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  1. Bristol-Cruiser

    I went on a cruise ...

    A few more pics. The one of the penguin shows an Adelie standing on a tube of one of the Zodiacs used for landings. It is common for them to jump onto a Zodiac for a rest or to avoid a potential predator. Sometimes they dropped onto the deck and have the difficulty getting off the boat. They can't jump onto the tube so have to go over the transom but they will keep trying to get onto the tube unless 'directed' aft (they do bite). Penguins are fascinating creatures but not very bright. The photograph was taken when the penguin came onboard with the camera having a telephoto lens. Sometimes photographic opportunity comes when it comes.
  2. Bristol-Cruiser

    I went on a cruise ...

    I think everyone onboard would have been royally pissed if the cruise ship had pulled into Savannah.
  3. Bristol-Cruiser

    I went on a cruise ...

    And your point being? Learn more about glacial mechanics before you give you opinions on the topic.
  4. Bristol-Cruiser

    Why does Rudy Giuliani have a job with Trump?

    Seems like one semi-senile, old fart likes to have another semi-senile old fart around to share the attention and fun. You would think that Trump's self-protection instincts would be strong enough for him to realize he needs someone competent to represent himself both legally and as a public shill, but apparently not.
  5. Bristol-Cruiser

    OK capitalists, why should gov't workers work for free?

    It is important to remember that the Trump Administration is so woefully inept that they will still be trying to decide on what colour the wall should be (remember it has to be beautiful) when Trump gets kicked out in 2020 (or sooner). Then the money can be repurposed for something actually useful.
  6. Bristol-Cruiser

    I went on a cruise ...

    I hope you are not as dumb as this post suggests but I fear that is not the case from your other postings. I was not suggesting that glacier retreat (or penguin habitat pattern change) were emotional things. Rather they are evidence of dramatically changing environments, especially in polar regions. We obviously have had numerous glacial periods in the past. What makes the last century or so striking is the rate of change, not the fact that change is happening. If you look at the (natural) rate of deglaciation you have to look at hundreds of years at the very least to see significant change. In most cases it is a matter of a few thousands. Our cruise had a variety of experts in fields ranging from glaciation to penguins, to polar exploration. Some of these folks have been coming to the same places in the Peninsula for 25 years or more - in one case for 50 years. In these relatively short periods they have seen enormous changes.
  7. Bristol-Cruiser

    I went on a cruise ...

    Actually we stayed in an airBnb in Recoleta. Very civilized neighbourhood with shops for fruit/veg, meat, flowers, etc. What I found very interesting is that there were lots of dogs being taken for a walk in Recoleta but they were all very small. In nearby Palermo which is quite ritzsy the dogs people had were quite big. I am sure there is a message there, not sure wha it is. We found in both Argentina and Chile there were lots of quite large (Golden Retriever sized) dogs sleeping on the streets. In North America similar unclaimed dogs were much smaller. The major reason we gave up long distance cruising is that we have 4 1/2 very young grandkids and we did not want to be away for many months/years at a time. When we were considering sailing to Antarctica we were in the Caribbean. I figured the whole time commitment for the trip was two years because you would want to spend time in places along the way. The Pardeys claim that southern Brazil in one of the best cruising grounds in the world. Certainly the Chilean fiords would qualify from what we saw.
  8. Bristol-Cruiser

    It had to come

    They aren't really copying as they were 10 years ago.
  9. Bristol-Cruiser

    I went on a cruise ...

    OK, don't be too hard on me, the cruise was to Antarctica and South Georgia. We thought (very briefly) about sailing there after our RTW but an open cockpit is not the way to go even if our Bristol was stout enough for the journey. We have friends doing it this year in a Garcia and they can run everything from inside the pilothouse. Some observations that are at least semi-political. I could see living in either Buenos Aires or Santiago (I think of this when I travel places). BA is sort of like your old aunt who used to be really rich but is faking it now since the money isn't there. It did seem to very European and very civilized, at least in the upper middle class areas we were in. Interestingly the biggest tourist attraction is the cemetery where the rich people are buried. Eva Peron's grave is quite modest. Santiago is a much more vibrant modern city. Felt quite different from BA but also nice. people were great in both spots. We are comfortably well-off but not rich. We could afford this trip (cruise was $30,000 for two for 24 days) which meant that the people onboard were seriously rich. We could afford it because we sold our Bristol 45.5 and bought a Catalina 36 for Lake Ontario. the different in price paid for the trip. I decided that this meant that the cruise was effectively free - I did get a B in Econ 101. More than half of the passengers were American and they fell into three camps. Perhaps 50% were vehemently anti-Trump, while 40% thought he was a useful idiot. They did not talk much about their tax cuts but you got the impression they approved of these a lot. About 10% should have been wearing MAGA hats except they would only wear tailored hats and these had not come out - a missed opportunity for DJT. You really see impacts of global warming in Antarctica and South Georgia. In the former, the temperatures are now 5°C than in the past. It is is specific things like the fact that more than 95% of the glaciers on the Peninsula are in retreat. The populations of sub-Antarctic penguins (e.g. Kings and Chinstraps) are booming while those of true Antarctic species like Adelies (which are as cute as can be) are declining significantly. This is because of habitat gain in one case and loss in the other. I think the climate change deniers only think about the science related to actual temperature change (and don't do a good job on that). They ignore the enormous about of work being done on the impact of CG such as glacier retreat and penguin populations. Not looking at the political stuff, I highly recommend going deep south if you are interested and can swing the finances. It is incredible and spectacular in all respects (can I find some more superlatives?). It is wonderful to be in environments where people are an after-thought at best. If you can get to South Georgia it is well worth it. They only allow a few ships to go there each year and it makes for a longer cruise since it is so far east. We did Shackleton's small boat journey from Elephant Island to SG in reverse with a few more creature comforts ('Would you like some champagne with your caviar, sir?') and it was surprisingly not rough - waves to 3 m at most. Coming across the Drake Passage we had one semi-nasty day - swells were around 7 m but not too bad. Captain though it was about as good as you would ever get. We did have katabatic gusts over 60 knots for several hours in SG. These kept the last shore party onshore for about four extra hours. I haven't sorted out my own photos yet. The photo below is by the 'expedition photographers', a couple who have done photos for National Geographic and the like. These are king penguins. The stuff blurred out in the back is part of the colony on South Georgia that has something like 300,000 birds in it. The ship gave us 50 of these photos along with a wonderful 20 minute video that the couple made during the trip. Booze was included in the price. I think I might have become an alcoholic if it was another month long. Food was great.
  10. Bristol-Cruiser

    It had to come

    Just saw my first commercial on American television (CNN) for a Chinese-branded automobile - GAC. It had to come it was only a matter of time. I travel quite widely - was in Argentina and Chile on the most recent trip and the Chinese brands are there but not big yet. There are Chinese cars being sold in the US but not Chinese brands. The Buick Envision and Volvo S60 are the main ones (Volvo is now owned by Geely). The tariffs are a problem but Trump and his new best friend Xi apparently will have that sorted out soon. Another wrinkle is that the American car market is not that great a target these days - it is pretty much saturated and shows little growth potential. On the other hand, Chinese cars are actually pretty good now and will come in at a good price. The Japanese and Koreans did it in the past, even bringing in some pretty terrible/funny cars originally - I think the Hyundai Pony was made of soy protein. The US brands better hope that a Chinese company does not come out with a large pickup truck.
  11. Bristol-Cruiser


    I have been away for five weeks and come back to find more than 1500 posts on this topic. It boggles the mind. Here we have a rookie critter who is very good at getting publicity for herself and the right wingers have gone it that they are threatened by someone under 30 (and a minority) who has the limited amount of real power she has? I thought that all the political shrinks would be kept employed for the next generation figuring out Trump. Turns out a lot of them can spend their time analyzing why these folks are so threatened by anyone who is not an older, white male.
  12. Bristol-Cruiser

    OK capitalists, why should gov't workers work for free?

    It would be an interesting gambit for sure. Give him the 5.7 but load the bill with all sorts of Lib shit like instant citizenship for Dreamers who have been in the US for five years. Add something about guest workers and putting employers of illegals in jail and see what happens. I would assume Mitch would huff and puff and try not to have it voted on.
  13. Bristol-Cruiser

    OK capitalists, why should gov't workers work for free?

    Why would the fact that it is Senate bill matter? Seven House members voted against it. I was just pointing out that this may come back to bite these guys (I am assuming guys, gals would be smarter) in 2020.
  14. Bristol-Cruiser

    OK capitalists, why should gov't workers work for free?

    Wonder how many of the seven are running for reelection. One can easily imagine the opponent's ads.
  15. Bristol-Cruiser

    The Wall

    I don't think we should build a wall. A hedge would be much more polite and beautiful if we kept it trimmed. After all Trump values beautiful barriers.