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  1. TJSoCal

    onboard coffee??

    Pour over coffee makers like the Melitta work best if you dampen the filter first, then put the grounds in and pour a couple of tablespoons of hot water on them. Allow about 45 seconds for the grounds to "bloom" and then start pouring water to brew. Personally I like pour over coffee better than French press, and a lot easier to clean up.
  2. Question though - if you protest a boat racing in a different event, which committee do you file the protest with?
  3. Per Rule 3.1a, RRS are only accepted by competitors "participating or intending to participate" in the event. So 24.1 applies to participants who are not racing (so before their prep signal is made or after finishing) but not to non-participants. Not to cruisers, and not to race boats out practicing but not entered in the event.
  4. TJSoCal

    Fleming anchor windlass?

    I recently bought a "project" boat. On the bow is an electric windlass that's marked "Fleming", and it has a kangaroo logo on it so I assume it's an Australian brand. Boat is British, circa 1975 but I don't think the windlass is original equipment. Google gives me nothing so I wanted to see if anyone knew anything about it.
  5. TJSoCal

    PHRF SO CALIF - misconduct???

    Not to be a sea lawyer but...ratings are ratings and corinthian adjustments to ratings are not. As far as I can tell nobody's rating was changed so I think the letter of the rule was met. Plus, I believe there is broad agreement that the original iteration of the "corinthian" adjustment was completely fucked up (not PHRF's fault, their intentions were and are noble). The idea, as I understand it, was to bring more boats into the fleet by making it so the owners would not feel like they had to optimize their boats to compete but could "run what they brung." That didn't happen, but several established, long term race boats took advantage of 6+ second corinthian adjustments. So I expect most of the membership is happy that the board took action.
  6. You'll definitely need to rig a tack line, you take it off the pole to jibe and then put the pole on the new side. As long as the pole isn't overlength and the sail isn't oversized compared to your symmetric I don't know why you should get penalized
  7. TJSoCal

    stupid trim question CE

    This image shows the relationships and how to find the geometric center of pressure. However, "marking it on deck" seems useless to me. As noted, the actual center of effort of an individual sail is not the measured center, it depends on trim and heel. And what's impacting the boat is not the CE of an individual sail, it's the combined CE of the main and jib and how that relates to CLR. So I don't know what marks on the deck would buy you. The key to reducing weather helm, I think, is managing the CE of the main. You generally want to do two things: 1. reduce the force of the effort by depowering the main (think outhaul, backstay). Reducing the magnitude of the main CE vector will bring the combined CE down & forward 2. bring the CE of the main down & forward. Some people do this by travelling down. On the boat I sail on it usually works better to keep the trav up and ease the mainsheet a bit. This twists the top of the main off, which reduces heel (brings main CE down). Reducing heel, in addition to moving CE, will reduce weather helm Increasing cunningham would bring the draft forward, counteracting your effort to depower the main. You could also power up the jib to move combined CE forward, which would reduce helm as long as it didn't increase heel too much. Once you understand the dynamics and what actions should do what to CE & helm, I think the main thing is to sail your boat, experiment and find out what works best for you.
  8. TJSoCal

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Anything mechanical can fail, no matter how well-designed or well-tested or well-maintained. It doesn't mean that every similar device will fail. Oral inflation is pretty foolproof unless the vest leaks--I don't know if it's known whether Jon tried to orally inflate or not. Consider the possibility (I've done it, at least once) that he had the CO2 cylinder in the pocket of the vest but not installed in the inflation mechanism.
  9. TJSoCal

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Hanlon's Razor: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." From what I gather, it's common practice for medical examiners to send unclaimed clothing and personal property to the funeral home or crematory with the body. They probably had no idea that the PFD would be useful to an investigation. Sounds like CYC and/or US Sailing are the appropriate investigating agencies. My guess is that between them and the family, everyone thought that surely someone else would make sure they got custody of the PFD. Personally I don't guess that an examination of the PFD would reveal an inherent flaw that somehow slipped past product testing. More likely it's just a case of "sometimes these things fail." So all you can do is maintain and test your own equipment and hope for the best.
  10. TJSoCal

    General fucking recall

    I don't think ADD "gets away with it." She was racing from her prep signal until the general recall was signaled, and broke multiple rules. I can't find the reference but seem to remember something about a boat that breaks a rule not during a race can be penalized for the race nearest in time to the penalty. So I believe they should be penalized in the following race.
  11. TJSoCal

    2 x 25A => 50A circuit?

    Not an electrician, but it seems to me that the purpose of the breaker is to protect the wiring from overload, right? So putting on a bigger breaker on the same wiring seems like exactly the wrong answer. It does seem to me (again, not an electrician) that you could wire both heads into the same 25A breaker on the panel. The wiring to each individual head should be fine since the draw to each would be 18A. On the (probably rare) occasion that both heads were flushed at once, the wiring shouldn't overload but the breaker might trip.
  12. TJSoCal


    Apparently the Waffle House Index for disaster planning is a real thing...
  13. TJSoCal

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    Yes, it's a J-boat Yes, it's an all-female crew
  14. Nice effort, but I think this is exhibit A.