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  1. #13

    what is it?

    Forgot about 45 degrees south. 1975 champs, sistership Why Why was 1976, and Carl Schumacher's Summertime Dream in 1977? Don't ask me what I just had for lunch, it's already forgotten, and no clue why I remember these antiquated sailing stats... ;-)
  2. #13

    what is it?

    North Star 727, based on "Why Why", 1/4 ton world champ the year before. Sailed on the first one on the west coast, summer of 1977 (out of Santa Cruz; Bill Lee wound up owning her after the first owner's group). Nice boats for the day.
  3. #13

    what is it?

    A Wyliecat knock-off.
  4. #13

    not fun

    Didn't she sink, perhaps in a Coastal Cup?
  5. #13

    Used Car Anarchy

    After 5 months of owning my first 2017 brand new Durango, it's dash lit up like a Christmas tree so off to the dealer it went. A few days later they said 'good as new', and I didn't even get 3 miles from the dealer before the same thing. They had it for 5 weeks and still didn't know what was wrong, had replaced almost all of the wiring harnesses / etc. and still couldn't get it to function. Bought back as a lemon. So, good luck if you buy it. If you really know cars and can troubleshoot and repair them better than the dealer, go for it. Otherwise, seems like you are buying a lemon without a warranty. Caveat emptor.
  6. #13

    Large Tankers off West Coast

    Have you gone to one of the vessel tracking apps to see what's out there? Interesting subject, thanks Chris.
  7. #13

    Movies I've Rewatched due to Covid-19

    Omega man and Soylent Green.
  8. #13

    Crypto AG

    AG is the abbreviation for Aktiengesellschaft, which is a German word for a corporation limited by share ownership whose shares may be traded on a stock market.
  9. #13

    Antrim 27's, how many

    That's in the ballpark, though Jim feels that's an optimistic total savings. And yes, buy a lotto ticket. Surprised it was only a 3 second hit.
  10. #13

    Antrim 27's, how many

    Yes to both, resulting in the displacement remained the same. Performance will be improved with both and particularly the square head main.
  11. #13

    Antrim 27's, how many

    Displacement didn't change. Built in Moss Landing, near Watsonville.
  12. #13

    Antrim 27's, how many

    Correct, and where you sail, that main would be a giant killer. And only a 3 second a mile rating hit...
  13. #13

    Antrim 27's, how many

    Probably 10 knots.
  14. #13

    Antrim 27's, how many

    Check the Antrim 27 FB page for some pics of the new carbon 27 winning the 3 Bridge Fiasco. First to finish!