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  1. TJSoCal

    General fucking recall

    I don't think ADD "gets away with it." She was racing from her prep signal until the general recall was signaled, and broke multiple rules. I can't find the reference but seem to remember something about a boat that breaks a rule not during a race can be penalized for the race nearest in time to the penalty. So I believe they should be penalized in the following race.
  2. TJSoCal

    2 x 25A => 50A circuit?

    Not an electrician, but it seems to me that the purpose of the breaker is to protect the wiring from overload, right? So putting on a bigger breaker on the same wiring seems like exactly the wrong answer. It does seem to me (again, not an electrician) that you could wire both heads into the same 25A breaker on the panel. The wiring to each individual head should be fine since the draw to each would be 18A. On the (probably rare) occasion that both heads were flushed at once, the wiring shouldn't overload but the breaker might trip.
  3. TJSoCal


    Apparently the Waffle House Index for disaster planning is a real thing...
  4. TJSoCal

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    Yes, it's a J-boat Yes, it's an all-female crew
  5. Nice effort, but I think this is exhibit A.
  7. TJSoCal

    rules / course question

    Also, depending on the size of the offset mark and the size of the boats the offset mark may or may not be an obstruction, so you may or may not be entitled to room to pass it.
  8. TJSoCal

    rules / course question

    If the offset isn't specified as a mark of the course for your fleet you don't have to round it. You can take it on whichever side you choose, and you can touch it without penalty.
  9. TJSoCal

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    COLREGS 3(d): "The term “vessel engaged in fishing” means any vessel fishing with nets, lines, trawls or other fishing apparatus which restrict manoeuvrability, but does not include a vessel fishing with trolling lines or other fishing apparatus which do not restrict manoeuvrability." No. COLREGS don't give anyone "right of way." If the J105 was motorsailing (doubtful that she was if the jib was up, I think) then she would have been "give-way" vessel obligated to maneuver to avoid collision. Powerboat would have been "stand-on" vessel, obligated to maintain course and speed unless/until it became apparent that the give-way vessel was not taking sufficient action to avoid collision.
  10. TJSoCal

    PFD Upgrade Time

    The trouble with inherently buoyant vests is physics - buoyancy requires volume. Type III vests can strike a reasonable tradeoff, but for any Type I PFD to provide the required 22lb/100N of buoyancy it has to be bulky. Usually too bulky to be practical for sailboat racing. So for offshore, I'd rather have an inflatable that I can move around in, that I believe to be reasonably reliable and that I know to be properly maintained. Most of my maintenance regime has been mentioned but there's one item that has not. CO2 cartridges generally have a minimum weight stamped on them (what it should weigh if it has a full charge of CO2 inside). It's a good idea to periodically put the cartridge on a food scale or postal scale and verify it's full. Visual inspection of the seal is good but not sufficient.
  11. TJSoCal

    Rules Question - Shortening the Race

    Notice that in OP's case in the end the RC did not take the competitor's suggestion, which was to shorten the next windward leg. He decided to terminate the race on the current downwind leg instead. So not much question of actual conflict of interest or undue influence there. It doesn't sound like anyone including OP disagreed that the race should have been shortened. Oh, and I wasn't suggesting that the RC should be protested under Rule 2 (or 69, if you please). But the "racing RC member" boat could be protested as a competitor if he used his status to unfairly influence the RC in his favor.
  12. TJSoCal

    Rules Question - Shortening the Race

    It sounds like all the RC would have had to to to make this right would be to make two sounds and display the S flag on the committee boat before the first boat finished, with or without attendant radio announcements. But it also doesn't sound like any of the boats misunderstood the RC's intentions. In particular it doesn't sound like there's any evidence that OP would have improved his score if the RC had properly signaled the shortened course. OP might have improved their position if the course had not been shortened, but even that is pretty hypothetical and probably wouldn't meet the standard for redress. You'd have to convince the PC both that shortening the course was an improper action by the RC and that you'd almost certainly have gained places if the race hadn't been shortened. As for having an RC member competing, I'd agree that it may not be best practice but also not necessarily a problem. As long as the communication is carried out in the open and competitors are satisfied that the competing RC member is unbiased, there's no real harm. If he's influencing RC decisions specifically to benefit his boat, then seems to me his boat could be protested under Rule 2.
  13. TJSoCal

    Rules Question - Shortening the Race

    CASE 129: When the course is shortened at a rounding mark, the mark becomes a finishing mark. Rule 32.2a permits the race committee to position the vessel displaying the S flag at either end of the finishing line. A boat must cross the line in accordance with the definition of Finish, even if in so doing she leaves that mark on the opposite side on which she would have been required to leave it if the course had not been shortened. So aside from the fact that the RC did not display the required signals but replaced them with verbal radio instructions, it sounds like all boats crossed the finish line in the proper direction, from the course side.
  14. TJSoCal

    Rules Question - Shortening the Race

    But what part of the rules says that? I'm not saying it's not there, but I couldn't find it. Conflict of interest appears to apply to protest committee members but not race committee or PRO. As to the original post, it does appear the RC didn't use the proper procedure to shorten the course so that's an error. But the other component of redress is that the error worsened your score. If all the boats were informed of the change at the same time, can you make that case?
  15. TJSoCal

    PHRF, ULDB classes?

    You could also do that by using TOT scoring - adjust the "B" factor for wind and type of race. But then folks would complain because it's a lot harder to figure out whether they're correcting on someone or not while out on the racecourse.