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    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    J-111 Xcentric Ripper (NL) - WInner of the Grevelingencup winterseries 2012-13! Congrats from the Djinn Racing Team! We are still in a huge learning curve, tx to our Flying Dutch friends tips & hints, the process is faster! Be aware, they are going for the Fastnet in doublehanded, we are in with our offshore racing crew! Stay tuned ;-))

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Hi There, nice program...a dream for us to come over. This year will not be possible..but who knows the future! Posted on our facebook group / just4sailing cheers, jp

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Hi Jolly, I wasn't in cowes this year, you met Sebastien I suppose. He told me about Mojito. You had some nice races over there... Hong Kong...great city. Was there in september 2010 for business. Of course I will be happy to share the advices (its huge and still in move - 3 other training sessions in the next months)..Just need some time to write it in English (or maybe you understand French or Dutch?). Can you send me an email or, will be easier to stay in touch. First things you need to do is to tune up your mast & rigging. Is your mast still in its original rigging setup? Cheers from snowy Brussels. jp

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Hi Peter, hi Guys, We are sailing hull n°68, Djinn - sistership of Blur ;-) - Our playground is mainly South of UK, North of France, North of the Netherlands..(BENELUX) Like Peter said, and after many hesitations between B&G and NKE...we decided to go for a nice hybrid system, cheaper (B&G is really expensive) but we think better? We have a full NKE setup (NKE Gyropilot, Multifunction Gyrographics, Fluxgate, Electromagnetic loch,...) in addition with Raymarine Wireless racing displays on the mast (tacktick). Really nice setup, very precise and fast. Only issues are for support and initial setup. NKE needs some "time" to get the chlid-problems solved. For the nav', we have a fitpc, OS Windows7, big LED flat screen (neovo), and the ADRENA Pro Offshore software. Very useful to workout our polars and try to get some progress. These J-111 are just amazing and need a lot of experience and fine-tuning te get the most out of it...But if you'll be the leader of the band in each race. Our Dutch friends from Xcentric Ripper are really flying on the water...We did some IRC races together, they finished each times on the X-44's 38's, Grand Soleil's 43, 39, J-122's, First 40-45-50, Swan 45's, ....Just amazing! We had a first training session with them last sunday and they gave us some advices to accelerate our "progress" (with 2 other J-111, J-Bie and Sweeny). We are really excited sailing this great boat... Greetz from Brussels, jp

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Really nice looking Peter...How did you manage with them to have your hull without the usual J-waterline? Here is our DJINN on her way into her 1st bath.... We have just an epoxy finish. No antifouling...but it's grey. I prefer the BLUR white hull!

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    J-111 #68 DJINN - splashed water today!!!!

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Thank you again Peter for these pics....WIthin the next month we are racing on it! Cheers jp

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    J-111 - dream machine Hi guys, i've read all about this issue...we just ordered our J-111, we will be delivered in France, at la Trinité sur mer for the Spi Ouest France race. Hull N°69. In november 2011, we where thinking of buying a new boat within the next 18 months and went to the Paris boatshow in december. As we are sailing racers since 6 years now, we had a JOD 35 to start our passion, followed by an Open 45, Ice Black, former OSTAR, Route du Rhum and Transat Jacques Vabre winner, but looking to a new boat! Our playground is the North Sea, South of UK, Bretagne in France? We where interested by these following boats; JPK 10.10 X Yachts 38Xp Archambault 35 Elan 350 J-109 Beneteau First 40 Salona 38 We've met all of these brands, discussed price and options, IRC ratings, and had many trials with these boats. We went to Les Sables d'Olonne, in France to visit J-Composite, producer for J-Boats Europe. We saw a lot of nice boats, the J97, lots of J80's, the brand new J108, of course a J-109, and a J-111. After the visit, the people form J-boats proposed us the brand new J-111..instead of the 109 we were looking for. The day after we had a test, normally planned with the 109, but last minute changed with the 111. After 30mins, we were convinced. This is it. Instead of 18 months, we did it in 4 months! This is just an crazy story! The biggest issue in sailing is the program you are doing or fixing to do ;-) Cruising in the north is not very sexy, or shiny...We are living in Brussels, sailing is our "stress relieve", buying a cruiser-racer, thinking that we'll do some days with our family @ North sea? Or going for the real deal, a performer IRC and OD racer, with incredible speed, nearly empty inside, but build with quality and professional suppliers? The JPK 10.10 is a great deal. IRC is between 1.003 - 1.006, price full options carbon rigging, .... around 160k€. But who knows JPK? How will it be a good resale in a few years? A35 is looking old...but is still a great deal. Ker 40 is to expensive... J 111...the next J generation OD top speed boat! WIth J, you can rely on a good value throughout the years. The J-111 is just a great boat...for the people who love to race, around buoys, LW/WW, Offshore, Shorthanded, OD.... Of course, we will sail with our family but on rented heavy cruising boats with airco, plasma, and hot showers....The deal is done! So the next issue is to find a name... ;-) Hope to meet you one of these days...on the water or in the harbour! Let's stay in touch.... we are really excited with this new "toy4buoys"! Best regs, Jean Patrick