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  1. Two Cold Dogs

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    sounds like if you go to that high school it's pretty easy....
  2. Two Cold Dogs

    More Teachers Behaving Badly
  3. Two Cold Dogs

    US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)
  4. Two Cold Dogs

    Diva 39- Any Experience?

    A friend just bought one in Bermuda and delivered it back to Newport about a month ago. The keel almost fell off and he was very worried about the rig the whole way. He got it back and had the stringers re-glassed, he's raced twice and crushed both races.
  5. Two Cold Dogs

    Fuel pump or apertures

    So I Bypassed the Racor, engine started and I motored away. Can't think of why the Racor would be an issue other than it's prretty big and apertures may be too small in the nipples. Maybe the pump can't draw the diesel out? Thoughts?
  6. Two Cold Dogs

    Fuel pump or apertures

    Thinking about this a little more, I need to understand the Racor a little better. I had the same engine on my old boat and the Racor on that probably held a third of the volume of diesel in the clear seperating capsule. Could sheer volume of diesel prevent it from being taken up by the fuel pump?
  7. Two Cold Dogs

    Fuel pump or apertures

    The Racor could be the problem, it's from a much larger boat, maybe can't generate the flow necessary to get the fuel thru.
  8. Two Cold Dogs

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    it just never gets old
  9. Two Cold Dogs

    Fuel pump or apertures

    That sounds like a good test.
  10. Two Cold Dogs

    Fuel pump or apertures

    The mechanic went through the whole fuel line and pressurized it to look for leaks, no issues there. Apparently, fuel just isn't getting through which is why I was wondering if the Raycor is actually blocking the fuel feed because the apertures are slightly smaller. Doesn't seem like it should make a big difference but I'm completely lame at mechanical operation.
  11. Two Cold Dogs

    Fuel pump or apertures

    I bought an S27.9 last year with an inboard Yanmar 1GM diesel. I had problems last year getting it started, finally got it going but a couple friends who looked at it said I should get a Raycor filter since the fuel line went straight from the tank to the fuel pump. Over the winter I got a slightly used Raycor and the hoses, as well as the nipples for the Raycor (it came off a friends lobster boat so the hoses were bigger and the nipples too big for the hoses I had on my boat). The Nipples I got have a slightly smaller aperture opening (basically, it looks to be 1 or 2 mil smaller in diameter) than the attaching nipples on the tank and engine. My problem now is the engine won't prime, and when we manually prime it the fuel runs out and engine dies. I had a mechanic look at it and he says I should get a new fuel pump, which I can believe because the engine is 35 years old. However, I was wondering if having smaller intake and outflow on the Raycor could be the problem since it ran last year without the Raycor. Any thoughts?
  12. Two Cold Dogs

    Flounder DTS

    Now he's with Fawn Liebowitz?
  13. Two Cold Dogs

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    speaking of double the fun
  14. Two Cold Dogs

    Aaron Hernandez DTS

    Actually, really bad upbringing, serious father issues.
  15. Two Cold Dogs

    Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    After a particularly gnarly race: Did you break anything? answer: just our hearts.