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  1. GC32 super cat

    some detail shots
  2. GC32 super cat

    From what I have read sounded like where they had a hole in the pole for a fitting. The area wasn't properly reinforced to cater for the hole. If that's the only thing to go wrong with a new design like this they have done an amazing job. Seen first hand what it is like getting a race cat like this to work straight out of the blocks. Would give my left nut to spend a couple of hours on the swizzle stick of one of these things!
  3. GC32 super cat

    Video: I want one!! Sponsor me anyone?
  4. Farrier F-85SR

    Malice the Nacra 36c is all done in vinyl. Great for repairs to as you just have to replace a sticker not try an re-do fancy paint work.
  5. GC32 super cat

    Sounds promising, the real test is in wind and waves. Can't wait to see the vid.
  6. GC32 super cat

    Sweet! who wants to sponsor me one?
  7. GC32 super cat

    Ahh good idea. Seen it be a problem on fast cats before. Sounds like you guys have thought of everything. Can't wait to see it sailing!
  8. GC32 super cat

    If they do get this foiling they might need a tighter sheeting angle for the genaker.... The apparent wind will go along way forward. Limited by the side stays though.
  9. GC32 super cat

    Pics up of it rigged, pre-launch on there fb page. Looks hot!
  10. Radio Control Multihulls

    That's awesome!
  11. GC32 super cat

    Sweet! Take a gopro!
  12. GC32 super cat

    Yet another sweet looking race cat in the 30-40ft range. I hope they all take off and the lead is saved for the cruisers & ocean racers. Love the foil setup.
  13. Older fast Aus multies