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  1. Bump-n-Grind

    Sunset pictures

  2. Bump-n-Grind

    Sunset pictures

  3. Bump-n-Grind

    Solomons Weekend 2018

  4. Bump-n-Grind

    Is 'All pink on the outside gear' cool?

    later that same day .....
  5. Bump-n-Grind

    Is 'All pink on the outside gear' cool?

    Pink is our official boat color LOL boat name in screaming magenta. don't have them on in this pic but the official boat shoes are pink high top chucks .... so fuck y'all
  6. Bump-n-Grind


    Waflle House! Feeding drunk college students and truckers at 3 am since 1955!!!
  7. Bump-n-Grind

    Show your boat not sailing

    it;s out there on the dock somewhere... it's dark out..
  8. Bump-n-Grind


    necessary evil.. I always wear mine around my neck. have one I bought at home depot years ago.. still going strong on original batteries. I hate the fuckers that have the 10 million candlepower on red on their heads and come on deck and look everyone in the eye... really bright red will fuck your nightvision just as bad as white
  9. Bump-n-Grind

    Best Lyrics Ever

    well.. my first thoughts went to zappa.. oh well.. some others have put up some Prine and Bromberg(close 2nd and 3rd to FZ) and can't be arsed to read the whole thing to see if there's any dylan in here.. my offering is Old man lying by the side of the road With the lorries rolling by, Blue moon sinking from the weight of the load And the buildings scrape the sky, Cold wind ripping down the alley at dawn And the morning paper flies, Dead man lying by the side of the road With the daylight in his eyes. Don't let it bring you down It's only castles burning, Find someone who's turning And you will come around. Blind man running through the light of the night With an answer in his hand, Come on down to the river of sight And you can really understand, Red lights flashing through the window in the rain, Can you hear the sirens moan? White cane lying in a gutter in the lane, If you're walking home alone. Don't let it bring you down It's only castles burning, Just find someone who's turning And you will come around. Don't let it bring you down It's only castles burning, Just find someone who's turning And you will come around.
  10. Bump-n-Grind

    Oyster restoration

    I bought a cheap shit oyster knife at Bed Bath and Beyond about 10 years ago.. it's still the best and easiest to use I've ever had. Good grips or something like that...
  11. Bump-n-Grind

    Oyster restoration

    I had an oyster aquaculture project on the Corrotomon river in Southern VA near Kilmarnock. We bought "seed oysters" from VA Institute of Marine Science for about a 1c/each. When I first bought the property the water in my creek was murky and there hadn't been any sub-aquatic vegetation for several years. 1st year I had about 5k oysters growing and the water cleared up to where you could see the bottom from time to time. after three years(100k oysters) , you could regularly see the bottom (3 to 4ft of water) and grasses started to fill in around the dock and bulkheads. It was taking a year to grow oysters out to harvest-able maturity. had a nice little market going with restaurants around NoVA and DC and a few in Chicago. 8 years in and I had 750k oysters growin off the dock when they were wiped out by DERMO. I gave up.. the good news is they had cleaned the creek up and the few that survived continued to spawn. I have long since sold the property but apparently the creek is still vibrant. we grew them out in a float system that kept them on the surface where their nutrients are. For every 10 I pulled out every year to sell, i'd toss 2 out into the creek.
  12. Bump-n-Grind


  13. Bump-n-Grind

    grumpy old farts vindicated

    with ya on Floyd and Blondie and Police. I think my big beef was with the radio stations and what got actual airplay. our big alternative rock station here moved and went to a lower power transmitter for a long time. it never fully recovered