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  1. You must have sailed closer to NYC where the sound pinches down to a few miles.
  2. mcg00

    Noobs,Crew,Interested minds

    Great to share with folks that are new to sailing before you invite them onboard to sail.
  3. And too much traffic and a lack of parking.
  4. Here is another to add to your collection. Neil Pryde designed the original sails for the boat and this is is second version. Red Stripe, which was sold and moved to American Yacht Club has used those numbers for the whole time he owned the boat. Tiger Tuning Guide Rev 2.pdf
  5. We had annual issues with our 9.8 motor. We determined that our issue was ethanol fuel in a wet engine compartment. To correct, we started rebuilding the carburetor at the end of each season right after we began limping on or off the racecourse. After the second year, we started to by non-ethanol racing fuel and while closing up the boat, leaving the motor up high enough to keep the hatch open an inch or so. It's that last thing on the way off and we readjust first thing on the way back on so no one breaks the hatch. Since making those adjustments, the boat has been running well for four years with only regular maintenance. If you think the issue is the fan, run the boat with the hatch open. That would tell you if you are having an issue with the air intake. The boat does much better sailing.
  6. mcg00

    Where would you retire?

    We were thinking of moving out to CO a few years ago. I live on the east coast so and wanted to continue sailing. We researched Dillon and I was thinking of bringing a Flying Tiger 10M with me. In the end, plans changed, but it's still on my list for retirement locations.
  7. mcg00

    Shearwater (J/120) is for sale...

    Congratulations on the sail of your J/120. ... Who made your dodger? I'm in the market.
  8. mcg00

    Dodger Fitting

    That was a fast turn around! I know where I'm posting next time I can't source parts locally.
  9. mcg00

    Where would you retire?

    Lake Champlain is a great lake to sail, and the Burlington, VT area is a great place to live and dock your boat.
  10. mcg00

    Dehler 42c / Dehler 46c

    That makes sense.
  11. mcg00

    Dehler 42c / Dehler 46c

    I don’t think the J/109 fleet around here reports removing their transom seat. Is PHRF adjusting for overall weight when standard equipments is removed?
  12. mcg00

    Dehler 42c / Dehler 46c

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm looking forward to seeing the two Dehler 42s and one Dehler 46 out on the Vineyard course! Sail Fast!
  13. mcg00

    Yacht Delivery Long Island Sound

    That is funny!
  14. mcg00

    Dehler 42c / Dehler 46c

    I've looked at the Dehler 42 and Dehler 46 and was wondering if anyone has raced on either? The reviews say that they are capable performance cruisers, and both models will be sailing in the upcoming Vineyard Race in September. They look very comfortable downstairs, but how do they sail?