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    shorthandedsailing, boatbuilding, yacht design, kayaking
  1. NEXUS autopilot on AWA

    Hi, AWA on both instruments are showing the same value, at least up wind (I use 27-29 degres). Damping of the wind do not show on the autopilot instruments, fore some strange reason.. And I have given up sailing down wind in AWA mode. Is's hard enough to get the pilot to work OK using compas mode down wind... For down wind sailing in wind mode the pilot will need TWA, and the Nexus dont have that. Bjorkski
  2. NEXUS autopilot on AWA

    I have the same pilot on my Humphrey 30, and I can only get the pilot to work proberly in wind mode when gong up wind, and I need to decrease the rudder responce to. Thy to play with the other settings as well.
  3. Nexus have the HPC compas. It's a six axis compas and should be more or less the same as a rategyro. Or am I wrong? Bjorkski
  4. Hi, I have same problem on my Humphreys 30. One of the isusses is that the Nexus pilot dont have the TWA option, for some reason. All the information needed is there. I reduse the speed on the rudder (funtion no.8), decrease RUD (funtion no.1) and increase CRD (function no.3) related to the up wind settings. It have helped me, but not enough... Especalie when jibbing the pilot is having a hard time. I am about to instal at secundhand NKE. The idea is to have all the Nexus transducers and displayes, and NKE autopilot and Its display. I may use the Nesux ram too, is still to be desided. BR Bjorkski
  5. TackTick Wireless does NOT turn on? Battery?

    Have you measurred the voltage at the solar celles? ( in sun light)
  6. West System over stained wood

    No problem if the stain is water or alcohol based. Not sure about oil based..
  7. Team Vestas grounded

    Let's hope they take vare of the navigator, he must feel very bad...
  8. Nexus NX2 server issue

    Have you opened the serve to see if any component have been burned? My server broke down due to low volt over time. I got it fixed by a friend, but he recommended to buy a new one so I did... BR Rasmus