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  1. Better living through taxidermy, perhaps?
  2. #13

    grumpy old farts vindicated

    It was released right after "Return of the grandson of Rocky 17"... There isn't a lot of original thought in hollywood.
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    grumpy old farts vindicated

    It's an apples to tangerines to oranges comparison. At 1:30ish he's comparing the Beatles / Dylan / Kinks to Britney / Katie / Bieber. He's comparing AOR to Pop, as though Melanie with her hit "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates" and music like it didn't exist back then. Now, the reason I think the vast majority of today's music is crap is that very little is created 'organically' by an actual band playing real instruments. It's created on a computer by a group of producers who then select a largely generic sounding singer to release. Now, get off my musical lawn... ;-)
  4. That is a late-70s Clipper Marine 32' aft cockpit boat. The mast might even be 30' long, as it seemed to be the same rig used on either the 26 or 30. It was not a particularly heavy load, as they were light boats (and lightly built). I'm impressed there's still one out there. Bill Crealock designs, if memory serves. Dance with the girl ya' got, I guess...
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    Lumbar Epidural Steroids. . .

    Funny you should say that... 51 of my years have been in Dodge products, the first 50 were in two vehicles: a 1964 Dart GT with a slant six I bought from my folks who had bought it new in 64, sold it to a kid in 1997 who is still driving it. The chassis and transmission were fine, had to replace the slant six back in 1980 due to a crack in the water jacket under the exhaust manifold. The 2000 Durango I sold to a friend last year is still running great for him. Now, the first 2017 Durango was bought back as a lemon, and I'm looking forward to offing the replacement 2017 Durango for a Highlander in a year or two... They most definitely do not make them like they used to!
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    Lumbar Epidural Steroids. . .

    Yes, I've had two in my neck (C6, stenosis, degenerating disk): first one was immediate relief, the second one four years later took several weeks. Since November 17, I've had four done in the lumbar: 2 at L5 and 2 at L4. Because you are below the spinal cord you can do an injection on either side of the vertebrae (2 at the same time). My issue is stenosis, herniation, bulging, and arthritis. It took a few days, but helped, and since it's been almost four months, I might be due again... Yes, this aging business is tough. At least the engine runs great, though lotta good that does as the chassis is falling apart. Good luck!
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    Quarter century

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    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    And no, I have no idea why it won't attach the picture in the correct orientation...
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    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Fired this up the other day, for those moments when you absolutely must have that vintage 60s tube amp sound! http://magnatoneamps.com/M9.html
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    February Fourteenth

    That day is March 14th.
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    Stereo Amp Fix Anarchy

    It sounds like one of the output components is smoked. Look for a guitar amplifier repair shop / music store specializing in tube amps. Second choice is an electronic repair shop.
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    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Having attended several Master Classes back in the 80s with Michael Hedges, who was a brilliant musician and genuinely nice person, he was less about playing the guitar and more about composition. He simply tuned the guitar and adjusted technique to achieve the sound he was hearing.
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    Cable modem/router question

    Download and upload speed. The bigger the number, the faster it will go and the more users / connected devices can work simultaneously. Additionally, you will want 802.11 A/C in addition to 802.11N. Faster wireless connection. New devices support it, old ones connect at their protocol level. I'd consider simply connecting your cable to an ethernet port on the back of the cable modem and then connecting the shop end into a wireless router with some ethernet ports in the event some shop equipment doesn't have wireless. My home network is the Arris Surfboard terminates the cable. The home phone (VoIP) connects to the cable modem, and then connected to the ethernet ports of the cable modem are the M-Cell for the cell phones (Cisco box from AT&T), the internet connection for the garage door opener (so that I can see it from my phone app where ever I might be in the world; used it once in an IoT discussion / demo with the VA Dept. in DC), and then I connect my Apple Airport Extreme which provides a secondary network wirelessly as well as an ethernet port in use for the DirecTV boxes to connect to the internet. The other end of the house I have an Apple Airport Express that extends the range of the Apple network. It connects wirelessly. Good luck!
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    Cable modem/router question

    Depends on what you are trying to do. I've just switched from AT&T Uverse to Xfinity for Internet and home phone and bought this: http://amzn.to/2AQt7h0 Generally, they control your speed not at the CO end, rather with the modem. If you buy your own rather than rent it from the provider, you can go out and buy the fastest one available and then pay for the lowest service speed. Personally, I like Arris, as they acquired a former customer (Com21) and kept most of the employees.
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    Whiskey Anarchy

    Johnny Black for scotch, Bulleit Bourbon for bourbon.