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  1. Bump-n-Grind

    New, to me, J35

    heheheh that might be a bit of overkill. I can't imagine the cam cleats for the traveler NOT being thru bolted. too much load for screws. are these cleats mounted to the deck, or the traveler car itself?
  2. Bump-n-Grind

    Off on a four month trip...coming back empty.

    heading to Lymington friday to hop on a boat over to Cowes for Round the island race. next time mate!
  3. Bump-n-Grind

    Off on a four month trip...coming back empty.

    ok cool... we'll be in So'ton on Firday... safe travels
  4. Bump-n-Grind

    Off on a four month trip...coming back empty.

    Flying over tomorrow night. Gonna do the Round Isle of Wight Race and then hit a concert at Hyde Park on Sunday. You still gonna be in London? We'll be there until Tuesday if ya wanna have dinner at or near the RORC clubhouse sunday or monday
  5. Bump-n-Grind

    SUV anarchy

    glad she's your wife LOL
  6. Bump-n-Grind

    SUV anarchy

    dodge pacifica, ford Edge? frankly, I think you've limited yourself. some nice little suvs from Hundai and Kia that have real 4wd and could easily tote around a couple yaks
  7. I doubt a 1000 people of today could even figure out how to reproduce without the internet
  8. Bump-n-Grind

    Geezer Rock

    saw them together in Solomns MD last summer.. awesome show. was hoping to go again this summer but hate the venue they were playing in B'more
  9. Bump-n-Grind


    Annapolis would be a better bet than West Virginia
  10. Bump-n-Grind

    Astronomy Anarchy

    hope the clouds get out of here tonight.
  11. Bump-n-Grind


    kinda agree with Doghouse on the worth of the trip for a day. Come back for boat show or something. There's so much in DC: Spy Museum, Smithsonian galleries, Air and Space Museum yada yada yada. go to Mt Vernon or Arlington Cemetary. For cute little town, Old Town Alexandria is a lot closer.
  12. Bump-n-Grind

    Do you live in a shithole city?

    how ya fixed for hipsters there in Long Beach? have they reached epidemic proportion there yet?
  13. Bump-n-Grind

    NHL 2017

  14. Bump-n-Grind

    Cutting Ultem. . .

    just a guess, but score and snap?
  15. Bump-n-Grind

    The BLUES