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  1. mcg00

    Flying Tiger

    Wicked Nice Pictah. Great shot of the FT10M coming around the mark and of the excelent crew shirts! Go Bruins and Team SA!
  2. mcg00

    Flying Tiger

    If you are interested, I can tell you far more about the condition of #81 located in CT. It just went on the market last week and has a brand new Code 0 used once and a North Sails Jib still in the box. listing
  3. mcg00

    Flying Tiger

    Thank you. A few folks reached out and I replaced last year. The new fan sounds much better.
  4. mcg00

    J 121

    I'm interested in seeing the comparison. Can you share?
  5. mcg00

    Flying Tiger

    Does anyone have the part number for the engine compartment fan on the FT10M? I have #81 and when the fan starts up, it makes a screeching sound which goes away after 30 seconds or so, it's just a matter of time before it stops.
  6. mcg00

    Flying Tiger

    OD is preferred. There were three FT10M in my area. One moved closer to NYC and the other is for sale. Our club is down to a fleet of one.
  7. mcg00

    Flying Tiger

    We were able to get the rating adjusted in Long Island Sound (YRALIS) due to some hard work from team Red Stripe. These ratings include a +3 for above deck furling jib. Rate NS W/L Rate NS Distance Rate W/L Rate Distance
  8. mcg00

    Flying Tiger

    I would love to fly over to Sydney and pick up a new sail ... but I'm over in Connecticut, USA. I've got a few Neil Pryde spinnakers and an Ullman. I'm in the market for an upgrade and am also looking to setup a Code 0. Thanks
  9. mcg00

    ClubSwan 36

    The Flying Tiger 10M is a good example ... < $50k sportboat.
  10. mcg00

    Flying Tiger

    Which sail maker did you use for the new spin?