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    Random PicThread

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    POS found DTS

    Epstein offs hisself
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    Larry Tesler DTS

    Larry Tesler, inventor of the cut, copy, and paste commands, dies at 74
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    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    +100 on The motherfucking Birds... I was like 9 when that aired on tv one night... eliminated an entire genre of movies for me. I still get the willies when I see big flocks of birds doin weird shit. the exorcist was a comedy.. had way too much acid in my brain the night I saw that movie in the theater.. after the movie we all went down to the staircase in Georgetown. all these other people with the same idea were there.. about a hundred of us ended up on the canal towpath partying that night.
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    Random PicThread

    it takes a lot to garner an "OMG!" out of me but this one gets it!
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    Random PicThread

    I see Gov;t Cheese LOL
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    Random PicThread

    Meh.. he's probably a hedge fund manager now
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    Random PicThread

    did the front, or the back fall off?
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    Random PicThread

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    J35 Anarchist

    Bump will be a out a bit more this summer than the last couple.
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    ski season 2020

    the only lift they had workin out of the back was #5. They screwed up by opening up too many gates into into too little terrain in the back. I'll give you a call when we get back out here!
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    ski season 2020

    Mr Miller, have to get back east for a couple weeks to start gettin a house ready for market and gf is gettin a new puppy... should be rolling back into Vail around the 25th or so.. we'd love to pop over to Copper and make some runs with you again if you swing it...
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    Kirk Douglas DTS

    in Harms Way is way up on my list
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    ski season 2020

    Thanks, was skiing with my gf, and a collection of sailors from the CCA some of whom live in Alta the rest were from Annapolis. we snuck off from the group a couple days to wander around on our own. I icame back to Vail valley last night in my rv.. she is going up to Big Sky with some of the Annapolis folks.. I was trying to ski Vail today but 70 was all fucked up. bailed into Beaver Creek and had about the best day there I can remember.. it was nuking all day... I couldn't see shit, but the snow was so deep and soft ya just point em down and go. the Birds of Prey runs were unbelievable. it's been years since I've skied those. clocked about 25K of vert today... almost a Talon Challenge but not quite
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    ski season 2020

    Snowbasin skied very well today. They got a few inches overnight and as cold as it was today it held up very well. lots of freshies to be found all over the hill.
  16. Bump-n-Grind

    ski season 2020

    in localized areas. and more snow in places where ski areas aint. apparently Powder Mt and Snowbasin were the biggest recipients..
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    ski season 2020

    Solitude was fun. Hadn't skied there in 30+ years. a bit has changed ... today my gf and I hung out with some Cruising Club of America sailors at Park City and got in a few runs. Going up to Snowbasin in the morning.
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    ski season 2020

    finally got the RV up into Utah. had a couple really nice weeks in Vail mid January. went down to Sedona for a visit with some friends. One mellow day at Deer Valley and two screamers up in Alta. Hittin Solitude and Brighton over the next few days before sliding up to Jackson.
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    Who have you been mistaken for?

    when I had my beard and long hair before they both started turning silver .... occassionally "The Dude" ... got me into restaurants a few times.
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    Random PicThread

    32 according to google.. including known crashed. not sure the original prototypes(A-12) incorporated that much titanium.
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    please ignore

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    Decent sci-fi or fantasy novels

    three tits! that's awesome!!