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  1. guerdon

    Summer reading ideas

    Here's two that are amazing. East is a big bird, and Swimming to Antartica .
  2. guerdon

    Help me out with some MORC History

    Congratulations, you'll be surprised how well she sails with so little demands upon, and you. I sailed on Trina, at. IHYC, and we won most of the trophies even though we we so. small that we always finished last and then corrected out. Bill Shaw was so under rated as a designer. She is like a baby B40
  3. guerdon

    Self steering trimaran

    I just remembered Dick Newick, used centerboards to help self steer balance in many of. his early boats, a lot of what he did merits a. closer look. As a design purist it is hard to beat his thoughtful work.
  4. guerdon

    What is this?

    Art Pivers' legacy.
  5. guerdon

    Help me out with some MORC History

    The Yankee Dolphin[a true sleeper]. The Renegade. was also a Shaw design, it felt a lot bigger, did the job, but the Dolphin always beat us on. ratings.
  6. guerdon

    AC45F Lux for sale

    Multihuller, Nomex comes in many types ,all are meant primarily for aircraft.
  7. guerdon

    The Future of Propulsion

    Loser, thanks for adding to my world of metal knowledge.
  8. guerdon

    Infusing flax

    My guess is the flax thickness and its' greater insulation abilities would cause more heat generation[exotherm]and insulatiom[higher R value]. I applaud your efforts in using flax.
  9. guerdon

    26ft trimaran QLD

    CPR, the low cost haul out in the yard we all can afford.
  10. guerdon


    Groucho, as another analog still photographer, I can relate. Our lives are a point in time, sorry for you loss. Aloha, Guerdon.
  11. guerdon


    Amgpuma, tow ball is simple/good. The G32 original worked fine. You might consider a dyneema keeper line from the base to the spar, like windsurfers have at the tendon joint[base]. If you plan on capsize recovery you probably won't.
  12. guerdon

    Bi plane rigged wing mast cat pros and cons?

    Harry, thanks for your post. I would love to see images of this boat but can't open the one provided.
  13. guerdon

    Proa 21

    I shunt recommend them, because regular boats seem so tacky and floggy.
  14. guerdon

    Bi plane rigged wing mast cat pros and cons?

    Steve, thank you for your common enjoyment of human folly.
  15. guerdon

    Newick Summer Salt 26: akas & sockets

    Drill a crack stop if it is carbon or metal, a counrtsink seems to work on glass. Glad that you are aware of notch strength issues, that's the concept that eludes many.