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  1. Bristol-Cruiser

    Your first Presidential Vote?

    It was just part of the studio system back in the day. Actors didn't sign on to do a particular movie, instead they had a contract with a studio that allowed them to be slotted into whatever production was coming up. Each studio made a lot of movies in a short period of time, remember there was no television, and it was quite common for casts to change rapidly. Casablanca was just another movie at the time and not a blockbuster so it was just part of the system. Interestingly, Reagan became president of the Screen Actors' Guild which worked to break the power of the studio system and term contracts. Yes, Ronnie was a union leader, something that those who venerate him choose to ignore.
  2. Bristol-Cruiser

    Lincoln Project - getting better with every film

    Outstanding! Best one yet.
  3. Nothing good would come for Trudeau and Canada if he were to show up at the White House. Why attach yourself to a dead man walking? Trump needs any sort of victory he can arrange and Trudeau has no desire to help him in this regard.
  4. Bristol-Cruiser

    One month after opening, Covid 19 spiking

    Thirty-three states are reporting increases in infections, including big state like Florida, Texas, and California. Seems like hot spots are a lot more common than cold spots.
  5. Bristol-Cruiser

    Your first Presidential Vote?

    Reagan was considered to play Rick in Casablanca. That would not have gone well. He would not have been able to deliver the edge that Bogart did so well.
  6. Bristol-Cruiser

    CANADA-US COVID difference

    You hadn't heard? It is going to be a hedge and parts were planted in the spring with the rest coming this fall. Still working on Donald paying for it. We have him convinced it was his idea. Now pushing how it will help with the re-election.
  7. Bristol-Cruiser

    Why we as a country (USA) are collectively screwed

    You indicate little knowledge of both FDR and Big Julie.
  8. Bristol-Cruiser

    2020 polls & endorsements

    The real story is that 38% of Americans are still basically clueless. How is this possible? How can so many people be so dumb.
  9. Bristol-Cruiser

    Will he go quietly?

    I would be inclined to accept mediocre at this point, great is going to take many years of sensible leadership.
  10. Bristol-Cruiser

    Why we as a country (USA) are collectively screwed

    Not the right tone for Jack. This guy has the "I am smarter than you" vibe of a Mikey.
  11. Bristol-Cruiser

    Your first Presidential Vote?

    As was mine. I had met PET a couple of years earlier and was very impressed. He defined cool and brainy.
  12. Bristol-Cruiser

    Why we as a country (USA) are collectively screwed

    In post #42 someone posted the number of criminal convictions in presidential administrations. It seemed to be beyond your comprehension level but there was a red/blue difference even before the shitshow of Trump and his minions.
  13. Bristol-Cruiser

    Twitterer In Chief

    I have never commented on this thread so I will. Every time I see the title I think the person who started it got it wrong. It should be 'Twit-in-Chief'.
  14. Bristol-Cruiser

    CANADA-US COVID difference

    It is administered provincially but basic standards are set by the feds but a province can do more. Also most of the money comes from the feds.
  15. Bristol-Cruiser

    Why we as a country (USA) are collectively screwed

    Back to moral psychology, from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 1. Introduction: What is Moral Psychology? Contemporary moral psychology—the study of human thought and behavior in ethical contexts—is resolutely interdisciplinary: psychologists freely draw on philosophical theories to help structure their empirical research, while philosophers freely draw on empirical findings from psychology to help structure their theories.[1] Basing your hypotheses on philosophical thought does not give you a very firm foundation for what you are doing, since there is no way to 'prove' the validity of the philosophy that underlies your research. It is hardly proven science. I just had a thought, is there any possibility that this guy could be Mikey in a different disguise? He comes across as the same sort of, I am an expert and others are less worldly.