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    Ainia has now been sold. On the lookout for a smaller boat better suited to lake sailing - and me getting older!
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    Sailing, writing (not about sailing). New hobby - playing table tennis; going to World Veteran's Table Tennis tournament in Las Vegas in June (4300 players). 'Veteran' here does not mean you are former military - just old.

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  1. Bristol-Cruiser

    Climate news

    Not sure what you mean by 'abnormal'? There is abundant evidence that it is happening and that it is undesirable. There is no evidence that such a significant warming over such a short period of time is normal. It is also interesting to see that the antis are now saying that warming is happening after so many years of saying it was not happening.
  2. Bristol-Cruiser

    Melanias Jacket...Class Act?

    Anyone know the country in which the coat was made? Buy American?
  3. Bristol-Cruiser

    Melanias Jacket...Class Act?

    Have to agree totally. Ignoring insensitivity, which is hard, this jacket was designed for some smart-ass 19 year old not someone her age, let alone someone in her position. Can you imagine the outrage if any other first lady wore something like this for any outing. Of course, all first ladies in recent decades seem like class acts. Melanie is a class act, unfortunately it is all low class.
  4. Bristol-Cruiser

    PA Supreme Court Gives Dems A Chance To Pickup 5 House Seats

    You are like your hero in that your knowledge and use of the English language is, to be polite, 'interesting'. I was intrigued with the word 'pramaticist' never having heard it before. I did a quick Google search and the poor search engine was confused, the best it could come up with is that it is someone who is an expert on prams. Perhaps you meant 'pragmatist'? Did it not seem odd that your device underlined the word? You really do not help your arguments when you invent words to try to make yourself sound smarter. But what do I know, I am only a faggoty leftist commie ... and reasonably literate.
  5. Bristol-Cruiser

    Hey Gouvernail, what were you saying about the markets

    You forgot the part about brain shortage in the White House compared to that to be found in Beijing.
  6. Bristol-Cruiser

    Shithole cities.

    I would be careful before using words like 'scientific' for a study like this which is really just intended to be click bait that reinforces pre-existing biases among readers - note that if this was a list of best cities they would mainly have D mayors and the left side would be crowing as someone did. . I did an exercise similar to this for Canada for a Grade 9 textbook I wrote. The purpose of the exercise was not particularly to choose the 'best city to live' rather it was to consider how such a study could and should be conducted - which factors in include and how to weigh the importance of the factors. A couple of thoughts came to mind. The average cost of housing can be taken two ways, a low cost is a good thing in general but is taken as a negative here for some reason, but what is more important is the relationship between the housing cost and median income. Also, and critically, this study uses cities and not metropolitan areas. When most of us talk about a city, say Salt Lake City or Detroit, we really think about the metropolitan areas not the city which is very often a relic of a time when there were not suburban areas that extended well beyond the city border. Link this to the fact that most of the cities on this list are in rust belt or similar areas in which the flight to the suburbs happened in the 1950s and 1960s when these places were often fairly affluent, but where the return to the city cores (gentrification) in the 1990s and onward did not happen as it did in the more successful large cities (NYC, SF, Boston etc) where economic growth in the last few decades has been concentrated. A big problem on PA is that people seem to only want to focus on simplistic binary ideas (D/R, good/bad) when often more reasoned analysis is both helpful and necessary.
  7. Bristol-Cruiser

    The American Theocracy

    The difference between a civilized country and a semi-civilized one.
  8. Bristol-Cruiser

    Sorry Farmers, You've Been Stabbed in The Back

    I think it has been pointed out here, in a different context, that elections have consequences. Many Trump supporters are just starting to realize that this is the case. The only problem is that many people in the US and globally who opposed this dangerous fool from the start will also suffer.
  9. Bristol-Cruiser

    Kicking off the trade wars

    Which of course, the Chinese announced for instant imposition. The retaliatory tariffs are particularly focussed on exports from parts of the US that supported Trump in 2016 - farm states and midwest manufacturing states. Next step is up to the president and he is not smart enough and/or too stubborn to realize that he loses no matter what he does - more tariffs or sitting still with the current situation. Of course getting rid of all of these tariffs makes most sense, but by definition that would mean admitting that he doesn't know what he is doing, and also by definition, this would be impossible since he knows everything about everything. His supporters are fools who don't understand how the modern world actually works. The 2018 and 2020 elections will be interesting when the GOP gets little of the Big Business money they are used to having. Trump will have to sell a lot of MAGA hats - and they will cost 25% more because of the tariffs the boss has imposed.
  10. Bristol-Cruiser


    So are you saying that the CDC should be better-funded by the Trump administration so the country is well-prepared for a pandemic? Seems like a good idea, although it would mean you would have to criticize he who you would never criticize because of his omniscient nature.
  11. Bristol-Cruiser

    Drip Drip Drip

    Is is just me or does Cohen have a deer-in-the-headlights, not the sharpest knife in the drawer (to well mix my metaphors) in every picture or video you see of him? Trump seems to have surrounded himself with not the best or the brightest, is this to make him feels not so dumb?
  12. Bristol-Cruiser

    Manafort. Do not pass Go direct to jail.

    If it has nothing to do with Trump why is Giuliani already making noises about pardons? How long until Manafort is talking turkey with prosecutors? Would you trust a vague promise of a pardon from trump?
  13. Bristol-Cruiser

    World Cup

    Does logic have to enter into the conversation? I am a big fan of underdogs and that means Iceland all the way. Also a big Messi fan which means that Argentina-iceland will be a tough one to watch, maybe a 3-3 tie would be good for both.
  14. Bristol-Cruiser

    Retirement Anarchy

    Approaching 70 and into my 16th year of retirement. I taught high school for 31 years and loved it and was worried that I would miss the experience. Did not happen at all. Having a great time being retired. Can't imagine having time for a job. Sailed around the world, now playing semi-serious old-timer table tennis (in World Veterans TT Championship next week in Vegas), travelling a lot - cruise to Antarctica at Christmas, more time in China, next TT championship is in France in 2 years, 4 grandkids. If you can make it happen, make it happen. I think you have seen a trend here.
  15. Bristol-Cruiser

    Trump's visit to Pyongyang

    If Kim is clever, and there is considerable evidence he is, he should invite Donald to visit Pyongyang as soon as possible. Trump would enjoy the visit immensely. Huge crowds of adoring fans cheering him at every turn, perhaps a 'mass games' featuring pictures of Donald and Ivanka. Kim could arrange for Trump to receive the initial North Korea Peace Prize, even more exclusive than the Nobel since he would be the first and only winner. This includes a gold-plated bust of the winner (one for display in Nork and one to take home) along with a diamond -studded set of kimchee forks - Obama never got one of those let alone a set. Picture Trump's image in place of the patriotic one here. He might decide he wanted to move to Nork or at least open a golf course and hotel. An aside, in 2008 when I was in China I tried to arrange a tour of North Korea that would have included a mass games performance. Unfortunately there was not enough time to arrange a visa so I missed out on the chance to lay flowers at the grave of the first Kim (I think the second one was still Kim Jong Il rather than Kim Jong Dead.