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  1. guerdon

    Caption Contest

    Low freeboard, with some water logging of the core where. fittings were improperly attached.
  2. mempenman, stress flows like water, carbon will transmit the stress to the nearest area that concentrates or occludes the impact if that area cannot shed the flow a crack/explosion will occur at that point. With FEA software and new computers many of the tragedies can now be predicted so you won't have incidents like in the past. The stiffness per pound give the nod to carbon, but you really need an autoclave to get consistent products. On the balance for one off race boats I still believe wood is superior for the long lived watercraft.
  3. The main difference between wood and carbon is notch strength. Carbon fiber is made of roasted rayon. When is is notched , it doesn't fatigue, its' stiffness transmits with explosive force . Wood is flexed during its' manufacture [50 years] so it gradually lets the surrounding area absorb the impact. While carbon is the sexy hookup, wood is the one that you marry.
  4. Janet, your G32 may have those. My latter model did and she pointed quite high[almost as high as my Kirby 1/4 ton, which amazed me].
  5. guerdon

    IOR landfills?

    12 Meter, I restored a SAAB 93f rally car made in Trollhatten. It always felt like Hank Hinkley, was smiling down upon me, when. i worked on her. So well made, such lovely curves but nothing in excess. Certain objects are charmed and draw you in.
  6. guerdon

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    I don't know. She'll do.
  7. guerdon

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    eBay 20' circumnavigator @$3000. in Vancouver.
  8. guerdon

    Race to Alaska best boat

    It seems like farmer logic [if a little is. good a lot is better]. Why zoom through a wonderful yet dangerous course? I was always impressed by Russell Browns' , strategy of seamanship. My son and I went to a futuristic amusement park with a new ride that was so scary the passengers didn't even scream. Two days later. they closed it because two healthy people had died from pressure injuries to the brain. 30mph.through the water is equal to the speed of sound through the air. Keep that in mind when doing endurance events that. affect your concentration/life.
  9. guerdon

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Janet, Look up George Greenough, edge board. That would be the call for seaworthy planing speed.
  10. guerdon

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Janet, when I got out of college[pre-WEST]. I was commissioned to design endurance outboards by the man who held the patient for concave fluid lifting surfaces. This was before the put the" pilots" in sealed fighter plane containers. I drove for a while, and then turned that job over to people who had nothing to lose. Our competition came from Italy[Molanari] their mahogany hulls were a modified split dory pickle fork type. Ours were Eglass but the had concave longeron tunnels in the sponsons. We didn't. have full sponsorship so we were giving them @20% in HP but the lift and handling enable us to lap them after a couple of hours. The next year concaves were outlawed. o
  11. guerdon

    Race to Alaska best boat

    Flat bottoms can be very fast as canoe hulls. Many of the considerations for this type revolve around the materials used to build them. One can make a good case for a lightweight glass ball hull as a structure but for pure speed flat wood is very hard to beat once it's on a plane. My favorite shape/material blend is the triplane hull. which evolved into the Greenough edge board bottom. Most of the governing bodies out law concave hull forms, which also give great speed increases. Freak freely.
  12. guerdon

    Solo & Looking for an R2AK Boat!

    SJ24 is the call. One paddle her at. 3kts. if you are motivated by an approaching supertanker. The bow wave didn't capsize us, but the adventure did strain my marriage. They sail really. well and you. can cruse the. [simply] for. weeks.
  13. guerdon

    70' Cruising Proa....Big Red Yacht

    That is. the designer and. his boat in France, with traditional rig. Mine has a rig like a giant windsurfer. Craigslist hooked me up with a bundle of North, Finnish uni carbon spars that were joined to make the monster rig. Aloha, Guerdon.
  14. guerdon

    70' Cruising Proa....Big Red Yacht

    My Salamba, should push the limits of proa evolution. It has a full carbon rig ,new Blast sail, Harkin blocks and a windward skyhook sidestay on brails, that can tilt the mast to windward like a windsurfer. Might as well use the sail to lift the main hull out of the water at speed. I will keep. you posted. Health has slowed down my sail time, ,but this spring should be the bomb.
  15. guerdon

    Gougeon 32 Roll Call

    Nothing like a polished low rider. No lead slinger here. This forum would make Jan, smile.