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  1. Photo story - Saint Helena

    We loved our visit to St Helena. A hidden jewel with remarkably friendly people. The customs officer gave us a couple of pieces of cake that she made when we were checking out. Only other place that ever happens is the USA. Craig, good to see you are still out there. Bruce and June, Ainia
  2. Drip Drip Drip

    If it is about national pride shouldn't Donald have stood up for American hookers? Seems just a natural part of MAGA.
  3. Korean War to end.

    Kim does not have to sign a treaty. He just needs to mention the possibility of it to get warm and fuzzy feelings happening in SoKo, the US and most other places. The guy is a master at playing people and nations.
  4. Korean War to end.

    That's not the real Orient Express. The OE started running in the 1880s from Paris to Istanbul. Something called the Orient Express still runs but strangely doesn't make it to Asia ending variously in places like Venice.
  5. Korean War to end.

    Not sure why you think that signing a treaty would open the border or make for an artillery stand down. Kim is very good at playing one end against another. If he is seen as being chummy with the Souks it may yield a variety of dividends. Way, way too soon to imagine what the terms would be and what the long-term implications are. Not sure what the Orient Express has to do with anything.
  6. In mast main furler noise when docked

    It is the norm with Hood curlers. A flute stopper works fine. Getting it up takes a few minutes. I stand on the boom so I can reach the spot where the flute stopper goes into the slot. Getting it off takes a minute or so.
  7. here's a novel idea

    One of the most important features of many microcredit programs (Grameen bank is a prime example) is that borrowers are in small groups in a community. The group members have to approve the loan (to a neighbour they know). If the loan is not repaid the other four or five members of the group are not eligible for a loan. It is a great loan committee and repayment percentages are typically in the high 90% range - somewhat higher than the present POTUS who now must get his loans from whomever for whatever reason.
  8. CBO predicts higher revenues following tax cut

    The Chinese do not think in terms of years (or four year terms) or even decades. They think in centuries. Taking over a big chunk of Russia is not in any immediate plan but in the long term it is there for sure. They did fight a minor war with the Russians in 1969 but it was not in either country's interest to escalate it to something serious. My wife grew up in Beijing in the 1960s and 1970s and part of their life was to dig trenches and get used to the idea of fallout shelters. Indeed there is still a huge fallout shelter a small block from where her parents live in a university compound. Depending on Mao's thinking at any given time, all the preps were because the Americans were going to attack or the Russians were going to attack. She said more often than not it was the Russians who were seen as the bigger threat.
  9. CBO predicts higher revenues following tax cut

    There was a very interesting article in The Economist about China's growing ability to deny the US Navy access to any areas near its coasts. They describe a first island chain (Japan, Philippines, Taiwan) and a second island chain (smaller islands further out). Chinese missiles are now capable of destroying any naval assets in the first chain and are rapidly being able to deny access to the second chain. The possibilities of a Cuban blockade are just not there. The option is a more than global conflict. Say what you will, the Chinese are damn smart and very patient. They have secured their natural gas supply and one purpose of the Belt and Road initiative is to secure an oil supply via pipelines from the Middle East. China is inherently a land power as the US is a sea power. The Chinese would be happy to 'settle' for dominance in Asia, a cooperative arrangement with the EU and first dibs on Africa. They would not mind letting the Americans dominate the rest although they want good trading relationships with Oz, NZ, and Canada.
  10. here's a novel idea

    I think the details would need to be worked out but I like the basic principle (pun semi-intended). The deal might include paying off credit card debt, making loan receivers ineligible for payday loans and having credit cards cut up for x years (until all consumer debt is gone?)
  11. CBO predicts higher revenues following tax cut

    The Chinese have signed two immense natural gas deals with the Russkies. If I remember correctly the pipelines should start to flow in 2020 or 2021. The Chinese have the unique ability to reduce their oil usage by just telling people they cannot drive their cars. They already do this when air pollution levels get too high. In any case hard to imagine the US stopping oil tankers from wherever going to China.
  12. Even Paul Ryan Sees The Writing On The Bloody Wall

    Good to see that Mr (I assume) unnamed GOP congress critter is a man of principle. See a link to why the US govt is so messed up.
  13. Adelaide is in Australis for what it is worth. My long deceased mother told me not to pick on those who, through no fault of their own, are really stupid. I guess that would apply here so I won't say anything else.
  14. China Started the Trade War, Not Trump

    A reasonable take on the situation. Mao was the last communist Communist. It changed bigly with Deng and his successors have only played with the direction and speed of change to what is a hugely capitalist system. Had a chance to sit in on a business dinner once in Xi'an with my brother-in-law and some of his buddies. Along with a lot of smoking, drinking and eating a great deal of business was carried. I was offered the Canadian rights for advanced biometric door locks that one of the guys was making - only $90,000US I seem to remember.
  15. China Started the Trade War, Not Trump

    The Nazi party was the National Socialist Workers' Party. The Socialism part must have come as a big shock to VW, Krupp, Bayer, et al who were central to Hitler's 'economic miracle'. Labels are only labels. The US Democratic Party would suggest that the other party is not democratic in nature ... OK, poor example.