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    the greatest

    G32 still winning, no handicap needed. Go GBros!
  2. guerdon

    Life aboard a sub-20' Sailboat

    About the shoes. Women can't have enough, " because they have to go with the outfit". " Why do you have so many surfboards? Do you really need that many Boards?" "How many shoes do you need?" The surfboard question has never come up again and that was 20 years ago. Feminine logic, always wins.
  3. guerdon

    Wooden boats thread

    Bob, the first festival I was invited because I built dories. I was tired of being ripped off by people using my hulls for plugs so I designed one to be ultra light, and got some beautiful Regina mahogany from Tom Wylie and used epoxy to hold it together with glass chines. The West System was used and we finished them with Imron. You couldn't tell how they were made because the chines were transparent. They weighed 46lbs. including the oars. I sold two boats there. After that I closed my shop. If you look in the wonderful red West System construction book, there is a photo of one on a beach near my house. I am sad that I didn't get to meet you at the festival. Boats are like music. aloha, Guerdon.
  4. guerdon

    Wooden boats thread

    Bob, the simplest way to talk about composite construction is to preface the word composite with the material used in the majority of the structure[wood composite, carbon composite]. When I did the first Wooden boat festival, there were many types of traditional boats there. Many of the folks there were romantically enmeshed in the good old days which they never were a part of. It seems to be a part of human nature to want to wax nostalgic. You can look ahead to people in the future gazing fondly at the historic craft before them "Look George! you can see the peel pattern, I bet they used real Stretchlon in in the bagging of that hull. Boy they sure knew how to build em then." Thanks for your candor, aloha, Guerdon.
  5. guerdon

    Route du Rhum

    Proa, Thanks for your help. Aloha, Guerdon.
  6. guerdon

    Mo Bettah Too

    Sloop, the interior would look sharp with a very light grey, like Seattle grey, on the bunk flats only. If you can find a deep red, like some of the old tractor enamels, it makes a tasteful edge highlighting. Like pin striping only using the structure for the lines. You have done a fine job
  7. guerdon

    CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    CrazyR, Your boat looks great I don't see the need for further development on her. It is not apparent how the cross beams are attached but otherwise it looks doable. I was under the impression that Proas were the only watercraft prohibited from the contest by the founders. Good luck to you.
  8. guerdon

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Craigslist, can be great. I got my G32 from it from a wonderful guy. I got a canoe for $100. I have purchased several outboards on it for nominal sums, and even a new trailer for $100. You have to know what you are looking at, bring cash be polite, and remove it promptly. Time is of the essence.
  9. guerdon

    Un-tweaking a hatch

    IStream,is correct, cast metal parts have different grain and can be broken easily. If you want to slightly shim the gap, go to an big auto parts supplier and get a small tube of penetrating silicone calking. Make a small dam to keep it in place and fill the small gap. The hatch will not be square but the gasket will fill the gap. Practice on scrap pieces first. This is tricky to do but it does work. Good luck.
  10. guerdon

    Refinishing Carbon Fiber

    I have been using uv stabilized epoxy for many years on my surfboards.
  11. guerdon

    Refinishing Carbon Fiber

    Black is safer, I you use clear-cut get it an auto body supply store, not a regular paint supplier. The good stuff comes from Canada and is about $15. per can. 5 coats lasts about 5 years before it photo degrades in soCal. I have used it for 10 years. One can should be enough. Follow directions exactly. Good luck.
  12. Optimist, the newer tri designs have a logic born of algorithms. All of the Newick, boats design springs from natural forms and many were made from miracle fiber W, in small shops, not autoclaves. Their unity of purpose is a result of a man who was not afraid to follow his vision. The newer boats just seem to be like new cars. They work well but the soul of them is Haole [air]. If you could get close to one, it might change your Jetson mind.
  13. guerdon

    Route du Rhum

    Proa,, you have embarrassed me out of being a total luddite. That said, my Salamba proa is almost done if you would like photos please let me know the simple way to send them to you. Aloha, Guerdon.
  14. guerdon

    No more "Members Only" at my Club.

    If it was good enough for George Castanza, it's good enough for me [not that there is anything wrong with it].
  15. Thanks for the memories. I lived down the hill from Jimi, on Maui during "the Rainbow Bridge' era. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.
  16. I remember seeing Little Wing [a Bridge deck Val] in Tahiti in front of my house. I studied her for days, and never found a bad curve. She was perfectly integrated.
  17. guerdon

    Sailing today

    Share the love, thanks.
  18. guerdon

    No flag, no foul!

    I came from surfing in the early sixties. Rules were simple. Don't drop in on anyone. Respect your elders. Earn your spot through excellence in waterman skills. I fell into sailboat racing and was amazed at the affectation. I pondered how to have the same experience that surfing generated. Owner must build boat. Owner must self launch and land his craft alone through the waves. If money is involved it is winner take all. That's it.
  19. guerdon

    Schock 40 - shockingly easy and fun.

    Jason, I always wanted to sail Red Herring, and when the Schock came along I was Jazzed. Glad that you worked the kinks out and are enjoying her.
  20. Funnels faced with neoprene, worked slick on Humber lifeboats that we launched through the surf.
  21. guerdon

    Anyone sailed a Hobie and a Corsair?

    If you are organized and the boat is set up properly it should take about 15 minutes. Watch the West System G32 demo on YouTube.
  22. guerdon

    Loick Peyron and his yellow tri

    I thought Humdinger was the Trinado. Cool name.
  23. guerdon

    Ama design question

  24. guerdon

    Mr Sunshine

    The pic is of "Cheers" not "Three Cheers", she was a later design. PTWatercraft has reprinted the book about her. Winter's coming give yourself a present. It will take you back to the magic.