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  1. Billy Bob

    what once was

    Good piece. I have had 2 Moore 24's. He was always enthusiastic when I approached him. I miss my first 24 which was a one off. I sailed one in the 1980 Single Handed Transpac and Ron was always there for me. Good man. Total craftsman as we're most of the boat builders in Santa Cruz of the ULDB's. That was a good era in the 70's. New, exciting. Fast Was Fun! Go Ron!
  2. At 4pm today it was announced that on Wednesday night at 11:59pm we are to be able to socialize again (with light restrictions). With near zero cases for three weeks and good tracking and tracing we are able to start opening up with caution. No one has been allowed or will be allowed to come into the country without mandatory isolation upon arrival and strict testing. This has gone pretty well for us overall but I feel that this is not over with by a long shot. We have all been pretty well behaved here and followed the government's guidelines closely. The decision to shut the country down hard right from the beginning was a good call for now but now the hard part . Can we hold the virus at bay and can we navigate the economic discord? I think we are a lot better off than most countries and are well positioned to weather the storm. With time all things will pass!
  3. Billy Bob

    Allow Dinghy Sailing in NZ under Alert Level 3

    How about this: Under level 3 you get a job or go back to work pay your taxes and get us all out of the shit that will be our future. Hopefully there will be a time to sail in the near future here or maybe you can move to another country where they allow it now. All of us here would love to go sailing or just be on the water but we have rules that we have to live by. That's kind of the point living in a civilized society isn't it?
  4. Billy Bob

    well this is bullshit

    This isn't bullshit. We found out yesterday we are going back to work in 10 days here in New Zealand. We will be going from level 4 to level 3. They are going to rely upon trace and track. There is about 20 new cases a day here and have isolated people quickly. We don't have widespread testing except for the ones that think they have symptoms. No one is allowed in the country without a mandatory 2 week isolation in an approved hotel where you cannot leave the room.. Mitigation has worked pretty well for us and it will be in the next few weeks where we find out how well it will work. I don't have my hopes set very high that we won't be back to level 4 in short order without a vaccine
  5. Billy Bob

    well this is bullshit

    Here is a good example of social distancing in Southern California. This is an unwanted gathering outside my 85 year old mothers house today. Some won't understand until it's too late for them no matter what is said. These people go back and forth between LA and this place to check in on their businesses all the time. They hang out here because it is a safe haven with no patrolling by authorities. Very fine people ! ? I'm sure they are not the only ones in the good ole USA that social distance like this when no one is watching. Fuck me.
  6. Billy Bob

    you dont know me-fp

    I know you! Very good interview. I am very proud of Your successes and I am glad to be a longtime friend (since our sabot days?). Shout out to the Nard and the big O. Gary Swenson is truly the best sailor any of us could have ever had the honor of sailing with! More talent in his little finger than all of us put together. We were all so very fortunate with our sailing careers. The different paths and the different experiences. Amazing. I think you got something there with the storytelling videos. Good luck!!!
  7. Billy Bob

    well this is bullshit

    Maybe a covid 19 injection might set you on a early path to be unlocked from your prison and provide enlightenment. Just don't go to the doctor or hospital. They don't have the supplies to take care of you right now. The world will change and we will adapt. Our health is a luxury at the moment. This could be our generations depression. There are a lot of downsides. Most of us are looking forward to being productive again unless your half way intelligent then your busy now and not a drag on the rest of us.
  8. Billy Bob

    coming to a harbor near you?

    The point is no first responder wants to save someone from getting injured or in trouble while you are pleasuring yourself on your p!easure craft. I was a first responder for 12 years I have seen all kinds of stupid things people have done on boats. We shouldn't have to take up our responders time with, I ran out of gas, the motor quit working, the sail wouldn't go up or down I'm in trouble, I got a fish book through my finger. You get the point, the full range of dumb stuff at this time. There will be plenty of time after we get through this to get back on the water. I would Love to sailing, surfing and fishing now but I know it's prudent not to. Do your bit to flatten the curve.
  9. Billy Bob

    coming to a harbor near you?

    We'll said 44 ya beat me to it. We have been on strict lockdown for 5 days now. Only another 23 days until a lift or reassessment.
  10. Billy Bob

    Surf Anarchy

    Can't tell ya where but a coupla pictures I will attach of the surf at my doorstep. No one here is allowed to surf while we are in lockdown. On the other hand it's uncrowded. That's good news because lately its been getting where more than a handful from "elsewhere" have been paddling out! 15 years ago I was always looking for people to surf with here. It was just me and a good mate getting all the waves we wanted. Now being retired and having all the time I want to paddle out I find myself shaking my head and struggle to get motivated to "be in the crowd". I still get my days so don't feel too bad for me Ha Ha. Catlin coast is amazing but like you said it's pretty darn cold.
  11. We here in New Zealand will be in total lockdown in just a few hours. Not USA type lockdown. Real lockdown. In home with only real emergencies or absolutely necessary movements allowed. No social gatherings whatsoever. No visiting family, none of that. We have had 2 days to get our affairs in order. Moments ago a nation emergency text was sent to all of us. Stay in the place where you are now. Shelter in place. It just got real for us. Most of us are stocked up for the onslaught. I feel for all the ones not prepared and the ones that can't afford to be. I have been on the front lines as a first responder here for 12 years. There will be some ugly, some very ugly and there will be great exciting things that come out of this crises. I am very proud of the leadership of New Zealand to make this hard decision to lock us down early and hard. A difficult decision is an understatement! Will we all make It to the other side? Probably not. A lot of it depends on the decisions we make as we go along how many of us live through this. We here have a good road map to not make the poor decisions being made around the world. We have a little time up our sleeve for now to try and get it right. If there Is a right? Fair winds to all of us and may the wind be at our backs. Good leaders are becoming apparent for me at the moment. The ones I would get in The foxhole with. I have never had to be a serious leader but I will follow the ones I believe in. BE KIND!!!!!!
  12. Billy Bob


    Hasn't fully hit here yet. Yacht racing as per usual. Encouraged to go to the bar after race to socialize. Supposedly there are a lot of private jets flying in to the country because it is somewhat of a safe haven ( not many cases reported, fairly safe country, lots of rural area with low population and reasonable medical care) . We are all talking about it but sort of in a Trump kind of way with our heads in the sand. It may hit here soon but for now business as usual. Interesting to see the world freaking out. We are prepaid anyway to be hunkered down. Glad I Still surf!
  13. Billy Bob

    Surf Anarchy

    Glad I found this thread. As a silver strand oxnard local growing up and a rural kiwi surfer now I got a few stories and pictures to post when I get time. A life of bottom turns and planing. Life is good! .
  14. Billy Bob

    SB 2 KH

    Very nice win bro. A difficult one to win overall. Congratulations to you and your whole team!
  15. Billy Bob

    Transpac 2019

    Barn Door trophy has not always been given to the fastest monohull. Disney bought the trophy a few times. I won't get into that. If you have a barn door trophy it should be for the fastest BOAT in the race. I think it's a load of shit that Comanche was awarded the trophy this year. Fastest monohull yes but far from the boats that completed the course faster. They need to dedicate the Barn Door to the fastest boat and give it to that boat.