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  1. bi-directional Proa

    You might consider tubular glass arches made from pool fun noodle mandrels covered with biaxial strips oriented along the stress axis. It was quick, stout, light and cheap. The secret is to wet out the biaxial on wax paper, and wrap it around the noodles which are tacked in place prior with epoxy fillets. Go for it.
  2. bi-directional Proa

    I think you are on the right track. I did a pivoting outrigger with drag links but it sold before I could test it. The flex reality is one of the better aspects of Proas.
  3. bi-directional Proa

    Rasputin, If you contact Joubert plywood, you may find that you can still do it reasonably especially if you used the new generation of epoxies. Good luck to you.
  4. bi-directional Proa

    Russell, when I built boats for money, I got tired of being ripped of by part timers who would splash a female mold off one of my hulls and pop out cheesy copies so I went back to the miracle fiber W, and built plywood dory type hulls. !6' 40lbs . all up. They splashed, 125lb. copies that oilcanned like noodles and couldn't give them away. There is something wonderful about a material that takes a hundred years of flexing to make, and is stiff and warm to the touch. Wood is good. Aloha, Guerdon.
  5. Coolboats to admire

    You are blessed.
  6. bi-directional Proa

    Proa, this would a fine ply sided strip plank bottom vessel. I am not sure if you could compound curve the hulls like the early Tornado cats if you scarfed the ply amidships. If you wanted to compare its' sections to the Tornado, you could probably get their dimensions from the association. The early WestSystem book goes into both techniques in wonderful detail. I have done both and they end up being about the same labor hours(the compounded hull needs a support matrix]. Another option would be to get some similar section hulls and splice them stern to stern. This is the fastest way, and the cheapest. You can save an old hull set and your back at the same time. Good luck to you.
  7. bi-directional Proa

    The v decks remind me of my old kayak, it rose up through waves very cleanly. I used the idea in an early Merv Kane ski that also was well mannered. It seemed that the domed decks would hunt for a center of buoyancy but the inverted v just knew to go up quickly .
  8. bi-directional Proa

    Proa, fun drawings. Aloha, Guerdon.
  9. G32, has no lead only water, and she is self-righting. It was great fun to yell to my son "empty the tanks", when tourists became pesky at the launching ramps. Cleared out those not in the know. Aloha, Guerdon.
  10. bi-directional Proa

    Contact Jonathon Foucher, Marine Tech, in France. She is like Mubuli, but much lighter @ 300lbs., and uses windsurfing masts for a Gibbons, rig. Hopefully I will be able to sail her like a windsufer. The try-plane hull is a Phil Bolger, boat concept. This one uses George Greenoughs' edge board chines for quicker planning. Occume fun!
  11. bi-directional Proa

    Looks like wet fun. Check out Salamba,18' tri-plane proa, she the big sister of your design. When I finish her I let you in on her performance. Good luck to you.
  12. underwater swordfight - what is it?

    A Honkey Pokey kelp cutter with vapor assist in the orbicular plane.
  13. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Bob, thanks for taking the trouble to show the progress of the carbon cutters. It helps me keep the stoke up for my build. Aloha, Guerdon.
  14. Degassing Epoxy

    Ocean Concepts is right, Try using a low viscosity casing resin. If you must use epoxy call Resin Research, they probably have something special just for you. If you are casting polyester try stirring with a narrow stick and then using a light suction to bring the bubbles to the surface.
  15. what is it?

    Johson rod fairing foiler.