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  1. #13

    Crypto AG

    AG is the abbreviation for Aktiengesellschaft, which is a German word for a corporation limited by share ownership whose shares may be traded on a stock market.
  2. #13

    Antrim 27's, how many

    That's in the ballpark, though Jim feels that's an optimistic total savings. And yes, buy a lotto ticket. Surprised it was only a 3 second hit.
  3. #13

    Antrim 27's, how many

    Yes to both, resulting in the displacement remained the same. Performance will be improved with both and particularly the square head main.
  4. #13

    Antrim 27's, how many

    Displacement didn't change. Built in Moss Landing, near Watsonville.
  5. #13

    Antrim 27's, how many

    Correct, and where you sail, that main would be a giant killer. And only a 3 second a mile rating hit...
  6. #13

    Antrim 27's, how many

    Probably 10 knots.
  7. #13

    Antrim 27's, how many

    Check the Antrim 27 FB page for some pics of the new carbon 27 winning the 3 Bridge Fiasco. First to finish!
  8. #13

    2020 Rock and Roll HoF

    Willie Wilcox with Todd and Utopia!
  9. #13

    2020 Rock and Roll HoF

    Once again, no Todd Rundgren. His production credits alone should have had him in years ago, never mind all of the songs he's written.
  10. #13

    Oct 14 earthquake Bay Area

    As a native, anything under 5.0 is just the garage door getting slammed shut. Didn't feel a thing.
  11. #13

    Trivia questions

    Cool. If I'm ever free on a Monday night, I'll wander down. What time, and how do you avoid MNF?
  12. #13

    Planned power outages this week?

    So, I'll stay on topic before ranting a bit... 1. According to the map, we are just outside one of the zones to be shut down on the Peninsula. Unfortunately, the grid is cobbled together over decades, and PG&E doesn't really know how accurate the boundaries are. We'll know in two hours. 2. Their website crashed. Yup. Couldn't access it, because they never thought they would have that level of traffic. Rant: they have, for years, been an evil empire of corruption, managing to get retired executives and lobbyists appointed to the CPUC. So, biggest case in point? They get a rate increase approved several years ahead of blowing up San Bruno, to 'maintain and improve' the gas pipeline infrastructure. Not one single dime was spent on what the increase was for, resulting in the town and lives getting blown up. What did they spend it on? Bonuses to the executives. Shutting down power lines that have not been maintained, upgraded, foliage pruned away, or placed underground is a stop-gap at best, given the amount of money and rate increases they've taken in. Solar panels and a storage system are in our near future.
  13. The Daiquiri is the drink of Kings, of JFK and Papa Hemingway, and will always be one of my faves. The Sazerac Cocktail is also a fave, particularly with oysters on the half-shell (Old Overholt Rye whiskey; Peychaud's bitters; simple syrup; and Herbsaint to rinse the glass). Add to that a rum based Manhattan (El Dorado 3yo rum; Antica Carpana vermouth; a dash of orange and angoustora bitters; garnish with a proper Luxardo Marascha cherry). There you go.
  14. #13

    The Hum sailing movie

    This is the best sailing movie ever, because it begins and ends with a wager on a race in a YC bar: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063117/reference And it has Gardner McKay as the star.