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  1. Playboy announces 1st Transgender Playmate

    Nope. First one was a Bond girl: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caroline_Cossey
  2. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Too cool, I know Les and his lovely wife. Great guy, very amusing (to say the least). My bass is a mid-70s P-Bass with a Bad Ass bridge that my luthier converted to fretless. He sold it to me, including extra strings and a gig-bag, for $175 back in the 80s. Dollar for dollar, I have made more money with that bass than any other instrument (pit orchestra work mostly). Great investment! Picture is in the 2nd post of this thread. Cheers,
  3. 30 days in 10 minutes Container ship

    Very cool- great find, thanks for sharing.
  4. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    I'm a lefty who plays righty. Made the decision in high school, as there'd be a 1,000 guitars in the local Guitar Showcase or Center and only 4 or 5 ugly ones were left-handed. My hand with the greater dexterity deals with the fretboard. ;-)
  5. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    This thread has been around before, though always fun. First, my disclaimer: my BA is in Music, Jazz Guitar Performance Concentration, and I was a working musician late 70s to early 90s before focusing on the 'technology day job'. Also tired of working nights and weekends. Played in a lot of pit orchestras, studio work (sight reading was a skill back then), and performed in 'contractor bands' in addition to having some bands of my own in the jazz fusion and rock world. Nothing notable, though I did have the opportunity to open for Warren Zevon (Envoy tour, late 82) and Ronnie Montrose / Mitchell Froom duo tour (early 83?) among others. Singing a duet with Bobby McFerrin in the early 80s was simultaneously the high and low point of my vocalizing (hey, I'm singing with Bobby is the proverbial double-edged sword, as it becomes apparent he's Bobby and I'm not. LOL!). Did some work with other Jazz performers such as Joe Henderson, Tuck and Patti, local SF area folks. Fun times. Today: begrudgingly have done a few performances akin to a 'dad band', last one at the YC I belong to a while ago that featured a fellow member who had toured with Elvin Bishop and Quicksilver Messenger Service. Mostly I enjoy noodling around and trying to get the kids interested. My wife's school days Gemienhardt flute is now being used by our older daughter in 6th grade band, while the younger daughter favors Ukelele, trying guitar, some keyboards, singing, and percussion. Instruments (don't get my wife started...): 9 guitars. Les Paul Custom; 1962 reissue Fender Strat; 1962 Epiphone Howard Roberts with a Johnny Smith pickup on the back of the fingerboard; mid-70s P-bass converted to fretless (dollar for dollar the best investment ever!); custom small body mahogany acoustic, roughed out by C.B. Perkins and finished by his son and grandsons; Alvarez Wildwood cutaway 6 string; Alvarez Wildwood 12 string; Hohner nylon string; late 60s unknown 12 string on 'permanent loan' from the BiL (neck slightly warped, now in drop G open tuning for the kids to try slide). Amps: 1981 Mesa Boogie MkIIb; Roland Chorus Cube; Magnatone Estey; Vox 1x12 generic. More pedals that may or may not work than I can recall. Fun times. Recently had the opportunity to play drums on a kit a friend had rented in an attempt to get his kids to play, felt pretty good. Now I ask him what else he's going to rent for me to 'refresh my memory' on. ;-)
  6. what is it?

  7. what is it?

    Well? Have we figured it out? And I agree: a race week should be at least 5 days of sailing. Throw in a lay-day and a practice day to add up to a full, honest to goodness, 7-day week.
  8. What he said. The cabin is longer, so the keel only goes to the top of the interior, just like on my Antrim 27.
  9. what is it?

    "Red Cloud" is a beautifully redone Farr that sails out of my club. She was originally "bimbo" when she arrived on the bay. Don't believe she was a production boat.
  10. mondo bondage

    Good choice, nice boat, and thanks to the Wizard's (presumed) nod to the old ton rule, you have some headroom below. Enjoy, I'm looking forward to the upgrade articles.
  11. Best site to post in GA

    Hi Folks, what is the best hosting site to post a few pics in a GA thread? Apparently Flickr is no longer acceptable?
  12. Guitar Player Anarchy

    Well, this is a fun thread! Been getting mine out a bit over the past year or so, even set up the old touring rig while the lovely bride was on a 4-day biz trip. Never get rid of a guitar has been my credo, so I've kept everyone since that first nylon strung Hohner back in 1977. When I put the pics up where I can link them I'll post them. Maybe tomorrow. Cheers!
  13. Anarchist Amps ,, whutcha listenin' through

    Ah- stereo amp. SS for me, technics SL2 turntable. Tube amps for guitar: Primary is my Mesa Boogie MkIIb made for me in 1981. Still sounds incredible. The 'vintage' tube amp is a Magnatone Estey Custom a student gave to me (he thought it didn't work, and someone had given it to him- just needed a cord). Circa 1966. Cheers!
  14. Tankless water heater anarchy

    We made the switch 8 years ago, and it works great. We did add a re-circ pump at the far end of the house which runs for an hour and a half twice a day when you want flash-on hot water. My understanding is that they now use a hybrid tankless plus a 5 gallon heater for flash-on hot water. You may need to upgrade your gas line to 1", check with an experienced plumber.
  15. US Vessel Documentation Question

    You're supposed to have the original on the boat. We keep ours onboard, as well as our insurance information.