting to see how many hours they can gain on Concice off the wind.
  13. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    According to their FB page a month or so back, it's not sold and it's the same crew as before. Not signed up with a different name as I can see, but maybe you confuse it with the Elliott 52ss Outsider? (I did, for 3 seconds) Can't really figure out why Crusader is in class Z, along with VO70s, CQS, etc. Is their rating really that high, or is it a mistake? Doesn't sound fun sailing upwind with that boat in that class...
  14. VG Tracker

    If they go this route with a open source mind-set, sharing the code, it might replace every shitty tracker solution out there. In Scandinavia I've seen maybe 10 different shitty to unusable solutions (mostly because of the visual interfaces, not the actual tracking hardware) over the past couple of years for the different distance races. Not even counting all the mobile app based ones for budget race committees. Anyway, with the open source way to go, people can adapt the best tracking interfaces to show data from all kinds of different hardware tracking solutions out there in all kinds of distance races out there (AIS, YB, TracTrac, etc). With something like that you could even *easily* integrate Exp as a tracker source with all kinds of sensory data showed from the yachts, if not only as a supplement of data - not a core position tracker (a working internet connection would be required though, but that's becoming a smaller and smaller problem in the coming years).
  15. J 121

    Not besides 'total, globally'. Curious about where they are located myself, so will ask next time we talk.