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  1. SFracer

    J/125 - A Real Unicorn

    If you ever get a chance to sail one you will know why they are so desired! We just brought hull #14 back from the Netherlands and completed a 8 month total refit. New paint, new deck, new rudder, tabbed in bulkheads, and the list goes on and on. Basically a brand new boat now. Already signed up for PacCup 2020. Would have loved to make Transpac, but things took longer than expected. Can't wait to start sailing her and verifying for ourselves how she sails to her rating. Here are a few pics of the finished product and a link to our first sail in a beer can race! Cheers!
  2. SFracer

    J125 owners....who has a trailer?

    We actually found a 1D35 trailer we are buying, so we have this covered. Thanks for all the help guys! cheers!
  3. We have our new toy headed to Baltimore, arriving around Oct 14th. Which owners have a trailer and would be willing to lend or rent out the trailer for a couple of weeks. We are bringing the boat back to SF for a full retrofit. Thanks in in advance for any help! Cheers, jason