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  1. Vivacious, wins. Your net cost will be less, and you will haul ass. Just do it, everything else is just not as cool, historic, and fast.
  2. guerdon

    The Spirit of Sailing - Elvstrom

    Thanks for the tribute to a giant.
  3. To radius coaming get a concrete coping trowel from a masonry supply store and glue sandpaper on it.
  4. guerdon

    Swampscott dory information

    Look to John Gardeners' work at Mystic Seaport. Phil Bolger also talks about them in one of his design books.
  5. guerdon

    First boat at age 50

    T&J, you will love your SJ24, I loved mine. Always clear the limber holes. If you have leaks use penetrating windshield silicone from an auto parts store. Get John Letchers' book on self steering I used his Genoa self steering tips and soloed all over the place. Wear a harness. Do your own outboard work ,if you can get the parts. You are in for a wonderful time. My wife thought the boat was pretty.
  6. guerdon

    Schock Catalina Catamaran History?

    Similar to PCat which was designed by Carter Pyle and built buy Newport Boats , and is a shallow copy.
  7. guerdon

    Cassette Rudder Sticking

    Mclube Products.
  8. guerdon

    Fiberglass Repair Estimate

    You bought a wonderful boat. Put some soapy water on the cracks and add internal air pressure. If it bubbles you have leaks if not it is cosmetic gelcoat cracks and can be fixed with MarineTex epoxy putty in white. Remember epoxy hates oil so keep it clean.
  9. Sailforbeer, I am just finishing up a proa that was drawn on a computer{metric] it was fair to .5mm no batten work needed. I miss the time to imagine water flow and dream a little. It just seemed like I was not part of something big before, kind of like a midwife. Must be getting old. I wonder if someday folks are going to reminisce about peel ply patterns.
  10. guerdon

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    Randii, I too missed the big tramp, but being dry proved to be wonderful. When I first got my G32 I used to try and "improve" her. I would call Jan up with ideas, he would patiently listen, and then point out why they weren't needed. " Simplify and then add lightness " C.C. Only Russells' thoughtful upgrading have added performance. The peddle drive is in the spirit of Jan, and would be a definite plus. Not being able to tinker forces one to sail, which is actually harder and more rewarding. Good luck on your Quest.
  11. guerdon

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    There is a G32 yahoo, Facebook, some other computer forums group. You could also call the Gougeons' west factory. My Ex boat is in Michigan, as are several others. When you sail a G32, you are not aware of the boat, it is a magic carpet. Look at the demo vid. Have you ever seen a boat that leaves no wake? It is a toy that you enjoy using not talking about or trying to "improve".
  12. guerdon

    Replace Balsa J92

    Vacuum bag new balsa in place.
  13. guerdon

    Thoughts on old molds and new boats

    I love the Moore 24, I am almost 70. It is a boat that is like a Morgan car. Regular boats are built by the pound. If you want to live your dream, find out who shares it enough to set up a builders club. In the sixties we couldn't afford kayaks so we rented molds payed a rental royalty to their creator and went for it. Boat building is for dreamers and it takes money to make it happen. If you are alone in your dream, find the best current one, pay full price, and be glad for living your dream drama free. If you can group a bunch of hippies with money, pay Moore, to splash some grotty hulls and and get building. Good luck.
  14. guerdon

    Zinc sunscreen recommendation.

    This sounds off the wall, but diaper rash cream is zink oxide ointment. It is cheaper than anything else. I have used it for over 60 years and no problems. The smell of it reminds me of fun times.
  15. guerdon

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    You have described the G32. Find one, you won't be disappointed.