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  1. Two Cold Dogs

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    sounds like if you go to that high school it's pretty easy....
  2. Two Cold Dogs

    More Teachers Behaving Badly
  3. Two Cold Dogs

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    it just never gets old
  4. Two Cold Dogs

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    speaking of double the fun
  5. Two Cold Dogs

    Aaron Hernandez DTS

    Actually, really bad upbringing, serious father issues.
  6. Two Cold Dogs

    What's happened to the C&C 30?

    Sounds like 3-4 of them are going to the Islands for the spring racing....
  7. Two Cold Dogs

    Are there any Martin 243's still in the US?

    I sailed one in the LI Fall series once, just one day. Breeze was about 15-20 for the first race, our fleet was a Mumm 30, a Melges 30, a couple Henderson 30's and I forget what else. We were bottom boat (rated 64, I think), up the first beat we were pretty much just a fast 23' boat against fast 30' boats so we were back a bit, as soon as we set the kite we caught up quick, rolled the Melges and Mumm on the first reach (triangle with finish to weather) and then rolled both Hendersons on the second reach, won the race boat for boat by about 1:30. Second race the puffs were gone and it was about 12-15, we were better up the beat but shrimped the kite at the set and were a distant last. Got one final puff that blew us by the Melges and the Hendersons, the Mumm tacked all over us on the beat to the finish and we were 2nd boat for boat but overall won both races easily. That was it for me, commitment on Sunday, the next day was light and they came in DFL both races, I don't think it ever raced again.
  8. Two Cold Dogs

    Fumduck Athletes
  9. (303): he asked me if i wanted to hook up & my answer was 'why not'. he came in thirty seconds and the condom broke. it's the love story of the century
  10. Two Cold Dogs

    "National Cleavage Day"

    so, after looking at that video, the question is, why don't hot chicks ever do this?
  11. (518): So do you know how we found out he was engaged? (704): An Amber Alert?
  12. Two Cold Dogs


    Not sure if it has to do with the boat so much as ratings. On the first day, in non-planing conditions, the J-88 went the speed a 28' boat should go, against a 35' J-109 going the speed it should go. In that wind range, the J-109 owed the J-88 around 4 sec/mi. That's a ridiculous rating difference for such a big difference in length. In the last race, with breeze up, the 88 probably gained off the wind, but upwind is still sailing against a 35' boat that will be much faster upwind as it's hull speed in higher wind speeds is much higher. The J-109 owed the J-88 9 sec/mi in the last race but that is still a big spread between a boat that will be far slower upwind (with the majority of time sailing spent going upwind). When I sailed against the same J-109 in 2009 sailing a FT 7.5 (a 24' boat), they only owed us 3 sec/mi for the series, no corrections for wind speed then. When I pointed out to the RC how poor this rating was (in truth, the boat was barely faster than a J-80), they said I had the potential to sail much faster off the wind, though in the only race that we could plane we were only marginally faster down the run but so much slower upwind (big chop for a 24' boat is pretty darn slow), and by the time we got to run we were already miles behind. The point is, Premier should look at what these ratings are doing to the competition. Granted, the J-88 might be going thru teething pains but I think they would still have a very hard time being only 3 seconds slower in light air. And the difference in boat speed isn't accurately reflected here at all. If people want to point out why this great regatta is losing players, look at all the PHRF boats in the area and why they aren't there. PHRF1 is basically a J-boat jamboree because they have ratings that match the boats. Take a new boat like the J-88 and try to get into the mix and you can see how far off the local handicappers are. Unfortunate, this used to be a great regatta with good attendance, now it's a fading one design regatta dependent on one class (another J boat) to pump up the numbers.
  13. Two Cold Dogs

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    I think the Contessa was. We sailed GG in the '82 SORC and I think there were about 20 boats in class. Victory from England (which had the crew that would sail Victory '83 in the next Cup) was a Dubois 44' and they won class, only to be thrown out of the series when Bruce Nelson, who was sailing Thunderbolt in the same class, noticed that the freeboards were way off from the certificate. They actually rated a full foot higher than their certificate said.
  14. Two Cold Dogs

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    And Goodbye Girl on the other side of Fame, another Serendipity 43.It's interesting to see the 43's, one with a wheel and the other a tiller. Of course Scarlett was a tiller. Thank you Larry for that shot too. 5152034107_3ac1ef6737_o.jpg I sailed on Goodbye Girl that year. There were three versions of the Serendipity 43, the Grand Prix like Scarlett, the mid range like GG and then a cruising type with a nicer interior. I think that year there were 8-9 Peterson 43's of various type (some Jeremy Rogers built boats as well), all the same hull. As you might expect, the nicer the interior, the slower you were.
  15. Two Cold Dogs


    Two friends are hiking through the desert when suddenly a rattlesnake jumps out and bites the first one right on his manhood. Falling in pain, the hiker says to his friend, This venom is fatal. Quick, run back to the nearest town and get a doctor. The friend runs back to a nearby town and finds the town doctor and explains his friends plight. The doctor says, Well, it’s not too late for him. You just have to suck the venom from the wound and spit it out. The friend runs back to his stricken friend, who asks, What did the doctor say? The second friend says, He said you’re going to die.