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  1. Billy Bob

    SB 2 KH

    Very nice win bro. A difficult one to win overall. Congratulations to you and your whole team!
  2. Billy Bob

    Transpac 2019

    Barn Door trophy has not always been given to the fastest monohull. Disney bought the trophy a few times. I won't get into that. If you have a barn door trophy it should be for the fastest BOAT in the race. I think it's a load of shit that Comanche was awarded the trophy this year. Fastest monohull yes but far from the boats that completed the course faster. They need to dedicate the Barn Door to the fastest boat and give it to that boat.
  3. Billy Bob

    Transpac 2019

    Sorry what a pile of crap to give Comanche the barn door trophy! Argo was the fastest boat period. This race is a great race but to give it to the boat that wasn't even close to being the fastest boat is bullshit. This has happened before and will probably happen again. I have competed in 21 Trans Pacific yacht races so I have seen my share of bad calls by the committees over the last 50 years.
  4. Billy Bob

    lester robertson

    Were all leaving soon! Sailed against Lester in the 1980 single handed transpac. A true Moore 24 enthusiast. There are a few of us still around. Adios Lester we'll try and catch you on next downwind leg!!!!
  5. Billy Bob

    so cal 300

    Looks like the race attracted some good boats. I used to love doing races like that with the always challenging light air finish. Trudo, there has never been a good coordinated race calendar for SoCal. Some one needs to do it. Chur Bro
  6. Billy Bob


    Hey Mitch, I have strips of Delrin run vertically from top to bottom of case. 6 each side of board. The bottom of case is the shape of board with about a mill clearance each side. the bottom lip or where it goes through the hull is about 12mm thick out of glass and flush with bottom of boat. Deck plate is nylon with about 3 mm clearance each side, enough for a treated wood wedge that holds the board up when not needed. That's about 12 mm thick as well. We can lift the boards up by hand with a line handle on top. it is easily lifted until 15kts of boat speed. This system has worked well for the last 20 years. If you forget to lift the board with no load (under 15kts) you have to slow down to raise board.
  7. Billy Bob

    where is webb chiles?

    If you read this Webb, I am humbled. I sailed a Moore 24 to Hawaii in the Single Handed Transpac in 1980. People said that the boat wasn't worthy to sail past the islands off of California. At your age (only a number) you give us all inspiration to enjoy our sailing adventures until we can no longer walk down to the boat. That was a hell of an adventure and inspired a lot of us in so many different ways. GOOD ON YOU!!!!!
  8. Billy Bob

    Front Page, "Get your Kicks."

    Pooodil. A good life balance at the moment. Surfing, sailing, tinkering. Good to know i still have a few mates in the states. Philstar. Yea, we were slammed pretty hard the day before going down to Auckland didn't want a repeat. I hope we get to sail with you next year. Our end of year prize giving is tomorrow night at the club. A couple pickle dishes or bowling trophys and a few "Jacks" may be on the cards. AEROCOMP. Upon looking at your pictures closer , it could be an original. The dagger boards are definitely old school enough to be 70's early 80's and the rudders are of unknown origin but look very old school. There was some talk of one in the great lakes that broke up or sank. Do you know if it your one? If you sell it good luck. It would be more sellable as a power cat. I have only had one call on mine in a couple months by someone that didn't know their ass from a hole in the ground.
  9. Billy Bob

    Front Page, "Get your Kicks."

    Hi areocomp, What year was your Roland 36 built and what number build? Tom Rolland the builder of the 10 originals was under the impression that Warp Ten ( his boat that sank) and 2 of 10 were the last two originally made by him that were still sailing. I am intrested knowing if there are other siblings and not step brothers or sisters still sailing. It looks as though you are doing a lot of fairing to the hulls which is consistent with an original as the original molds were pretty rough. I hope you get to sail your boat after the mods and that you give a lot of thought to foils, balancing the sail plan and to the strength of the cross member cradles. All of which were originally pretty cumbersome and a bit of a shot in the dark in the late 70's early 80's. I look forward to seeing the end result if you post your mods. My boat has the taller rig as well. It has been a wonderfull experiance being challenged by such a high speed platform. Party on philstar. We will catch up with you at some point. When its flat calm after a race and home is only a few hours away the gettin is good as I used to say in the business. The rum is always a good way get a hard fought battle behind you!!! We will be drinking ours soon during a mid winter high level executive bbq.
  10. Billy Bob

    Best racing big catamaran under $30,000.00

    Last weekend we were first to finish and first on handicap in the famous New Zealand Route 66. it's the second time (out of 3 times) we have finished first in this great race. We got the boat up to 31.2 kts. A good ride and a pretty good story to tell the geezers at the retirement home someday? Hard for me to figure out why this boat isn't worth much on the market but plans are afoot to make it a yard Gnome again for the winter and have another go at every one next year. What a great season,. We were never beaten boat for boat in any of the 15 races this year. Usually by miles!
  11. Billy Bob

    Best racing big catamaran under $30,000.00

    It's more, if you include Eddie's contributions. I was speaking for my self! We have had a great relationship as a sucsessfull partnership. Both have put a lot of money in and a lot of hard work and engineering to get it to sail as balanced as any multi out there. Ask Ed if you know our program well. Unless your my wife of Gail Adamson as a girl you have never steered 2 of 10 with me on board "Breezy Girl". Not that I don't love sailing with women, I love it sailing with women when I can. Women bring an attitude that I love to boat programs. I never said it was a cruising boat with a dry deck and nice accommodations to sleep down below. It's not that kind of boat. You could attend to someone that was injured or sick down below if you had to. I have never had to in 20 years and we have sailed a lot of places including what is considered overnight racing. Going 30kts it's is not a dry affair on any boat. You got me on the Rennolds 33 I have never sailed on one (i would like to) but I have raced against a hand full in different configurations including Randy's personal boat. I can't Attest to the balance of his designs but I can assure you 2 of10 is very well ballanced and very easy to steer with no tight grip required unless your scared of going fast. I can also tell you any time I have raced against a R33 they have NEVER been able to keep up boat for boat. It is probably a price you pay for carrying a lot more comfort around? I am not saying that it's good or bad but I am drawing a difference between the two boats and saying they are pretty different boats. I don't think i have ever sailed on 2 of 10 with an attitude such as "Breezy Girls" I would have remembered and it would have been one time only. Every body I have sailed with one, can't pick their jaw up off the tramp or can't wipe the grin off their face. There have been a lot of modifications since last sailed in California in 2005 ! As there always are on any race boat.
  12. Billy Bob

    Best racing big catamaran under $30,000.00

    27,000,000 was the wife's price mine is 27,500.00 :-) will change that! The sails are all Ullman. Condition is subjective. I have been a sail maker for four years of my life and have trimmed sails most of my life professionally so would say they are usable enough to beat most boats on the water. We only use 3 sails main, jib and code zero. No need to over complicate things with lots of sails.There is an older dacron main and a very small jib that are still around that are useable. We usually beat most sailboats boat for boat including in California and New Zealand 70 and 80 ft monos off the wind. A boat called Aferbuner use to give us a bit of a run boat for boat now and then. I'm letting this boat go for a fraction of what I put into it. Probably close to $150,000 or more over the last 20 years. What's labor worth on a sailboat? fuck all ! So cheap price. It,s in a good sailable condition and someone wouldn't have a problem racing it if they had the knowledge of how to slow it down to a point of surviving to the finish .
  13. NACRA 36 2 of 10 listed in classified. It is becoming time to consider giving up the speed addiction and I will miss it dearly. I hope virtual reality gets better soon! Who said going on 70 is the new 40? Last race completed, yesterday. Miles in front! Will be happy to discuss or let others say what they want on this thread as I drop in from time to time.
  14. Mundt, I think that Rolland is calling your name. A shame to let it sit there.
  15. It came to me from Santa Barbara, California. It was built in Ojai, California. It was reasonably pricee at $13,000 but needed lots of work. Which is exactly what I wanted. The only thing original at this point is the trailer and the hull shapes. I feel it would be a struggle to get $30,000 and it is in very good condition with no unnecessary crap on it. My rudders would have been that much too. Everything else cost heaps more but I'm not counting. In the end it's nearly worth donating and getting a tax break or turning it into a very flash powerboat for me and the misses. Which I like the idea of. I hope all of you get what you need out of your boats. All of them are worthy contenders. If I were only 20 years younger I would be stoked to have this selection. Good luck to all!