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  1. SoCal non-spin

    A possibility, but to borrow a golf term I think it's a "rub of the green." In any PHRF race some boats are going to be advantaged and some disadvantaged by the particular conditions, and I don't think it's predictable enough for someone to try to game it.
  2. Bouy room (again) mixed fleet.

    So if you put B between A and C (so A is leading on the outside, B in the middle, C on the inside and trailing, then all three boats would be overlapped even if C's bow was behind A's transom. If this alignment pertained when A reached the zone, B would thereafter owe mark room to C (even though B had not yet reached the zone) and A would owe mark room to both B and C. Is that correct?
  3. SoCal non-spin

    More the autopilot, and I think they've changed the SIs for cruising class to avoid a repeat. For Bill, if it's just one boat, why not just give them their non-spin rating and let them race with their regular class?
  4. Calling/denying buoy room

    That sounds like a textbook case of "reasonable doubt" and 18.2e gives the benefit of the doubt to the boat claiming no overlap. I agree in that scenario outside boat may shut the door, as long as they do everything reasonably possible to avoid contact. But driving the inside boat into the mark is perfectly kosher, and inside boat would not be exonerated for breaking rule 31 (or 18.2b if they fail to give the outside boat mark room).
  5. Calling/denying buoy room

    I think the definition changed from 2 to 3 in 2009. I think that's also when rule 19 got split off from rule 18. Still 2 boat lengths for match racing and team racing.
  6. Calling/denying buoy room

    I don't think there's a "correct" hail for that, and no required hail. So anything that's understood is sufficient, and absence of a hail does not absolve an offending boat.
  7. Calling/denying buoy room

    But if you can poke your nose in front of them before you get to 57', you're now nearer the mark and the zone expands to 96'
  8. Calling/denying buoy room

    Not exactly, I think. As noted, RRS 18.2-e says that if there's "reasonable doubt" about whether a boat obtained an overlap, it is presumed not to exist. If you have a much better view of the overlap than the other boat, you can probably establish reasonable doubt to a protest committee. If the other boat is clear astern when the first boat reaches the zone but insists on taking mark room to which she is not entitled, the clear ahead/outside boat would be bound by rule 14 to avoid contact but could/should protest the inside boat for breaking 18.2-b. No hails are required, but if it were me I'd hail something line "no overlap, no room" to discourage the other boat from breaking the rule and/or to support my position in the protest room.
  9. Rules??

    Yeah, but this was a World Match Racing Tour event, not a Wednesday night PHRF race. I think those guys are calibrated differently on how much room is enough...
  10. Rules??

    It looks like Bavaria rolls to port at around 14 and Audi may have changed course a bit at 15-16 to avoid. I'm guessing that's what generated the flag.
  11. Rules??

    Would it be possible to conclude that both boats, under the circumstances, did everything possible to avoid contact (which proved to be unavoidable) so no rule 14 violation?
  12. SoCal Race M&A

    I agree, the notice that the SaS requirement would be enforced last year was kind of late so there were limited opportunities for either live or online training so it was reasonable to waive it last year. But no reason to waive it this year. Will NOSA be enforcing the requirement by anything other than the honor system? Do we need to dig out our certificates?
  13. SoCal Race M&A

    Noticed that SER 3.1.2 (PFD crotch straps) and SER 4.3.2 (Safety at Sea seminar) which have been waived in the past are not excepted in this year's NOR. Can it be assumed that NOSA intends to require both this year?
  14. you make the call

    S doesn't appear to bear away until after contact - makes me wonder if she put her helm down or if the course change was as a result of the sharp tug on the spinnaker... In any case I don't think there's a rule 16 issue.