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  1. Easiest way I've found to fill an Origo cannister is to drill a 1/4 hole in the bottom of an empty soup can or a red Solo cup. Take the (cool) cannister out of the stove, put the can or cup over the hole and fill with fuel. It'll trickle into the cannister, spill free. Neat enough that, assuming no open flames nearby, I'm comfortable refueling in the galley sink rather than the cockpit. New gaskets can easily be cut from 1/8 nitrile. I think a 12x12 sheet can be had for a few bucks. I'd agree that if you're using the stove daily it's not worth bothering with them but useful if the stove isn't going to be used for a week or so.
  2. TJSoCal

    Taxi dancer

    Not to quibble but timing doesn't seem right. LBRW is June & N2E late April. Are you sure it wasn't Midwinters when you lost the mast?
  3. TJSoCal

    Stainless Steel Surrounding for Origo stove?

    Do people know the holey soup can fill method? Still have to let it cool but pretty much spill-free.
  4. TJSoCal

    Calling All Captains!

    Check in with the Westerly Owners Association, it's very active in the UK and there are some Dutch members as well - you'll likely get all the help and advice you need. I wouldn't be surprised if you could find someone willing to make the sail with you. As 30-ish footers go they can be pretty comfortable as a live-aboard. I've got a Berwick (same layout as the Longbow except twin bilge keels), very spacious salon and standing headroom in both the salon and the forward cabin.
  5. TJSoCal

    Jane Honda!

    Cuz it's got a nice rack on it?
  6. TJSoCal

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    Yeah, but what's on there obviously isn't the original...
  7. TJSoCal

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    Given the age of the boat, I wonder if that was once the ground plane for a SSB.
  8. TJSoCal

    The watch of a yachtsman? Which one...

    Non-touchscreen is better for sailing - Garmin touchscreens get really wonky if the screen and/or your finger is wet. If you race, get a Garmin watch and the RaceQs smart watch app. In addition to a start timer (with a GPS-pinged start line) and basic speed/direction info, you can upload your marks and course charts into it. One of my favorite features is a prediction of TWD on upcoming legs of the course. You have to do a little mental math to translate that into AWA but it's super useful especially on random leg courses. It will also now automatically upload your track and marks to RaceQs, saving several steps in being able to play back your race.
  9. TJSoCal

    Dive Boat Conception deaths - more details

    I'm curious, how many have smoke and/or CO detectors on their boats? Wonder if that ought to be made a USCG requirement? Would seem to contribute more to safety than, say, a mandatory trash dumping placard.
  10. TJSoCal

    Minneys Closed

    It's encouraging that it looks like they really will remain in business and I for one am happy with a "light touch" remodel that retains the traditional Minney's vibe. Would anyone really want a Minney's that just looked like a West Marine outlet store?
  11. TJSoCal

    Room to Tack question

    Agree with all that, but if I were on Blue I'd still start talking to Yellow early, along the lines of "Hey, I'm going to need to maneuver here in a little bit and you'll owe me room, what do you think you want to do?" So if Yellow hasn't thought about it already they can start figuring out how they want to respond when the hail for room to tack comes. As long as you don't hail "Room to Tack" until you're close to the obstruction I don't think you break 20.1(a). And recall that Yellow can't hail for room to tack unless/until she's close-hauled or above so if she's reaching toward the obstruction she has to head up first and, as you say, windward boat has to keep clear.
  12. TJSoCal

    Room to Tack question

    Yellow needs to take that into consideration in deciding how to respond to Blue's hail. If Yellow doesn't think that Blue will be able to tack and either cross or duck in a safe and seamanlike manner then Yellow should respond by tacking immediately herself. But if Blue is able to keep clear by ducking, even if it's a really big duck, Yellow is fine responding "you tack" and carrying on. And certainly in this scenario Blue's hail for room to tack shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.
  13. TJSoCal

    Best Line For Micro Block Eyes

    There are a couple of fairly easy techniques for making a brummel eye in dyneema when the other end isn't accessible. You should be able to find a good YouTube with step-by step instructions. Or you can make a straight bury eye and throw a couple of stiches and/or a whipping on it and it will be plenty strong. I've heard that a straight bury eye is actually stronger than a brummel, as long as you secure it so it can't come loose. But it doesn't seem like maximum strength would be as important for lazy jacks.
  14. TJSoCal

    armchair Protest Com.

    That seems like an obviously good thing to do - I'd be interested in hearing the argument against, I can't think of one off the top of my head.
  15. TJSoCal

    armchair Protest Com.

    Yes, you're correct, it wasn't an "improper action" in the context of RRS 62.1(a) which is generally understood as the RC, PC, OA or TC doing something the rules don't allow them to do (as contrasted with an "omission" where the body fails to do something the rules require them to do). I guess I meant "error" in a more informal sense - it was allowed but they still shouldn't have done that.