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  1. While Comanche out moneyed The monos for what is a record only a few Transpac's ago they would not have been allowed to race (It exceeded the rating cap for the barn door trophy) They had one competitor. While they sailed a good race, in '98 we did it on Merlin in Pac Cup less than a day off their pace. So they were not pressed that hard. Just a nice steady wind and solid race for them. Cool boat though and if there is no limit to future Transpac's there record will eventually fall to someone with more money and a bigger penis extension. So I can understand the comments or sentiments on the front page. The second best racing (behind the Multis) is the race between all the 70's and 52's. Good close racing! Watching this race I feel I was born 30 years to soon.
  2. Northland. So many great choices for a venue (Bay of Islands for one). Winnie's always on about how depressed the economy is and this may give an opportunity to develop the region into something more. The weather along the east coast of Northland is is the best in the country, still has good wind and doesn't have the congestion of Auckland. Yet its only 2 to 3 hours away from Auckland. Race village infrastructure would be easier to come by than Auckland and there could be a lot more vantage points for a common low wage person to view racing. Martin Tasker and Peter Lester on the trany, Beach towel, umbrella and chilly bin I'm in.
  3. Kiwis vs the world! it's great to have Nationalistic pride but there is little of it now except for maybe ETNZ. This is probably the closest thing to a pure NZ boat sponsored by the private sector and not our government. While OR and TJ were built in Warkworth NZ by some of my mates and are providing prosperity to our area, there is little significance to a national team in regards to native born citizens on the boats or in owning the boats. This is corporation against corporation. While I think of OR as the bad guys. I pull for them because they are my mates who work down the road building the best boat they can to win a regatta. Why do they fly country flags on these boats? Does it matter any more? On the other hand I love everything about ETNZ, and having at least 5 Kiwis on the boat is nearly nationalistic isn't it? I can't get enthused about any of the other teams but at least these three teams are good for our country's (and area's) economy, my family and a lot of others here. I know a lot of us all feel pride for TNZ because we turn up with something special and some damn good sailors almost every time. Times have changed! I think no matter who wins or lose, this Cup is going to be some of the best inshore racing any of us have ever seen. The technology is purely awesome.
  4. I have been running the 12's with almost 0 rake on my boat for the last 18 years. They work the best between 11 and 14 kts boat speed which is our upwind or very close reaching speed. We run with 1 board down and one up upwind and the boat is perfectly balanced even when reefed. If the jib is not up the balance all goes to shit! The boards length and rudder arrangement have changed over the years and are pretty optimal now for our conditions which are on the windier side in New Zealand. The boards are in direct alignment with the rudders. We have snapped 2 sets of boards with both boards down so we learned the hard way to keep one up pretty much all the time. We may suffer a little bit with upwind performance at times when its lighter but as soon as we are moving at our optimum speed we seem to leave everything our size behind. Shape, fairness and stiffness seems to be pretty important to how slippery the boat feels. We pull the boards up by rope handles on top of the boards. At 8 kts plus 1 board is very hard to get up when they are both down. That's in 4 to 6 kts of wind so in anything over that wind speed one is up.
  5. A reunion sail with the Freight Train team? Let me sit back and take a big puff and reflect. Maybe you should have stepped all the way back to a Cal 29 or a Dolphin 24, Wait I think I have lost my mind as well. Seriously though good luck with the project!. Someday we have some serious shit to talk about hopefully it will not be when were back in diapers. Cheers to old boats!!!
  6. We were right next to the boat less than 40ft so close enough to hear their boat, not much if any hum like I hear on the web or tv when the other ones are foiling. The boat looks different as in it is a very aero package with the boys in a tucked down aero team time trial position (cycling terminology)with aero helmets. The helmsman is low down in the boat as well. Not like the 72's where guys are upright on grinders and helmsman and tactician were standing up in the wind. On to something being so streamlined? Yep.
  7. We took our cat down to Auckland on Thursday for the Route 66 Coastal race and unintentionally motored up through the course TNZ had set up. it was quite a spectacle. First thing we noticed was the boat sailing bow down all the time and the windward hull occasionally scooping or touching the water. The cyclist were all head down with areo helmets like in a Team time trial in the Tour De France, very areo! They sailed within 40 ft of us at speed and there was no noise or hum from any appendages. driver I assume Burling was at the wheel and was also down and areo as they flew by he gave a shaka bra hand sign to us and it made our day. almost every tack they made was a foiling tack. All jibes were foiling. The boat looked awesome and very different from any of the other AC boats currently sailing. The chase boats that followed them around were equally impressive, 3 boats, RIBs with 4 300 hp motors and heaps of people on them photogs, journos and god knows who else. Looked like an expensive exercise. This was as close as any of us will ever be to a cup boat and was truly a special delivery/day for all of us on board. Gives me hope we can be in with a chance.
  8. I had some very good arguments with Vic and I didn't agree with his ideals on so many levels but I respect him for standing fast and for doing what he thought was right for him and ORCA. After butting heads since the first days that I bought a multi (1999) he was the edge of my envelope, the last bastion for old school thoughts on what a multi could and could not do racing in Southern California. I suppose he tempered my behavior and gave me pause as to how far I could take my ideas. Since leaving Southern California 12 years ago we have been given a chance to race our multi to places and distances I had only dreamed of since I first held a multi tiller. Consistently in wind and waves only seen but a few times a year in Southern California. Maybe I will die at the tiller but at least I am enjoying the chance of doing it. I have no love loss but did have respect for his ideals when I was new to the game. I will now pull his letters out of my files burn them and spread them off the back of my boat while doing 25+kts and the leeward hull is underwater. May he eternally sail the way he wants. Good on you Victor Stearn. RIP
  9. I have a 36 ft racing Catamaran with a 51' mast. I am also looking to put a square top main on my boat with a tides marine system track and cars. Reefing is an important factor in overall performance as it's usually windy and a quick way to reef is important. Does anyone have any experience with this type of set up?
  10. The John Spencer designed Infidel renamed Ragtime was the first and original down wind maxi in California. Bill came down to the Cal Yacht Club when we were sailing Ragtime in the Cal Cup. I forget the year might have been 1975. Bill took the measurements of Ragtime at the dock and proceeded to build Merlin "there is a whole story there". Bill made a better boat. I sailed both boats over the years, Transpac's, Mexican races local regattas etc. Merlin in both configurations. While Merlin didn't have the same look after modifications it was much faster with the canting keel Than the original. We did the Pac Cup in 6 1/2 days on Merlin, a good run in any ones book. I have always respected Bill lee and have owned his and other Santa Cruz area designs. In Santa Cruz they just got the whole idea of FAST IS FUN. Merlin is back where it should be and no mater what Bill does with it I am really happy for him and all the people that have put there love and hard work into it over the years. I always loved the original look and feeling of Merlin but after the modifications were made it was a stiffer structure. The new cabin was always a compromise as the Texan who bought it had to have headroom with his cowboy hat on all the way forward. He didn't know shit about sailing and blew a lot of money following a dream he had. It didn't turn out so good for him but now the boat is back where it should be and hopefully back in the hands of the talented people that can recreate the Magic . I wish Bill all the best in getting Merlin back on the water and hope he continues to inspire all of us.
  11. Awesome job on the race Randy. Hope you do it again. That race is such a fun race and perfect for your type of boat. I would like to ask you how did you get past the headroom and accommodation requirements. We struggled with the requirements on our NACRA 36 when we were sailing in California. We finally had to add some cabins after a lot of drama and running the race illegally a coupla times and pissing a few of the cruising multi sailors off. They thought we shouldn't be able to race "off shore near coastal" on a "beach cat". Whatever... Good on you for getting it done!
  12. Every time I see the boats name I can't stop smirking like a 14 year old juvenile and call it tumblero. This is an awesome thread and gives us all something fun to think about. We still have a lot of work to do before foilers are readily allowed to compete without outside assistance. I think we are getting closer every day which is so much better than a coupla years ago when solid foiling was a dream. Dream on!
  13. It's good to know Tom is still alive (he was suffering badly from cancer last time I spoke to him). A very nice man and really helpful when we bought our NACRA 36, 2 of 10. He was living in Ojai near Ventura. I hope he does get back out there for a go. it was a total shame when he flipped his cat Warp Ten in the Santa Barbara to King harbor race and it sank. About seven or eight years ago he said the molds (crappy as they were) had been picked up by someone keen to build #11. I don't know what ever became of that, but man what a great boat. Far ahead of it's time when him and his brother built the first one.
  14. Without John Deer we would need a lot more field laborers. I just don't think we can plow up another field and put in any more low income housing. Hey I hear Santa Barbara needs more low income housing can you help out? John Deer a bag of old Beachnut chew and a barnyard full of shit what more could a Ventura sailor ask for as a lifestyle?
  15. While Santa Barbarians are usually full of them selfs there are some wanabies in the Ventura area that wish they could just like you and have pockets filled with Opera money so they too could sail around in 10kts of wind, oil slicked water and thick kelp shorelines. Ventura and Oxnard May not have the money and the fancy boats but it does have the best mexican food, the biggest surf and heaps of hackers to come and kick ass on once a year in the Ventura Cup. I always thought of Santa Barbara as the first spot to take a piss on the way to frisco. Even though I poke a little fun I do have a coupla good mates that call SB home and yes they are full of themselfs :-)