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  1. And that's what ruined Newport to Ensenada right there ;-)
  2. How busy is that channel? If there's a lot of traffic, especially commercial traffic, I don't know that having courses that cross it (especially 1-2 or 2-1) would be a good idea.
  3. You're windward of everyone, and if you're still above the line at the gun you have to keep clear of boats that aren't.
  4. Yeah, maybe, until it gets close to the gun and you have to find a spot in the crowd to dip the line, with no rights a'tall.
  5. I agree. Given that the offending boat was deliberately burning a throwout, DSQ doesn't really punish them.
  6. Thanks. As noted in the case B was entitled to redress, but it sounds like they won the regatta anyway so no reason to ask for it. Makes me wonder, though - what would appropriate redress have been? Maybe average of scores for her other races in the regatta?
  7. Please tell us it was a DNE, not a DSQ. The rival should also have been eligible for redress under rule 62.1d, no?
  8. Might be, especially if it included a significant early-early-bird discount. Maybe combine a registration discount with some kind of racer's discount for early booking at Coral. Historically, what does the January registration look like? If it's slow, then you probably don't have a lot of folks who would pull the trigger earlier. And what kind of spikes if any do you typically see just before discounts expire?
  9. Yeah, true, but I think that was only the second year for SD2E course and it seemed like 2017 was a down year overall, wasn't it?
  10. Might be worth keeping the SD2E course in the mix as well. A bit more work to run a separate starting line, but it would keep a shorter course option for those who still want the "international" experience.
  11. You obviously can't get rid of PHRF, you'd lose large numbers of casual racers. Offering some ORR classes might be interesting, although I'm not sure it would boost participation much.
  12. What Je Prefere said. "Not above" is not the same as "on" Also, if rule 17 is on, no hail is required from the windward boat. If she feels leeward is sailing above leeward's proper course, windward can simply display a flag and hail protest. And note that when 17 is on, leeward remains right of way and windward must keep clear. 17 is one of those rules that restricts what the ROW boat may do but does not change ROW.
  13. I don't think the amount of watch time is that much different, but it sounds like some of the fundamentals that were taught at SWOS basic may be lacking, and some of them may not know what they don't know. On the other hand, the folks they were standing watch with as JOODs would have been SWOS graduates, and I know that's where I learned most about the realities of watchstanding - from the more senior division officers and department heads who were the OODs when I was JOOD. I was lucky, those guys were mostly very good (and I would hope that the guys I trained would say the same about me)
  14. And none of those rules requires a boat to sail her proper course.
  15. If I'm doing the math right, the folks who were the subject of this experiment (commissioned in the 2003-2011 timeframe) are today's COs, XOs and Department Heads...