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  1. Very clever indeed. The losers in the new market might be the ones who tries to desperately hold on to their own proprietary network connectors when most others transition to standard n2k connectors. About the pilot, I don't think it is possible to control a Raymarine autopilot with a B&G MFD, but only send wind and gps data to the pilot
  2. Sounds like a useful tool, thanks for info
  3. Yes, today mine are as well with a Seatalk plug directly into one of the instruments from 12V, but I will remove that power-input now and instead feed that into the n2k network as that will be plenty of power for the whole network (also the two seatalk displays)
  4. Thanks for the comment. As far as I have managed to understand the B&G Zeus2 is capable of all of the config & calibration for the NAC-2 AP but perhaps anyone know 100%?
  5. Thanks for input That's correct, I don't have an AP controller installed. I was hoping to get by only with the MFD and will probably get a wireless remote as well (WR10 or similar) but it's a good point about the power consumption. When the older Raymarine depth/wind/speed units eventually die I will replace them with B&G. I am uncertain if one power input to the n2k network is enough for the compass, rudder sensor and the two Raymarine units, but would think so? The MFD and Autopilot will have their own external power inputs
  6. About 5 meters or so, MFD to ruddersensor
  7. Hi! I am finally updating my electronics with an inboard autopilot (Simrad NAC-2, precision 9 compass, RF25 rudder sensor and Raymarine Linear drive type 1) and will at the same time clean-up my current installation to a proper NMEA 2000 network. I could use some input on my suggested solution... will this work, or any better solutions? Further, I also think it should be enough with one 12V power input via one of the T-connectors into the NMEA 2000 network, and that should also be able to power the Seatalk part of the network (the two ST60 instruments), or would they need their own power as questioned on the drawing? Thanks for input :)
  8. Snajdarn

    Seascape 27

    Watski Twostar is a tough race no doubt, but hardly comparable to sailing 100-200 miles offshore. Reason why I am asking is because I am looking for a sailboat with offshore capabilities, which is good for shorthanded sailing (e.g. Sun Fast 3200) and ideally a little bigger than 27 foot. However, the trailability and much easier boathandling is in so much favor for the Seascape that it's hard to disregard. But question remains, is is safe/appropriate for occasional longer offshore trips (100-200 nm) with the Seascape?
  9. Snajdarn

    Seascape 27

    Seascape 27 for longer cruises/races, will that work? Seascape 27 is CE category B, meaning that it should be able to handle beaufort 8 and significant wave height of 4 meters, but how does that translate to offshore capabilities? Crossing the Atlantic is of course out of the question, but it is a good idea to sail 200 nm offshore with a cat B boat like Seascape 27, such as from the Norwegian west coast across the North Sea to Shetland? It will of course be uncomfortable sailing that distance in such a small boat, but will it be safe (assuming that the hundred year storm doesn't strike)?
  10. Snajdarn

    Seascape 27

    About transportability.. 1. Is it possible to raise the mast without a crane? 2. Is possible to raise the mast without a crane singlehanded? 3. Rigging up/down. How long time does it take from fully rigged in the water to ready to go on the trailer? if two persons, if alone? Anyone has the answer to this?
  11. Snajdarn

    Seascape 27

    Kristian, again, how much is the total towing weigth, complete boat + trailer ? Thanks
  12. Snajdarn

    Seascape 27

    Kristian, this looks great! How much is the total towing weight trailer + boat?
  13. Snajdarn

    Seascape 27