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  1. Seascape 27

    Watski Twostar is a tough race no doubt, but hardly comparable to sailing 100-200 miles offshore. Reason why I am asking is because I am looking for a sailboat with offshore capabilities, which is good for shorthanded sailing (e.g. Sun Fast 3200) and ideally a little bigger than 27 foot. However, the trailability and much easier boathandling is in so much favor for the Seascape that it's hard to disregard. But question remains, is is safe/appropriate for occasional longer offshore trips (100-200 nm) with the Seascape?
  2. Seascape 27

    Seascape 27 for longer cruises/races, will that work? Seascape 27 is CE category B, meaning that it should be able to handle beaufort 8 and significant wave height of 4 meters, but how does that translate to offshore capabilities? Crossing the Atlantic is of course out of the question, but it is a good idea to sail 200 nm offshore with a cat B boat like Seascape 27, such as from the Norwegian west coast across the North Sea to Shetland? It will of course be uncomfortable sailing that distance in such a small boat, but will it be safe (assuming that the hundred year storm doesn't strike)?
  3. Seascape 27

    About transportability.. 1. Is it possible to raise the mast without a crane? 2. Is possible to raise the mast without a crane singlehanded? 3. Rigging up/down. How long time does it take from fully rigged in the water to ready to go on the trailer? if two persons, if alone? Anyone has the answer to this?
  4. Seascape 27

    Kristian, again, how much is the total towing weigth, complete boat + trailer ? Thanks
  5. Seascape 27

    Kristian, this looks great! How much is the total towing weight trailer + boat?
  6. Seascape 27