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  1. Good post. Must have been a distress call, look at how all the other shipping in the area reacts.
  2. BBC breaking news. That Capitaino is going to prison. 8.2m draught and faffing around on a 10m contour with 10,000 tonnes and 4,000 souls. Stupidly close to a visibly rocky shore, what you see above the WL will give a very good indicator of what's below and 1.8m clearance is the same size as..well....a very big rock..(there's a keel somewhere with big chunk missing where I learnt that lesson). If he wanted to get close for photos for the paying guests he didn't even need to cross the 20m contour. FFS you wouldn't even do that during blind nav in fog. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-16570281
  3. So darn those floating rocks eh? Difficult to avoid. With new passengers on-board and having taken her out of port earlier that day, chances are the Captain wasn't on the Bridge and was at rest or dinner or Mix n Mingle. Generally accidents like this happen because the Watch isn't experienced, awake or sober (the reason why if you sail in the Med you know to stay well away from commercial shipping). I doubt(hope) it wasn't the latter two on a well regulated boat like this one. Auto-pilots do fail, that's why there should be someone to "Watch" them. Sounds like someone has made a judgement call to change course, allegedly for a better view of the island, but not confirmed their position and new course. Anyone access to a chart for the area? I've read that hazard it hit was charted and is either above the WL or dries. The hazard is apperently called Le Scole, so if it has a name then clearly everyone knows it's there (or at least the locals do). But in the Med they have a habit of not marking hazards. Why stick a light on it if all the local fishermen know where it is? Then there is the deviation between chart and GPS in the Med, in places that can be up to 2nm. The very reason why electronic nav is used an aid to navigation and not the primary nav source. I agree with others that the Captain has assessed the extent of the damage and headed for shallow waters to beach her. If he felt the list was going to take her to the point of no return he's done exactly the right thing. She can't invert or sink any further if she's aground. Can you imagine how bad it could have been if he hadn't and she had inverted in deeper waters? Well spotted that in the pics she isn't lit, I hadn't noticed that.