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  1. Bristol-Cruiser

    China blinks...

    Pervasive government, what would generally be called authoritarian government, does not equal communism. By your definition Nazi Germany was communist since it was certainly 'pervasive' more than Xi's China.
  2. Bristol-Cruiser

    China blinks...

    When my wife was growing up in Beijing they dug air raid shelters and did drills often. Sometimes it was fear of an American attack, but most of the time it was fear of a Soviet attack.
  3. Bristol-Cruiser

    China blinks...

    Not sure I agree. I have extended family members who have done very well in China and they do not give a fig about Xi and the Party. From their perspective if the opportunities to get rich(er) are there they are cool with that. From Xi's perspective he is fine with them getting rich so long as they are not seen as any sort of thread, which they aren't, they are basically apolitical. An interesting stat from Canada where we have an election in a couple of weeks. Citizens who migrated from India have an 80% voter turnout. Those from Taiwan and HK are in the mid 70s. Those from mainland China 35%. They are apolitical here too. Xi is generally thought to be doing a good job, providing opportunities, improving environmental quality, and tackling corruption (even if it is mainly corruption from potential rivals). Right now there is pressure because of housing and food costs. This is making the negotiation over tariffs tougher.
  4. Bristol-Cruiser

    City art

    I think it is pretty common in lots of places. In some towns murals are being used to attract tourists.
  5. Bristol-Cruiser

    Canadian election time

    Voted yesterday at the advanced poll. Turns out we have a Communist (not a M-L) running as well so there were six on the ballots. Not at all busy in the polling station.
  6. One of my sons is a BMW, now Audi mechanic. He told me about working on a fairly high-end BMW that had 23 computers. This after replacing the computer that controlled the firmness of the seats as you cornered. I asked him how many computers in a high-end Lexus. Apparently only one. His feeling was that it is crazy to own a BMW out of warranty, unless it is very old one.
  7. Bristol-Cruiser

    China blinks...

    We have to remember that there may be tens of millions who hate Xi, let's say it is 50 million (probably not even that many) but that is out of population of 1.3 billion so a small percentage. He is governing for the Han Chinese and ethnic groups he doesn't view as a threat, which is to say most of them.
  8. Bristol-Cruiser

    Time to impeach?

    My understanding of the process is that you need to investigate so that you have the data you need to decide whether an impeachment vote is warranted. Could be they do all. the investigatin' and find out that Trump is a worthy president and guilty of no impeachable offences. Could be true but not looking that way, but time will tell us the truth. If trump really thinks he is innocent he should insist that all possible witnesses talk to the committees in public so everyone will see he did nothing wrong. Refusing to do so makes one look awfully like there is something to hide.
  9. Bristol-Cruiser

    China blinks...

    I think we should always think of China as a Chinese, semi-authoritarian state that is really very far from being socialist let alone communist. I wonder if you sat down with Xi over a pijiu or three if he has a self-image as one of the great benevolent dictator emperors of past years?
  10. Bristol-Cruiser

    Canadian election time

    Interesting because Justin's daddy was as far from a C student as you could get - a seriously bright guy. Harper was not a dummy but not in the showy, intellectual way that Pierre was, more like Chretien-smart.
  11. Bristol-Cruiser

    Canadian election time

    What would Scheer's hat say? "Make Scheer an insurance non-broker again" I think if Scheer does not win the election the knives will be out for him. Trudeau looked eminently beatable in this election in a country where we normally vote against the party in power rather than for the alternative.
  12. Bristol-Cruiser

    Canadian election time

    I think I mentioned listening to someone explain the conflict between the Trotskyists and Trotskyites - and this was in Canada. Perhaps both of these would unite against the MLs.
  13. Bristol-Cruiser

    Canadian election time

    Gee, looks like you have someone to vote for after all. I think if you do a bit of research about the communists in Canada in the 1930s they had a lot of appeal beyond the DRIs. Their leader was a guy named Tim Buck who was a machinist. He was put in Kingston Pen by the Bennet government. A petition for his release went to Parliament with half a million signatures which was a pretty good percentage of the population at the time. He had a rally at Maple Leaf Gardens that was packed with thousands turned away. He was almost elected to Toronto city council (I knew about the MLG rally but did a bit of research.) His appeal was to working class folks suffering in the Great Depression. The movement slipped into irrelevance after it became clear what Stalin had done to the USSR (it was strongly pro-Stalinist). The current batch were the Marxist-Leninists who were the anti-Stalinists during the 30s and 40s. They rose to 'ascendancy' later.
  14. Bristol-Cruiser

    Canadian election time

    I remember the first all-candidates. meeting I went to - when Trudeau pere was running the first time. The head of the Communist Party of Canada leader was running and he made the most sense of any of the candidates. I think the CPC then was a pretty conservative bunch back then. I there also was a Marxist-Leninist party as. well if you were. into revolutions run by people who. run. for Parliament.
  15. Bristol-Cruiser

    More corrupt intent

    Possibly should be the Library of Congress system.