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  1. J22 bottom & keel refinishing questions

    A couple of thoughts: Jacking her up on the trailer pads will work. I would not be walking around on the deck while it is jacked up. Put a bunch of blocks under the keel, and lower it back down when you are not working. If you need to do a lot of work on the bottom of the keel, stick some styrofoam on top of the pads-- the extra few inches will be a big help. If you are rolling the barrier coat on, you will end up sanding a lot off. Even if you aren't going crazy fairing. I would use at least 2 gallons. Don't wait too long until you sand. Interprotect gets very hard after 24 hours or so. Your arms and shoulders will thank you if you sand as soon as you can. If the paint is clogging up the paper, it is too soon. but as soon as that stops happening..... go for it. Not the worst idea to paint a hunk of plywood at the same time... use it to check if it is good to sand
  2. The Company in receivership is US Watercraft, LLC Waterline Group Holdings, Inc is a separate company and is one of the plaintiffs... Waterline Systems is part of Waterline Group Holdings, Inc -- not US Watercraft, LLC
  3. J24 52xx US Watercraft BLISTERING

    It sounds like it is not the boat that is blistering, rather the layers of paint on top. What did the paint instructions say as to compatibility?
  4. Baltoplate quarts

    Upstate NY...
  5. Baltoplate quarts

    It is a pain in the ass that Baltoplate only comes in gallons. I needed to do a small touch up and bit the bullet and bought a gallon and 3 quart cans. So now I have 3 quarts of metallic gray Balto ... If anyone else is in the same boat and just needs a quart, PM me.
  6. J22 Midwinters

    It was a very popular victory for the Mo Money team! Those guys have been right there for years, great to see them on the top stop of the podium!
  7. Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    Coming into a leeward gate, our helmsman made a rare and ill advised gate override. We rounded and it was immediately obvious that the pack of 3-4 boats behind us were now ahead of us due to their rounding the correct gate. We sailed upwind in complete silence for a couple of minutes, until the helmsman's 17 year old son turned back and announced, " Just for that, you are going to the BAD nursing home!"
  8. What's happened to the C&C 30?

    Most boats have at least one woman aboard. Sometimes more.
  9. A rule 18 question (Again)

    M was the ROW boat leading up to the tack. As the leeward ROW boat she has the right to choose between asking for room to tack or to duck the S boat. If she ducks, she needs to give room to I to duck too. So it seems to me that M is far less innocent than Brass assumes.
  10. J22 Lake George 2016

    It is ALWAYS wacky on Lake George. All part of the charm. As usual, a strong rum front blew through Saturday night, a bunch of teams suffered some damage :-) The LG Regatta is always a super way to wrap up the summer. If you have a J/22, put it on the calendar.
  11. Yelling at other boats..,

    Oreos work best if there is a flock of seagulls nearby.
  12. C&C 30 OD

    I've probably had more experience with this stuff than anyone, so I'll take a swing at these. Can anybody comment on the trailer ability? The boat is big, but light. I get almost exactly the same mileage towing the 30 as I do towing a J/24. I have a long wheelbase van and that seems to help Single point or travellift? Either way, but I prefer a travellift and a good driver when going to the high position on the trailer Road height? We can get under gas station canopies with pulpits and stanchions on. Keel up\down systems work well? The keel up down thing is pretty easy. A good travellift dude helps, but it is a really quick operation. Ease of rig step/tune? Pretty similar to a Mumm 30. The mast jack is a nice option and speeds things up a ton. Does keel sit in keelbox between axles or higher? Above, but since the keel retracts we aren't too high
  13. cloud flare

    Is anyone else getting stuck at Cloud Flare when accessing the mythical front page?
  14. Key west Race Week

    The Pro rule was enforced at Key West. Everyone submitted their crew lists, there were a few competitors that some had questions about. They checked out. Every one design goes through a period where the rules are tested, and clever folks try to improve the boat. That's cool. Some of these changes have been incorporated into the rules. Others won't be. So far, it has been a pretty drama-free first few regattas on the technical side.
  15. Key west Race Week

    You can't do well in that division unless you hire 3 pro's. You might as well just buy a trophy. You can hire as many pros as you want in the C&C 30 Class. But, you can only sail with 2.