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  1. Bristol-Cruiser

    Day 1, Press Conference 1

    All over again.
  2. Bristol-Cruiser

    Anchors Astern!!

    Their boat didn't look like it was up to the task. Very low freeboard even at the stop. You get what you pay for.
  3. That is wonderful and they were nice and loud so the President (for 12 hours). Did anyone see the COVID memorial service this evening? I thought it was very well done and very presidential. Perhaps I have underestimated Biden and he can do some serious national healing.
  4. Bristol-Cruiser

    Fire Extinguisher Guy Arrested

    Unfortunately there is a second realtor named Jenna Ryan who lives in Sudbury, ON who has been getting hate mail and bad reviews for his business. Apparently there are lots of morons out there who do not know the difference between countries.
  5. China is well along in the process of adapting to a changing demographic. The cheap shit manufacturing has been outsourced to a large extent and they are moving to higher value-added manufacturing that is highly robotized. Just wait until the dramatically increased flow of Chinese cars to North America and Europe happens. The Chinese have also pushed back the age of retirement. During Mao times men could retire with a pension (and healthcare) at 55 and women at 50. No longer the case as people work well into their 60s and the social safety net has many holes. BTW, the median age of people in China is slightly less (37.4) than in the US (38.1). Japan is 47.3.
  6. Imagine that someone robbed a bank in the US and came to Canada. How long would the extradition process take? I am guessing a week or two. Why is the Meng extradition taking so long. Just make a decision and either send her to the US or release her.
  7. Bristol-Cruiser

    COVID Dreaming

    This is a bit of an odd one but here goes. Pre-COVID I would rarely remember any dreams I had - maybe once a month or so. Now, I remember something almost every morning. Not talking about nightmares or anything related to COIVD, just that whatever I dream I seem to remember. Anyone else?
  8. MY beef with this is how long this extradition process is taking. Either send her to US or release her. It does not take years to choose.
  9. Bristol-Cruiser

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Some of the sails are only 10 years old.
  10. Bristol-Cruiser

    A message for our righty elk

    And it is over nine minutes long - all too much for the elk.
  11. Bristol-Cruiser

    1/20/2021 The beginning of Civil War?

    But they do make particularly easy targets.
  12. Bristol-Cruiser

    Re-entry after sabbatical

    I would agree, with these thoughts. So much time is spent on transitioning into cruising and very little on transitioning out. It is very sad to see cruisers getting to the point where there health is seriously in decline and they become incapable of keeping the boat (and themselves) in good nick. Often their budget has allowed them to live quite comfortably on the boat but not back on land, in particular if their roots are in a pricey area, which most good sailing areas are like the US Northeast, California or the Toronto area.
  13. Bristol-Cruiser

    Support the Troops...With Food.

    I think that eating those would mean the activity could not be considered 'yachting'. On a good day, 'sailing' or 'boating' perhaps.
  14. Bristol-Cruiser

    Maybe Storming The Capitol Wasn't Such A Good Idea

    But you accept the consequences for your actions.
  15. Bristol-Cruiser

    How to improve the NBA

    OK, lets keep it simple. Picture a huge global tournament sort of like March Madness. The round of 64 would include all NBA teams and 36 other teams (the NBA is only 30 teams) that won their way in earlier rounds. The previous round would include, for sake of argument, the teams from good leagues like those in Spain, France, China, etc, who get a bye to this round.- like in England for the second level teams along with survivors from the previous round - G League teams and top college teams for example and at least half teams that won in the previous rounds. Perhaps you start with a round of 512 allowing much lower calibre teams to play. Somewhere along the way you might end up with the Chattanooga Y team winning four rounds, including beating a really good team in the round of 128 (which has 32 NBA byes) and playing the Lakers. Would be fun and would actually help the NBA in its mission to become a global brand. I think something like this would be more possible than a promotion/relegation system.