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  1. mcsailor0303

    Henderson 30?

    Pretty sure that boat went to HI
  2. Has anyone ever watched this one: Talk about balls AND skill - funny too!
  3. 70 lb pit bull mix onboard as well!?
  4. mcsailor0303

    Sailors Powerboat
  5. Saw this over on pressuredrop:
  6. mcsailor0303

    Anyone know this cat?

    Skeg hung rudders, with center boards in each hull. Current owner stated they are non ballasted, and the draft is 3' with boards up, and ~7' with the boards down.
  7. That video is fucking hilarious!
  8. mcsailor0303

    Anyone know this cat?

    I'll post here as I find out more. I was told she was heavily built for a couple in '74, possibly by Harris's son. At some point a family bought her and lived aboard then sailed up the inside passage to Alaska. Current owner picked her up in early 2000's and lived aboard. One interesting thing is that she has a single Perkins diesel, but twin screws with some sort of hydrolic or compression drive. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?
  9. mcsailor0303

    Anyone know this cat?

    It is confirmed that she is a custom Robert Harris custom one-off design built in 1974. Very interesting boat and story!
  10. mcsailor0303

    2018 HRYC Double Damned

    Registration is up! Mark your calendars for the most fun race of the year - August 4th, 2018 (forecast is calling for wind) What's your favorite story, photo, or memory from the DD?
  11. mcsailor0303

    Found me a Reynolds 21

    That looks like a super cool project!
  12. mcsailor0303

    Anyone know this cat?

    I totally agree, and stumbled upon SUNGOD as well. So much looks similar, but I can't find any record of 38' plans? Maybe the builder scaled that down?
  13. mcsailor0303

    Anyone know this cat?

    Still scratching my head on this one! After tons of research on the previous suggestions, I don't believe it is any of these designs: Choy Appache Harris Kelsall Any other guesses, or suggestions on other places to look? Here is another shot of her:
  14. mcsailor0303

    Anyone know this cat?

    She looks pretty neglected... I'm working with the harbor master trying to get in touch with the owner. No plans to buy right now, already have a couple other projects.