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  1. Hey there B-C...

    My boat doesn’t have the classic old traditional yacht look, but it fits all your other requirements! You’d have the COOLEST boat in your neighborhood. Plus you can put it away on her trailer for the winter!...

    I’m quite willing to negotiate on price for the right owner!




  2. What boat to buy?

    Ok, so I talked to the wife and admiral and showed her the short list. Thought she might go for the J 100 or even the Morris depending on her mood and she said definitely, positively that she wants a boat that we go somewhere in, not just go for a sail on a nice day. She mentioned the North Channel and Newfoundland (we will be on Lake Ontario). Also could go to visit the grandkids in Hamilton which is about 70 miles from home. Would not be much slower than 401 and QEW (those are Toronto area highways with major traffic loads all the time).With my (and her) desire not to motor unless really necessary, I thought of something like a J 109 (although I have to figure out the J 108/109/110 business). The X-yachts XC-35 that we saw in Annapolis was very nice but they have only been out a few years and will be pricey. Sorry to all those who put such intelligent thought into the daysailer idea but we are moving up -although any of these 10,000 lb boats would be tiny in comparison to the Bristol that cruises at 40,000 pounds. Anyway we are looking for something in the 35' +/1 range with a PHRF around 100 or so (or less) with shoal draft. Windward ability would be nice but well down the list. Easy to sail with one or two people a priority. Perhaps the Pogo is back in the running.
  3. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Damn, I have been doing it wrong all these years. When we crossed the Pacific we seemed to get to every island about an hour too late to go, got lots of heave-to practice as a result. I am of the 'there are no old, bold sailors) school of being a chicken shit cruiser. Maybe the guy you talked about taught the couple who got into trouble.
  4. What boat to buy?

    I certainly have added the J 100 to the short list. It looks like an excellent boat overall and is attractive if not classic looking. A plus is that there quite a few available. Some of the others have only one example at a price point I would consider. I am starting to think about dropping the Alerion and the Pogo from the short list. The Alerion is a fine boat I am sure but does not offer as good performance as any of the others. Probably the best part about getting the Pogo would be the trip from the Canaries to the Caribbean. Can't imagine taking it out for a quiet day sail singlehanded. I made a summary of the boats. Prices refer to the cheapest one I could find, not that I would necessarily go with the cheapest example. When you look at the SA/Diap and Disp/length of the Pogo, along with its hull shape you can see why it is such a rocket ship. The Pogo PHRF is a conversion of its IRC rating. CW Hood 32 Morris M29 Alerion 28 Pogo 30 E33 J 100 LOA 32' 5" 29' 2" 28' 3" 30' 33' 7" 32' 10" LWL 20' 5" 20" 10" 22'8" 30' 27'1" 29' Beam 6' 11" 7' 4" 8' 2" 12' 1" 8' 9" 9' 4" Draft 4' 4' 6" 4'6" swing keel 5' 9" 5' 9" Displacement 2750 4375 5700 6173 5780 6500 Price (US$) 89,500 135,000 62,000 112,000 euros (139) 139,900 84,000 SA/Disp 23.3 23.1 21.0 27.2 26.1 26.6 Disp/Length 137.5 214.0 165.3 102.0 132.3 118.0 PHRF 150 156 168 ~45 102 96 Engine electric 14 14 12 14 10 or 14
  5. Liar in chief Obama?

    Silly me, I thought the purpose of an investigation was to get the significant and verified evidence of a crime. How else could the 'significant ...' etc exist. Your point #1 seemed really dumb until I got to #2 which is much more dumb. Are you really saying that if an investigation for, say, fraud, turned up evidence of a murder the investigators would be required to ignore this more serious crime?
  6. Just in. Mexico to pay for Trump's military parade.

    I'd prefer a higher level of literacy on this forum. Chances are neither of us will get what we want.
  7. What boat to buy?

    I would categorize it as different kinds of sailing. right now I think the Pogo would be great fun, but in another 10 years when I am 80 (!!!) something more sedate would make sense. I generally keep a boat for 10 or more years. All of the boats on the short list, except the Pogo, are similar with a traditional look but modern sail performance. I just have to decide on which way to go and whether I really need a cabin or not. From everything I have read.heard th Pogo seems to be one of those remarkable boats where they got everything right.
  8. What boat to buy?

    OK, thanks for all the suggestions and lets pretend that I totally ignore the thing in red above (my wife does not know this yet). It just seems that I am not going to get out of being alive alive and so any money left over is sort of wasted. Also, in blue I am thinking around 28 to 33 feet and perhaps that a minimal cabin is better than just a fully open cockpit, although I could be convinced. I mentioned 5 foot draft because I live about a five minute walk from a (not very good) marina, but I could see the boat from my balcony. if I go deeper, say to 6' max I could keep the boat at our yacht club which is a 30 minute drive. Life is complicated. Anyway, the short list, in no particular order, is Morris M29 (ignore the red above), CE Hood 32, e33, Alerion 28, and a long shot, Pogo 30 (have to sail that one across to the Caribbean next fall and then north in the spring. Thoughts about these boats - the Hood is the prettiest with the Morris close, the Pogo and e33 have the best performance with the Alerion being a good all-rounder but not a leader for anything. Anyone actually sailing any of these - what are your impressions.
  9. The Dumbest Person in America (Besides Happy Jack)

    Not sure what his strongest subject might have been, perhaps recess.
  10. Toronto boat show 2018

    Actually it is Mandarin and I suspect my wife is more famous in the small Chinese sailing community than Dame Ellen.
  11. Toronto boat show 2018

    My wife's Chinese presentation today only had 10 people at it but they were incredibly enthusiastic with questions going on in the hall for at least half an hour after the presentation was over. The other interesting thing was the age range with only one couple in their early 50s and everyone else from mid 20s to mid 30s. I had about 30 people at my presentation on Wednesday and only two couples were less than 50 or so. Maybe the solution to the aging sailing demographic is shift away from old fart white guys like me, although one woman wanted a photo with me, probably because I am the husband of the famous circumnavigator. Seriously several mentioned (to my wife in Chinese) in different ways that it was great to have a Chinese sailing role model. Anyway one presentation for each of us tomorrow (mine is 130, not 330) and then a night at a hotel near the airport. By dinner time on Monday we will be back on the boat in Grenada.
  12. Trumpery - How Did This Slip By Everyone?

    Just, wow!
  13. Shithole Countries

    Back to basics - who has lived in a shithole country and what did you think about it. I'll start, I volunteered in remote upland parts of Lesotho for several months after I retired. Lesotho ranks 160th out 186 countries in the world and is not improving very quickly. It has either the second or third highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world. Taken altogether Trump certainly would call it a shithole, except for the fact that he has never heard of it and could not find it on a map without someone showing him. I quite enjoyed the country (kept my dick firmly in pants though) and found the people to be thoroughly decent, surprisingly happy and honest. Remarkably the country spends more on education as percentage of GDP than any other country in the world. Given time with a better educated population things should improve. It would help if no other countries took immigrants from the country because many of the best and brightest leave to work in South Africa or Britain (probably a few to US). The year I was there the entire small graduating class of RN emigrated.
  14. Congratulations Wisconsin!

    I think the Dems, yes even the Dems, are smart enough to stand to the side and let the various factions of the GOP bludgeon each other. Basically the Dems only need to remind people that they exist and they can be elected any time there is special or general election.
  15. White Supremacists Killed 18 People in 2017

    Perhaps Hadrian's wall worked well or just that the Scots had better things to do than invade England. The Great Wall of China, built at enormous cost of treasure and lives was a huge failure since both Mongols (Genghis Khan and the boys) and Manchus (the last Chinese dynasty before it fell in 1911) were able to get in and take over the country/empire and rule for a couple of centuries each.