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  1. Thank you both. I wish I had more time to contemplate and respond. I was at Jury Duty all day and now find my self on a week long (projected) criminal trial. Oh boy, I will do my civic duty. Glen, I would love to know who the West Coast Group (contacts) that were involved are. They need to be talked too about their actions. RazR, like I said, "You cannot legislate STUPID." I fear Small Boat (30' to 24') Coastal Sailing is dead for the foreseeable future until something is done with the USS SER. give me a week. Having prepped a 23'9" boat for coastal and offshore sailing, I don't think any thing in the SER is that hard to meet. Do I love having 18" lifeline, no, but it its that hard to have two sets (bay and ocean). With new triducers (temp, depth and speed) you only need one thru-hull. Renting a raft and EPIRB are not that big of a deal. I remember back in the day NOSA published their own N2E safety requirements and as I recall they required some form of a raft. SER Coastal requirements don't, and I don't see anything in N2E NOR or SIs that add it--so for N2E I don't think a raft is required unless doing the Long Course.
  2. Blaming low N2E participation on SER makes only slightly more sense than blaming it on their not advertising on SA. Read the category definitions, N2E is clearly Coastal. And other than the requirement for a newish VHF and an EPIRB it doesn't seem like there would be that much additional expense for the average boat. Heck, NOSA doesn't even make you buy PFD leg straps...
  3. Bicycle riders tend to be the same way about helmets - if you're wearing one you're safe, if not you're pretty much dead. Ignoring that the helmet doesn't really protect legs, shoulders, collarbones, internal organs, etc.. I generally wear a helmet, but they practically didn't exist when I was a kid and we did a lot crazier stuff on our bikes back then than I do today. But heaven forbid we should make our own decisions (and take our own responsibility for them) about our own personal safety...
  4. I did say "roughly nobody." So rounded to the nearest 3...
  5. Despite my respect for the knowledge and opinions expressed by all on SA and various other internet forums, there's your answer right there... Maybe see about a second (medical) opinion from someone who specializes in sports medicine--would probably be more up to speed on latest treatments and also more sympathetic to you wanting to regain full function and get back on the water as soon as possible.
  6. Transpac may be having an effect, There was some uncertainty about the Safety at Sea requirement but it was formally waived for this year back in February so I doubt that was a deterrent. Online Coastal course is now available and costs $50--less than a decent bottle of scotch. One thing I'm fairly certain of is that roughly nobody said "well if Sailing Anarchy isn't promoting N2E, I'm not going..."
  7. If you just do it search you can find all the content on cougars and how they ruined the party you can stand...
  8. What kind of ego does it take to lose to Dennis Conner and blame it on him cheating the class rules?
  9. All good discussion but...weather? For the race?
  10. Any weather updates? Definitely not too early now...
  11. On a typical SoCal spring evening (light to moderate southwesterlies) sailing into King Harbor under jib alone is probably a piece of cake. My guess is this boat and crew have done it dozens of times. But in that breeze and swell you probably can't get the bow around without the main. Seems like they might have been better off keeping the main up at least until they were behind the breakwater. That said, anyone who's never found themselves being complacent when conditions indicate they shouldn't please raise your hand. Mine is staying down. Still hoping we get the full story from the folks onboard.
  12. I'm impressed that the crew were wearing PFD's, I suspect a lot of us complacent SoCal sailors might not have been. But I shudder to think what that would have looked like if those guys had been tethered.
  13. Not going to second-guess because I wasn't on the boat, but I'm looking forward to hearing the story from someone who was - and glad they're all still around to tell it.
  14. This is an instance where common sense should prevail. It's a simple math error. Everyone should want an equitable outcome for all involved. I agree that a "fair outcome" would be to simply correct the math error. If races are re-handicapped based on elapsed time from previous races this should be fairly simple, but if the handicap adjustments are based on corrected time for previous races then errors in earlier races will have a cascading effect on corrections. Still, just math...
  15. I think the denial was incorrect: 62.1 A request for redress or a protest committee’s decision to consider redress shall be based on a claim or possibility that a boat’s score or place in a race or series has been or may be, through no fault of her own, made significantly worse... Note that the rule says "a boat's score" was made worse, but not that the requesting boat's score was made worse. So as I read it any boat can request redress for herself or any other boat as long as one of the conditions fo 62.1 ( a ) thru ( d ) are met. Race committee or a technical committee may also request redress for a boat.