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  1. Congratulations. Check out Murrays' marine. For anything Hobie. We used to use surplus landing craft dry bags, but with all of the river running now days there are many dry storage options available. Hobie, camping is big in europe where it is called raiding. You should have a blast.
  2. Cats, have taken the world by storm worldwide. Hobie did it by finding new folks who were searching for fun and had nothing to loose. Big cats are a big deal and will never be for everyone. Proas are a logic that is nonwestern.
  3. I love proas and those who sail them, I also love recumbents, it's all for fun. As a lad I remember doing a rush paint job on a new S and S, transatlantic racer. The water line was three inches off and the client was due the next day. Boats are art, revel in them. That defective design was very successful. Using is understanding, talking is not using. I you treat life as a kiss, it's much more enjoyable.
  4. My friend George, built a lifting keel Shock which was called Morning Light. It was a wonderful boat and the star of the movie" The innermost limits of pure fun" which is still available and highly recommended if you want to see what caused the shortboard revolution. I believe it was a Gary Mull design.
  5. Bob, computers are like the the vapid high school cheerleader, wonderful to play with but you have to go slow and explain your jokes. That being said, my new proa was lofted and faired on a computer and it is very accurate +-1/2 mm. Remember those old tables of offsets ' " 1/8". She was drawn in France and Emailed to me, the luddite. Aloha, Guerdon.
  6. Bob, your story was true, he was replacing his Ketch "Matilda" which had a lovely seat. He sailed to unwind. It was fun to see him and William F. Buckley, "not race" each other. Those were interesting times at I.H.Y.C.
  7. Russell, I sold a proa to a farmer surfer/sailer friend. She had a pivoting drag strut outrigger for lower wave drag. Somehow he tried to use it with the hull inverted. He gave up because it caused too much drag. When the CoastGuard certified one of my racing dories they wanted to inspect the floatation tanks, " it has none, the wood hull provides the required amount of float." I had to help them do the math to prove she would float. Between the Boater,Government,Lawyers, you have to be a saint to deal with the paying public.
  8. The concept of out of the box design is right up there with quantum leap. Some people are humorless. Me I prefer play, and Bill Garden got it.
  9. I will miss him. He and Jan, are probably playing around heavens island. Many peoples' lives are better because of them and their efforts.
  10. Trump, don't sail. Get over it. All forms of sailing are great. The egos are not the reason we sail, fun is.
  11. It has been wonderful to see so many fine craft. I love race cars, but you can't cross apply designs. 30 knots through the water is like the speed of sound through the air. The B40 was a rule beater based on a boat called PaperTiger. The whole rating game is smart but not wise.
  12. Contact,Elliott,Pattison, sailmakers , they will help you. Delightful people.
  13. I would have to agree with you, although I saw a winged deck Val named Little Wing in Tahiti, that was stunning.
  14. When I was a kid,I got the odd boat. No Finns for kids. I learned fast. Was the outcast. I guess my dad should have got me a Bluejay like all the sailing cadets had. Thank God he didn't. How many kids die sailing? How many kids leave sailing because of boring boats? One good thing about being the outcast kid the people you meet are lively, which is the point of living. The lessons you get outside the Program are better.